Soccer Season Done Right

by Kristi on November 10, 2012 · 0 comments

Soccer is over for the season. We finished it off very well. Sam’s team was #1 in her category for the season. However, last week in the playoffs, the girls were not feeling it and lost 3-0. Sam turned out super sick that day and the rest of the girls didn’t seem to be doing to hot.

Today, they played wonderfully. However, when we were done it was 0-0 even though they shot at least 6 times at the goal in the last quarter (causing all of the parents to scream their heads off in excitement) and since they had no points we didn’t get to play for a medal in the final game.

Which was fine. We played ‘for fun’ in the last game and we won 1-0. Their cheer at the end was “I Love Soccer!” and they came away all smiles. So it was fantastic.

My inner soccer parent comes out and thinks that Sam is mainly running after the ball a lot instead of attacking it. However, her skills wax and wane. She got two goals in the first few games of the season and peetered out a bit. It didn’t help that we missed game 6 and 7 due to vacation.

It was good. I’m actually too tired to even hunt down my photos for the day.

We then spent a few hours with wonderful friends at a birthday party. That was super fun.

I think the reason I am so tired is because I (and the dog) keep getting up at 6am. I keep going to bed later though. I am going to head up to bed shortly here and hopefully pass out. And hope the dog learns to sleep in because once I wake up, I am UP.

My sugar/yogurt experiment seems to be going well. It makes me a little mad that I can’t eat yogurt anymore since I bought the maker and it’s a great and healthy thing to eat… but I’m still using it for other things, so I will continue to make it. I have a batch of bone broth cooking in the garage for the next week. We went out to Flappy Jacks this morning and I had a hamburger patty with avocado and bacon on it. YUM! I should probably skip the bacon since it’s loaded with sugar – I assume – and since I’m trying to avoid it… but it was delicious. Then I came home, cooked zuchini (skinned and de-seeded, such a freaking pain) and summer squash (the same), and tucked it away in the fridge for later for a snack.

At the birthday party I was so thankful that they cooked tri-tip roast in the crockpot! I could eat that! It was covered in spices and I did not bother to ask what they were (however I had brought chicken and zucchini in a cooler to eat if I had to) but I ended up eating the roast and crossing my fingers. It was delicious. I can’t wait to make another one at home. I have eaten it now three days in a row so I will have to rotate my foods a bit but… a good day. I’m stuffed.

Tomorrow we have a nice family day along with some downtime. I need to get some video work done and some cleaning.

I’m so thankful for my healthy children today. Watching them run around playing soccer, playing at the park, and playing with wonderful friends was a joy to watch.

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