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by Kristi on October 11, 2012 · 0 comments

I posted this photo on Facebook the other night:

Mmm, my breakfast and lunch for the next week of bone broth and homemade yogurt (fermented 28 hours) is ready to go in the fridge! Aren’t you jealous?

Then I cracked up at all the WTF comments I got from it. I’ve been on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) for over two months now. The first three weeks were rough and then I felt like I was healing. I say ‘healing’ because I have Crohn’s Disease and my gut hurts… and all the parts associated along with it. 🙂 It was slow healing. It felt like I was healing 1% a day, it was that slow.

Then, I kept trying new foods, and it would put me out for a week. My body doesn’t like certain foods. Okay it doesn’t like MOST foods.

Plus, I will find a food it likes and be like WOOHOO! LEMME EAT YOU… and then a week later my body is like, hell no, I don’t like that food anymore!

There are all kinds of fancy words for what my body is doing… but basically I need to rotate foods so I don’t get used to them… is what I THINK I need to do.

Again… so hard.  Last weekend I was at a wedding – and while I stayed true to my ‘diet’ making sure I didn’t have any wheat, I did drink a lot. Technically “dry” wines (meaning low sugar) are allowed but I had a few cranberry vodka’s (true cranberry juice is allowed, I doubt this was ‘true’) anyway, I drank and had fun. I paid for it. So on Sunday through today, I went on a big rotating foods kick to try to heal a little bit more. (I should say that broth and yogurt are supposed to be ‘staples’, filled with super great things for your body.)

Sunday – I had bacon at the hotel, then nothing but broth & yogurt
Monday – broth, yogurt, two slices of cheese, hamburger patties
Tuesday – broth, yogurt, pork
Wednesday – broth, pork for breakfast, yogurt, fish for dinner (feeling not great at the end of the night? fish?)
Thursday – broth, yogurt… and then I opened a new batch of yogurt and had a half cup…

Immediately I didn’t feel well. I was planning on having more fish in about an hour but now I am leery. So I had some slices of cheese and I’m thinking about this cheese I’m eating. Hmm.  Especially since I just saw a tiny dot of what looks like mold growing on one of them on the bottom. Hmmmmmm… and I think I’m feeling worse… LOL. It’s always a guessing game. Was it the fish from last night? Did my milk sit out too long before I threw it in the yogurt maker? What the heck is going on?

So this is a typical week of… try to eat ‘clean’ and figure out what is bothering me. I KNOW I need to add veggies in but I just don’t know what I can tolerate. I could not tolerate sooo many of them in the last few years. Plus, I have a habit of introducing lots of foods, feeling bad, and then trying to slowly get rid of them and always choosing the wrong ones to get rid of.

I made banana bread today too and it made my house smell good. I think that is making me cranky. 🙂

I’ve gone more than two months on this diet. Having wheat and sugar again would be failing. It does get tiring trying to decide what I should try next or what I should have for the day.

I went to see my GI yesterday for my yearly checkup too. I talked about my concerns (specific pain and issues that I will spare you here) and what to watch out for if I get worse because I am essentially a mild case. He said we could change my meds or do a scope to see how it is but since I’m feeling ‘okay’, we agreed that we would not do anything for now. He gave me labs of the inflammation tests, iron, and 5 or 6 other things. While I hate to get blood taken, I always like knowing what my levels are!

So that will be interesting. If my lab tests register how much inflammation is going on, and if my body is retaining enough nutrients from everything. So fun!

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