Coconut Oil is Healing

by Kristi on November 18, 2012 · 0 comments

I’ve been eating coconut oil lately. I have always heard it is ‘great’ because it’s better to cook with it than extra virgin olive oil. I started just getting very small spoonfuls and holding them over my broth to melt it a bit and then just eating it up. Plus, actually cooking with it.

 Unrefined coconut oil goes into the bloodstream quicker than other fats and oils because it does not need digestive enzymes, nor bile, in order to be absorbed into the bloodstream like other fats and oils do. Some coconut oil is absorbed through the mouth and some in the stomach, but most of it goes from the first part of small intestines (duodenum) through the lymphatic system directly into the bloodstream. That is why unrefined coconut oil increases natural healing and detoxification reactions quicker than other oils or fats. Note: If you start with small amounts and slowly increase them your reactions will be more tolerable.

Here is a recipe for an egg drink (that I’m actually afraid to try) that talks about coconut oil above but I will soon. What happens to the raw egg when you pour boiling water over it?? haha

I’m thankful for coconut oil helping me get better!

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