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Friday Random Thoughts

by Kristi on November 9, 2012 · 0 comments

I raced down to Newport right now to attend a beautiful wedding at the Turnip Rose. It’s a beautiful setting outside next to a water fountain. Tonight I am thankful to be early enough to grab a spot next to the heater. 🙂 My health diet is going wonderful but I ran into a snag […]


Om nom nom, Eggs

by Kristi on November 1, 2012 · 0 comments

I am trying eggs right now. OH MY GOD, I haven’t had eggs in years. They are so good. I am trying to eat them very very very slowly to see if my body decides they like them or not. Of course, they are the farm raised, organic diet eggs from Sprouts. Cross your fingers. […]


The Health Diet

by Kristi on October 11, 2012 · 0 comments

I posted this photo on Facebook the other night: Mmm, my breakfast and lunch for the next week of bone broth and homemade yogurt (fermented 28 hours) is ready to go in the fridge! Aren’t you jealous? Then I cracked up at all the WTF comments I got from it. I’ve been on the Specific […]


Healthy is a Four Letter Word

by Kristi on May 17, 2012 · 1 comment

Trying to get healthy makes me want to scream. Yes, I’m frustrated today. It will pass 🙂 My GOAL is to get a list of foods that I can actually eat without having diarrhea. So fun, right? Thanks Crohn’s! Honestly, I was getting by but I could feel my health slipping very slowly and I knew […]

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Started Pentasa Yesterday

by Kristi on July 20, 2011 · 3 comments

I started Pentasa yesterday and I am feeling a little hopeful. Yesterday was fraught with severe stomach pains (more than normal) and I am still super amazingly tired all day.  Yesterday I wanted to go to sleep at 8pm and was yawning through the afternoon. Last month I started having problems, I feel like it […]


I just realized today that when you search for years to find an answer to a problem the ending is generally a surprise.  I finally do have an answer but it was something that I didn’t expect. Probably because I didn’t really expect ANYTHING so to now have a name to my problem is pretty […]


Yep, Steamed Rice and BOILED Shrimp

by Kristi on August 23, 2010 · 4 comments

These restaurants must think I’m nuts. I walked into a Pho place the other day and asked if I could get a shrimp and rice bowl. Yes, no problem. Wait, is the shrimp marinated in anything? Yes, oyster sauce, sugar, salt, etc. Whoops, that won’t work.  Well, we have our plain boiled shrimp that we […]


I am STILL on my Diet!

by Kristi on September 22, 2009 · 5 comments

Yes, I am still going strong on my crazy diet. I can’t even believe it. Every day I think to myself, I should really test out a pan of brownies. You know, just to see! I have stayed strong though… somehow. Yesterday I tried out eggs so I know that is ok, added in to […]


Day Three, on to Veggies

by Kristi on September 10, 2009 · 2 comments

Last night my throat finally got so bad I couldn’t sleep and felt terrible in the morning. It was burning and closed up so I figured, I finally got a virus!  I made an appointment while Sam was in school and Griffin and I went in.  My favorite nurse, Bernadine, was able to see me […]


Clear Liquid Diet

by Kristi on September 8, 2009 · 5 comments

I am sitting here tonight mentally patting myself on the back because I have made it through 24 hours of a clear liquid diet. Yes, a CLEAR liquid diet.  Water, sprite, Gatorade, jello, and chicken broth.  If you see me in the next few days, please don’t talk about food, k? I may have mentioned […]