Started Pentasa Yesterday

I started Pentasa yesterday and I am feeling a little hopeful. Yesterday was fraught with severe stomach pains (more than normal) and I am still super amazingly tired all day.  Yesterday I wanted to go to sleep at 8pm and was yawning through the afternoon.

Last month I started having problems, I feel like it happened because I kept having sweets. In the last six months I would have them once a week, have some problems, and then go back to normal. Sadly, I did not go back to normal. It just got worse, and worse, and worse. So I went back on the Entocort, which are steroids. You are supposed to take them for about 6 weeks and that is is. After a month I did not get better. I even tried my crazy diet again of only eating rice and sweet potatoes except that made me MUCH worse, go figure.

So Pentasa.  I am feeling mildly hopeful. I have to take 8 pills a day, two pills four times a day which everyone complains about. I will complain as well. I’m sure you know that. :) But honestly, if I can stay on this and not have to move to Humira or something worse, that would be fantastic. If I could also eat regular foods and not have to worry or stress about what I am eating, that is amazing.

In other news, I got the Spotify invite from Klout (and everyone is talking about it, sheesh) and I am entertained. The first day it was like, eh. Pandora will just play and not make me think about what I want to listen next but Spotify lets me listen to ANY ALBUM I WANT.

I am currently trying to hunt down acoustic or live versions of my favorite singers. Any thoughts? I’ve played Tori Amos, Maroon 5, John Mayer, and now am on the Cranberries.  I was trying desperately to find the Counting Crows live version they did with the Philharmonic orchestra but they never made it public. That was such an amazing concert.

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3 thoughts on “Started Pentasa Yesterday”

  1. Hey Kristi,

    I hope the Pentasa works. My brother has ulcerative colitis and after trying everything, only Humira worked for him. I guess its worth giving yourself a shot if you don’t have horrible stomach pain and complications. I’m sorry you have to go through all that. :(

  2. Kristi- I hope the Pentasa works for you. My teenaged daughter takes it and she feels great! It took her about two weeks of taking the mediccation to start feeling better, but after that she could eat anything she wanted and didn’t have stomach pain at all!!! Good Luck!

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