Allergic Reactions

by Kristi on November 19, 2012 · 0 comments

I’m thankful for my husband today for being so calm in the middle of my freaking out. 🙂 I bought new vitamins last week and I have been waiting to introduce them to not upset any progress I’ve made. So this morning I decided to try four of them. One of which included Niacin.

Everyone who I have talked to today (as I laughed at myself) nodded knowingly when I mentioned Niacin. While I did READ about the supplements I would be taking, I read all that stuff two weeks ago. 🙂 So when I popped some pills this morning and went to sit down.. and ten minutes later my scalp is on fire, my face slowly follows, and it starts traveling down my arms and my legs… I completely freaked out!

I call the husband and ask ‘are you almost home?’ ‘Yes’ ‘Okay great, I’ll see you when you get home’.

Two minutes later.

“Seriously, are you almost home? I am having some sort of allergic reaction and I’m FREAKING OUT. GET HOME NOW.”

Luckily, he is all calm in the face of someone freaking out. He asks all the logical questions like ‘are you having problems breathing? Is your throat closing up?’ Luckily, my panic attack was almost worse than the Niacin flush. It also only stuck around for less than an hour, thank goodness.

Tomorrow I will be cutting that pill up in 4ths!

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