4th Daisy Girl Scout Meeting: Yellow Petal Friendly & Helpful and Anti Bullying

by Kristi on October 12, 2012 · 2 comments

We had our 4th Daisy Girl Scout meeting of the school year today! We worked on earning our Yellow Petal and really wanted to cover bullying because… it’s such an important topic. We have a few girls in the class who are having problems (being bullied) and every girl in the class has been bullied at least once, we found. We also wanted to encourage them to stop bullying if they encountered it.

So our goal was to encourage the girls to give ‘put-ups’ to other people… not just their friends but people they don’t know who they might see are bullied. First, we did our ceremony, our usual things. Sang our Daisy Song with our Circle Leader of the meeting. Snack helpers passed out snack, and we talked about regular news.

Our ‘question of the meeting’ was what are three awesome things about yourself that you want everyone to know. We asked the parents to prep their girls before the meeting. It was a hard question. Some of them were embarrassed to share. Others couldn’t think of anything (the day before). So during the meeting they all spoke up – some after they thought about it – and were proud of their awesome things!

We also had a special Daisy visitor from a new troop. Her Mom was starting up a troop at a different school and was sitting in our meeting. She was very shy but I think she appreciated sitting next to her friend and being with everyone.

We talked about bullying, we read different ‘put-ups’ (good things to say) and ‘put-downs’ and decided what was good or bad. Then they read off the bad ones again and my awesome co-leader who was running this meeting tore her paper ‘heart’. The gasps of shock are always funny to hear. They really ‘get it’. Then, she had them try to put it back together like a puzzle. They realized it was hard to put a broken heart back together. :) They tried though! Then we watched a McGruff YouTube video about bullying.
To earn their yellow petal (friendly and helpful), their homework is to give FIVE “put-ups” to five different people each day for the next two weeks.
We then had our ‘Court of Awards’ as they have all earned 3 different patches. I got some fun ribbon from the store, stapled on the patches, and put a safety pin on the top to pin to their vest. This way, those patches would not be lost! The girls were very excited to have their patches attached to them and proudly showed them off to their parents!
Some of the girls will be attending our local ‘Aloha Dance’ for our Service Unit in the next few days. Then, we will have our next meeting… and then our entire troop (minus just one girl! we will be bringing a flat version of her though!) will be going to Camp Scherman! We are pretty excited!

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1 David Eagle October 16, 2012 at 3:55 pm

I love this. Can’t wait for the girls to be old enough for this kind of thing, and the conversations about bullying as a group seem awesome. What a great opportunity to show them that they can be a peer-group who supports each other in rejecting that nonsense. I hope it’s successful!
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2 Kristi October 16, 2012 at 4:05 pm

Meeee tooooo. The next day there was a small incident which left me cringing… but still, we just have to keep repeating the message!
Kristi´s last blog post ..4th Daisy Girl Scout Meeting: Yellow Petal Friendly & Helpful and Anti Bullying

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