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by Kristi on November 9, 2012 · 0 comments

I raced down to Newport right now to attend a beautiful wedding at the Turnip Rose. It’s a beautiful setting outside next to a water fountain.

Tonight I am thankful to be early enough to grab a spot next to the heater. :)

My health diet is going wonderful but I ran into a snag with my yogurt. I worked up from a spoonful a day to an entire cup. My tummy problems have really been doing well but something was still bothering me enough to do a little research. I found that if you eat enough yogurt that even if you ferment it longer than 24h to remove the lactose, it still converts into galactose (sp? I’m on my phone!) which is sugar!!! Darn it!

So I backed off it yesterday and today. We shall see. So annoying. I’m going to find sauerkraut at a store and try some, I heard its the best for healthy bacteria. I don’t want to make my own quite yet.

I went to the dr today as I have a small growth on the too of my head. It’s a small cyst, and has been there for 8+ years but finally started bothering me in the last few months. Now I have another appointment to get it removed next week. Can you imagine how excited I am about that? Ugh.

This weekend we have two playoff soccer games, a birthday party, and Wreck it Ralph to watch with the kids! Should be fun!

Wedding will start shortly but it was nice to have something ton occupy myself since I’m attending by myself :)

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