OC Fair 2010

Griffin Laughing

The smile on his face  is the reason why I love my life! He was so happy to be on them and just loved it!

Pure joy.

I had to take a video because he was so cute. The last few seconds just show his pure excitement about the ride.
He was loving life. So adorable! I just can’t get enough.

Sam was having tons of fun too. She got to go on more rides cause she was the big girl but she helped her brother on a few more.

She went up the big slide. Which she did not like. She did it though. Screamed for about 10 minutes after. LOL

Wish I could have gotten a video of that.

But our cuties love each other. I hope it lasts. Because they are so sweet and play so well together!

I have a 2 year old

Wow.  Griffin (Griffy, GG, sweet baby G) is TWO. Wow.  It was two days ago. I’m a little late.  But I almost can’t believe it.

He’s talking so well. “I wear Mama’s SHOES!”

He smiles and gives kisses when I ask for them.  He follows Sammie around and around and around and laughs for the sheer joy of it. He is such a sweet child, I’m so happy we have our Griffin with us.  Yes, he has his moments of whining, moaning, and yelling but lately he has been so curious and happy to just simply be.

Stats for G:

Birth: 7.6lbs, 20in
2 Month: 12.9lbs, 23 3/4in
4 Month: 15.10, 26 in
6 Month: 17.1, 27 1/2in
9 Month: 20.1, 29 in
1 Year: 21.14, 30 3/4
15 Month: 22.6, 31 1/2 in
18 Months: 22.14, 32 in
2 Years:
25lbs, 34 in
20% for weight, 45% for height

Stats from Sam to compare:

Birth: 7.1 lbs, 20 in
2 Month: 10.6, 22 1/4 in
4 Month: 13.6, 24 in
6 Month: 15.9, 25 1/2 in
9 Month: 18.4, 27 1/2 in
1 Year: 19.14 lbs , 29 3/4in
15 Months: 22.1 lbs, 31 1/2in
18 Months: 24 lbs, 12 oz, 32 ½ in
2 Years: 27 lbs, 12 oz, 34 1/2 in
60% for both weight & height

Oh, I worry about my short little guy. It’s ok to be short. Never mind the fact that his Papa is 6’2, his maternal Grandpa is 6’6 (great uncle is 6’8!), although his paternal Grandpa was 5’8, I believe.  And I am short. *sigh* If the ‘double the height’ at two works then he shall be 5’8.

It didn’t work for me. I was supposed to be 5’10. *ahem* Well, I AM 5’10. In heels.  I’m actually 5’6. Almost. It will all work out, I’m sure.  It looks like he is not catching up to Sam’s stats though which is kinda funny.

What I am super happy about is that he is EATING new THINGS! It’s slightly amazing. I read something about making kids take one ‘No Thank You’ bite of foods so I started it with Griffin. I really didn’t believe he would go along with it and he is now! He has eaten chicken nuggets (and liked them), different pastas, and actual fruit. So amazing.

My sweet baby G. Love you! So happy you are TWO!

Cranky Griffin

Griffin is a huge bear when he wakes up. Most usually from his nap and he only is happy after zoning out on some Dora for a bit after.  He cries and whines and takes forever to settle down.  I’ve found that when he is happy? It’s after a three hour nap. Since he usually takes 1.5, it’s a long time until he settles down.

Today he took 1.5 and Sam didn’t take one so we went down and Sam asked to watch TV. I said just one episode of Dora (I have it DVR’d) and we sat down to watch.  It took 15 min until Griffin would accept his milk and sit quietly on my lap and after the episode, I turned it off.  He again turned into Mr Monster.  After another 3o minutes of whining and nothing making him happy, I took him up to his room for an unofficial time out so *I* could also have a time out expecting him to scream it out for a minute or two.

As I walked away, all was quiet.

I went downstairs, did some things, and walked back up and into the room… He was laying down like it was nap time. The lights were on yet he thought I had laid him down for a nap! He sat up and we read some stories until Sam came up and he started freaking out again.

I finally just did the same thing thinking he just needed another nap.

SO STRANGE.  It’s been 15 minutes and I just now hear him whining again.  Maybe when I get him he’ll be in a better mood.

Babies and their naps. Jeez.

Griffin – The 18 Month old Comedian

Griffin is developing his personality every day.  I think he’s going to be a comedian, like his Papa. The faces he makes are soooo funny! Especially when it’s dinner time and he wants to get out of eating – since he never eats – and make us laugh instead.  I don’t know where he got this face from but he pulls his mouth down and looks at you for a moment…


And when we burst out laughing he laughs with us with a crazy look in his face….


Then, when he realizes he’s a funny boy, he tries to make the face again.  After the first two or three attempts, he stops being able to do the whole face because he starts laughing himself.  It’s awesome.


He is definitely my crazy boy. He loves to go sit on Sam, or push her away, or just throw a toy at one of us randomly.  Singing is one of his favorite things to do and when Sam starts singing, he gets louder trying to drown out her voice until they are both ‘singing’ at the top of their lungs together.

We went to the Dr last week AND this week because we switched Doctors. Again.  The last Doctor was so wonderful, thorough, and was great except for the fact I never got out of there before two hours. Since it takes 30min to get there (with parking – it’s next to the hospital) and then back again, it was ruining my day.  Plus the waiting time in those tiny tiny rooms.  I could not stand it.  So I decided to go to a Doctor in the old medical building we used to go to, one that we had interviewed before Sam was born.  I know of two parents that go to the group now and they all have good reviews. It was closer and I just decided to go with it.

Why I went to the old Doctor last week is beyond me because I had to redo the appointment with the new Doctor because we had a problem with G’s immunizations AND I wanted him to get the flu shot. Which the last Doctor had none of.  Oh well.

Last week G was in the 23lbs rang and today he was not. I also blanked on how tall he was *exactly* but I remember the percentage number so I just looked it up on the chart and fudged. I feel terrible. I always recorded this things perfectly with Sammie. LOL

Stats for G:

Birth: 7.6lbs, 20in
2 Month: 12.9lbs, 23 3/4in
4 Month: 15.10, 26 in
6 Month: 17.1, 27 1/2in
9 Month: 20.1, 29 in
1 Year: 21.14, 30 3/4
15 Month: 22.6, 31 1/2 in
18 Months: 22.14, 32 in
15% for weight, and 30% for height

Stats from Sam to compare:

Birth: 7.1 lbs, 20 in
2 Month: 10.6, 22 1/4 in
4 Month: 13.6, 24 in
6 Month: 15.9, 25 1/2 in
9 Month: 18.4, 27 1/2 in
1 Year: 19.14 lbs , 29 3/4in
15 Months: 22.1 lbs, 31 1/2in
18 Months: 24 lbs, 12 oz, 32 ½ in
In the 55% for weight and 75% for height.

He didn’t even gain a pound in three months.  This boy does not eat, it makes me sick.   I take that back. He would eat graham crackers and ‘apple bars’ (I need to get this on video, the way he says it… I die!) which are those breakfast bar things… He can eat those all day.

The new Dr I saw today was a young guy (he’s probably my age, I can’t believe I’m calling him young) (I also can’t believe I just said ‘my age’ it sounds like I’m 30.) (Wait a second.) and was great.  I have to come to terms with my thoughts on what Dr’s do exactly but more on that later.  He said that while Griff was skinny, he wasn’t super skinny and wasn’t that worried about it.  The ratio of his height to weight was good.  We also tend to give Griff a ton of milk, so he guzzles it all day. He’s probably drinking 30-35oz a day when he should be drinking around 24oz.  I need to stop giving him the milk and hopefully he will be hungry enough to eat something healthy.

Favorite Words: Apple bar (ad-da-dar! ad-da-dar!), Papa, no, Nana, Dora, map, swiper, backpack, pizza, pasta, ball, wet, water, more, all done.

He just started nodding his head for things he wants which is soooo cute! Looking back at Sam’s 18 month update, I think he’s ahead of her on actually saying words out loud.  I remember we were just starting to be concerned at the way she said words around this time.  I also think he said Grandma when we got to Grandma JJ’s house today so that might be another one to add on to the list. I think there are a few more I am forgetting.

I’m going to go right along comparing him to Sam since I’m staring at her update now. :)

Animal Sounds: Duck.  That’s about it. I think we got him to moo once but he’s not to hot on those animal sounds.

Favorite Foods: I can count on one hand practically… Cheerios, pancakes, bread, pizza, pasta are the semi healthy things he eats.  Then add in the apple bars, graham crackers, and cookies when he can find them. :-)  The weird thing is that he won’t eat ice cream.  If he sees something or touches it and it seems weird to him, he won’t eat it.

Baby Signs – He knows please, more, and all done.  He can say more and all done while doing the sign now.

Naps – Two hours is average.

Milk – Soy milk and he guzzles it. Sippy cup but he is loving the big boy cups right now.

Bedtime: 8
Wakeup: 645

Lefty or Righty – Righty

Teeth – I can’t even believe Sam only had 6 still! I thought he was behind her! He finally has all the top ones in but there is a big gap in the bottom.  I think he has 9 total.  Makes it really difficult because he’s constantly not chewing all his food and choking and spitting it up. Ugh.

States we’ve been to – Oregon? Have we been anywhere else, I can’t even remember!!

Times to Disneyland? hahahaha :) Waaaay to many!

Activities – Gymboree, art class, the park if he’s lucky! Also going to all of Sam’s activities :) Can we call those activities for him? He likes watching!

Favorite Shows – He ADORES Dora and loves Elmo/Sesame Street

My Memory – I love this age.  I tell him to go get things or do things and he knows just what I’m talking about.

Other Fun Skills – He loves helping with laundry and the dishwasher too. Loves Playdoh.

Love my baby boy :)

My Sweet G

Aww, I put G down and after standing up and rocking and singing to him, I set him down in his crib like usual.  I then grabbed his milk and walked out. Usually he sits back up and watches me walk out.  For the past week I have been giving him milk in a sippy cup instead of nursing *sniff* (I’m still doing mornings but will be stopping in a few weeks, I think) so I just walk out still humming a tune and then close the door.

I’m afraid to make eye contact.

But tonight he sat up and as I was walking out, I noticed he grabbed one of his stuffed animals (I have two in there) and then crawled back over to the middle and laid down to snuggle with his lovey.  It was so cute!!!

All that pain and suffering and crying (on both our parts) to master sleeping at night (and naps) was just so worth it to see him lay down and get a good nights sleep.  He’s been sleeping through the night for about two weeks (reliably) now.  He did wake up two nights ago but *gasp* I did not nurse him.  I was very proud of myself.  Naps are fabulous too.  It’s wonderful. (Knock on wood.)

I’m battling potty training right now for Sam but that is another story. I just have to keep telling myself that the hard work,  pain and suffering is (again) going to be worth it.

Stepping Up & ToothWatch 2009

Still no teeth yet.  Will Griffin walk first, or will he get a tooth first? I was thinking that today.

Then he took some steps this evening… and again, and again, and again! He’s building some confidence in walking and he just giggles at himself when he does it. He went back and forth about 10 times tonight, a few steps each.  So exciting!

Griffin’s One Year Appointment

We had Griffin’s one year check-up today and it happened that the hubby was able to come as he was off work which was fantastic.

Stats for G:
Birth: 7.6lbs, 20in
2 Month: 12.9lbs, 23 3/4in
4 Month: 15.10, 26 in
6 Month: 17.1, 27 1/2in
9 Month: 20.1, 29 in
1 Year: 21.14, 30 3/4

Stats from Sam to compare:
Birth: 7.1 lbs, 20 in
2 Month: 10.6, 22 1/4 in
4 Month: 13.6, 24 in
6 Month: 15.9, 25 1/2 in
9 Month: 18.4, 27 1/2 in
1 Year: 19.14 lbs , 29 3/4in

He asked first if he was sleeping through the night. Um, no.  I then asked him about naps and getting him to nap alone, what advice did he have for crying it out? We tried it (as I’ve talked on here before *sigh*) and he cried for two hours and at what point should I get him?  Doc asked, did he need a nap? Yes, I replied, he needs two naps currently.  Well, I should leave him until he takes a nap. So helpful. Really. I wasn’t expecting much but I thought I would try.

He only gained a pound and a half which moved him from the 50% to the 20% mark.  The Dr asked if I was nursing, which I am, and he immediately said, “Well that is why! You probably aren’t being as vigilant as you were when he was a baby and he’s not getting enough calories.”

Ouch! I explained that I am in the process of weaning and that he gets offered a sippy cup in the mornings and at all meals and we then proceeded to go over how many times I nurse vs how many ounces of full fat milk in the sippy cup.  Ack.  Plus he EATS a lot but Dr quickly shot that down saying, “Unless you are going to tell me that he is eating meats all day, the food you are giving him is filled with starches and isn’t helpful to his growth at all.”

Doesn’t he sound like he is full of sunshine and rainbows?

He did say that any cheese and yogurt – other dairy items – were very helpful and while G won’t eat cut up cheese, I do put some in his sandwich every day plus he eats a full thing of yogurt every night. He adores it.

I have a few friends who have slower growing children and worry about calories, I even had a friend whose daughter was ‘categorized’ (don’t you love that word? Horrible) as failure to thrive so I’ve always felt bad at the worry they would have to go through in making sure their child got the nutrients they needed.  I hate that feeling now.

You know what I hate more though? Is that I have two friends that used to go to him and have nothing but bad things to say about him. How he has such a bias on boys and girls.  One friend has children the same age as mine  – same sex too – and advised me to check Sam’s chart – because he (the Dr) did the same thing to her.  I JUST did now, well I checked my post that I made – I love how I chronicle my life on this thing… haha – But here is the post where she went from 50% weight to 25% at one year of age and I talk about how the Dr wasn’t worried at all. How he was saying my girl would be ‘trim’ and ‘slim’ and would be so healthy.  Yet for my boy? I get reamed. I am leaving him and going to another doctor because I am sick of how he makes me feel.

After we ran over that topic a few times, he then hit us with the fact that Griffin’s head circumference has jumped up to 95%.

6 Months – 80%
9 Months – 90%
1 Year – 95%

6 Months – 50%
9 Months – 50%
1 Year – 20%

6 Months – 85%
9 Months – 75%
1 Year – 75%

I don’t have what his head cir was at birth and three months but he showed us his chart and it was in the middle range for birth and three months, moved up at 6 months, moved up a lot at 9 months, and is off the ‘normal’ levels on the charts currently. Helpful growth charts can be found at this site.

He casually said that an ultrasound should be done when it gets that big.  He wasn’t very clear and a few minutes later he mentioned something definite about having an ultrasound done.  So I expressed my surprise and said, “Really? You are sending us to get an ultrasound?”.

He said, “Yes, it’s not an EMERGENCY – otherwise you would be doing it right now – but you should have it done at some point to check.  His fontanelle has not closed yet and an ultrasound is so easy to do at this point.  Having him jump up on the charts is a red flag that we should just have checked out.”

I glanced casually over to my level-headed husband and stared at him meaningfully.  He knows my feelings on this doctor and I was leaving the talking up to him.

“What are the problems associated with this type of thing? What are you looking for?” He says.

“It’s just a red flag, we just want to get it checked out.” As he tries to brush us off.

“Well, what are you looking for exactly then?”

Ruffles some papers on his lap and mutters, “Specifically Hydrocephalus.” and he looks up to catch our blank faces staring at him.  “Well, it is called hydrocephalus and there is no other way I can explain it to you in simpler terms. That is the medical name.”

Hubby tries again, not quite believing that all the whining, bitching, and moaning from his wife about this crazy unfeeling, no-bedside manner Doctor could possibly be THIS TRUE.  “What are the symptoms then?”

Doctor sighs, “The symptoms would be a large head, no wait, that would be the cause.  Other symptoms would be fussiness, vomiting, headaches, and things of that nature which he doesn’t seem to have.  Like I said, it’s not an emergency it’s just something you would want to get checked out for.”

Really, Doc? REALLY?  That is all the assurance you can give after recommending that you send our 12 month old infant to a hospital to have a procedure done to check for a disorder, that after some quick Googling, can potentially be fatal.  You couldn’t just say it was ‘water on the brain’ that they would be checking for? At least?

Don’t be alarmed by my ‘fatal’ talking.  I was being a bit dramatic.  Yes, it does say that it can be fatal but the research that I have read indicates that most cases that are monitored and treated early have wonderful chances of recovery.

I had to stop reading and Googling the term earlier though.  I don’t think I can read anything more about it until after the ultrasound.  Why worry myself? Yes, if it was me, I would be looking up everything.  When it’s my helpless infant son, I get a sick feeling in my tummy and feel like hyperventilating.  I spent the whole afternoon away from the computer and got all calmed down until I came back here and started reading the open page in my browser.

So I’m going to stop.  He’s going to be fine but I will feel so much better after we get the ultrasound done late next week.

I knew Griffin was going to be trouble when we went to the ER before his first birthday! That was not a good indication of future hospital visits! LOL – I am joking, kind of.

Anyway, we ended the visit talking about the three shots he would be getting.  He said all three were new shots that he hadn’t had before.  He looked like he was preparing for battle. Yes, I know all the talk about the MMR and I go back and forth but I got them done for Sam and I was okay with having them done for Griffin. I don’t want to get into all my beliefs about vaccinations and such but I decided to venture forth with, “Isn’t MMR the one that everyone is always worried about?”

Which was SUCH a mistake, let me tell you.  We got treated to a diatribe about how Jenny McCarthy was an idiot – well, she was probably intelligent but her ideas are idiotic (apparently) – and how there is NO link to… blah blah blah.  He went on for almost five minutes about CRAZY stuff. It was kind of funny actually.  He was talking about mobs of people get wrong information into their heads and will kill over it, he was talking about the plague, witch hunts, and all this crazy stuff.

I finally had to interrupt him because I didn’t know when he would stop! Then he sailed out letting us know the nurse would come in for the shots.  So that was that.  Griff did great at his shots, by the way.  Poor baby. He wasn’t fussy today either, we will see how tomorrow goes.

I am a bit sad that I forgot to ask him about Griffin’s teeth.

Specifically, WHERE are they? He is still a gummy baby!

I think I am going to start ToothWatch 2009.

Griffin’s 1st Trip to ER & Other Amusing Things

** I started this post… oh last week, and got tired. :) But I had to finish it, so here ya go…

GG has jumped straight into the phase of ‘yum, that looks like candy!’ and is popping everything in his mouth.  Like CRAZY. EVERYTHING.

So the other night, I pop him in his high chair and give him a piece of bread, then maybe a sip of milk, then some  rice.  He starts gagging. AHH! I hate the gagging face. It freaks me out.  But he starts opening his mouth and shoving his tongue out and I notice, hmm, there is a nice blue something in there. So I fish it out and it is a very small piece of sharp plastic.

Ugh, the anxiety. What to do, what to do…

I called the on-call nurse and by the time she called me back, I was feeling better, Griff was eating stuff, and I finally let him get off my lap and back in the high chair but he was still within arms reach in case of any possible catastrophes.  After we went through all the questions it ended up being that since the piece was small and sharp, he COULD have swallowed something worse. That was sharp. So he needed to be evaluated.

I agreed. Evaluated sounded great.

He needed to be evaluated NOW.

Oh. Now. Well, that kinda sucked.  Especially since CHOC doesn’t have an ER and I had to go to St Joe’s.  I had never been to St Joe’s ER (except for being whisked past the front desk at midnight for Sam’s birth but that doesn’t really count) and Sam was currently screaming about how her stomach hurt and since G eats from me still… well, off I went.

A week later, I shall spare you the gory details. Basically we waited, and waited, and waited.  Got checked in, waited some more. Talked to someone. Someone told me to baby proof (thanks!), and then we got an x-ray.  Griff was SO good through the entire thing, even when I couldn’t nurse him (just in case), and while I did have to walk around in circles for about a half hour, really there was no screaming so I considered that good.  Especially since we finally left at 1030 and it was 3 hours past his bedtime.

Everything was clear though.

The next day I look down at G and his mouth is bulging.  He popped some alphabet letters into his mouth. Wheee! Der, Momma!  Let’s just give me an award for baby proofing here, right?  Anything and everything that looks interesting and is small is going in his mouth.  Sam never did that, boo.  Which is why all of our drawers are unlatched. And for an amusing trip down Sam Baby Proof Lane, have fun over here


G’s birthday is in less than a week. (Ok, it’s tomorrow now.) How can he be this old so quickly? I love this stage. It’s so cuddly.  Except he is starting to be a little more persnickety. Like freaking out if I change his diaper. Or arching his back when I put him in his car seat or high chair.  It seemed to me that I was skipping the  ‘independence’ phase with him but oh no, it’s just coming a little later.  Bummer.


I curse a lot. I have a few favorite words.  Sam is just on my, um, ASS about everything lately though.  “What are you doing? What did you say? Who said that? Where are we going? Why? Why? Why?” LOL – It’s cute though. It is.

Actually, she has her favorite CD in the car and she knows almost all the words. Every time she sings them out loud to the music, I crack up. It’s so awesome to hear her singing songs along to the radio. I love it. That is the cutest thing lately.

But about the cursing?  I try and PG 13 it.  Frickety-frack! – is something that comes out of my mouth a lot lately.  Then I try and say other things rhyming things to make it a tad better.  Then she giggles. So it’s probably a bad idea to do that! But at least it’s not the actual word? Right? Righ.. ok, whatever. But anyway.

Today she was grabbing the straps of her car seat  to put on and they were stuck and she starts saying FRICK! FRICK! FRICK!  Since Sharon (my MIL) was just getting in the car it was kinda funny. :-) I don’t think she heard her. I realized what she was saying immediately and was trying really hard not to laugh. You know it just makes everything worse if you encourage it.

For about a month now, she has been going around saying ‘Christ’s sake!’ at random times too. Oops.  I’m not, you know, religious? But I wince because I feel like that is just as bad of a word (phrase?) as anything else.


Whenever there is a camera pointed at Sam lately she sticks out her tongue.


Sam adores her brother so much. I love watching her run over to give him a hug.  Or bonk each other on the head.  Or not complain when he comes and destroys her Little People so that she is forced to play with them perched on her table playing with the people on our dining room table so he can’t reach.

Listening to him laugh when she laughs – just because – is so awesome.

Potty Training and CIO

Since it was supposed to be 80 degrees, I decided to throw Sam in panties and play outside.  Basically we’ve had pee in the potty about once or twice in the past year.  We ask her everyday if she wants to GO on the potty and she always says NO, so we hardly do it.  We have a potty chart, stickers, sticky gem jewels, prizes (they are kinda lame – sez me), and all that stuff.  I honestly think M&Ms would do the trick but hubby says no way. LOL  – Actually, I don’t know if M&Ms would work because she has to want to do it.

So, the first time she runs to me saying ‘pee pee is going down my leg!’ which it was.  Which was why I had two pairs of pants, two socks, and 2 more pairs of underwear ready. haha

Twenty minutes later we were outside and she says, “Sometimes the pee pee will run down my leg. Sometimes.” Which I replied, “Yes, but if we go and sit on the potty, the pee pee can go in the potty instead!” She smiled and nodded.  Thirty seconds later… “PEE PEE is running down my leg!!!!!” I should have known.  But it was progress!! Except the next two times were surprises too.  I put her in pull-ups after the third time and she actually TOLD me when she went pee the first time. After that though, she didn’t say anything, I just would find out the next time we went to sit on the potty.

I really HATE potty training.  HATE IT. LOL

We had a really nice time playing outside today.  We set up G’s new sand and water table for his birthday and along with our older plastic climb and slide thingy we got two years ago, we were having fun!  After awhile, G was getting tired and I wasn’t sure what to do.  Should we jump in the car for a short nap? Should I put on a show for Sam while I tried to nurse him to sleep upstairs?  I decided that since I was being so brave potty training Sam, I would just suck it up and try and put G down again.  I sat him in his highchair and stuffed him full of food and about 5oz of milk from a sippy cup and we went upstairs to do our routine of books and a song.

One hour and thirty minutes later he finally, finally stopped crying.  I had to peek again…


I know it’s blurry but that is his neck that you can see through the slats. He was sitting up again with his head slumped in between his legs. It seemed a little easier today though, probably because Sam was harassing me to play, to eat, etc. etc. so I had distraction.  So, I think the next few days I will be occupied seeing if I can actually get Sam to recognize when she has to pee and TELL ME and at the same time, hang out at home and see if I can get Griff to recognize that when we do our naptime routine, it means naptime.

I dunno though.  After he fell asleep, he slept for about 35 minutes. :( I had managed to get the hubby to take Sam to her learning skills/pre school class that she takes once a week so I could stay home while he slept but it wasn’t long.  Then, he wanted to go back to sleep on me after he got up.  I kind of prevented that by talking to him a bit but I let him relax for another 30 minutes.

I feel a little bit better about it today now that I have a plan for a few days.  It’s all in the attitude, right? Or something.

Where is my cookie?

Big Bang Theory

I know, it’s been awhile.  And if you don’t have much time, I would just skip this post! :-)  You may be a little bored…Today has been a long day. The past week, maybe three, have been long as well.  I’m starting with tonight and working backwards though.

There was a large bang.  Both children started to cry.  What in the world happened?

We put the kids to bed around 8pm. It was a great night as we spent the whole time after dinner outside in the backyard for the first time in months. We were setting up G’s sand and water table that he got for his birthday from Grandma JJ and Grandpa John and Sam was playing on her slide that I washed off this morning.  We were having a good time.  When we went up to bed, I did my usual routine with G and hubby did his usual thing with Sam.

G wasn’t asleep when I put him down.  Half the time he is, other times he is not.  He waited a few minutes and started to cry. The difference is that in the past week he finally started to roll over (yes, now. Don’t judge! He did it three times at the age appropriate time MONTHS ago and then never did it again…) so he can stand at his crib and cry to us. He hasn’t really figured out how to sit down and then lie back down to go to sleep. Maybe someday… He was crying on and off and finally stopped completely, we thought, after 25 min or so.  It was more like whining actually. He has the nighttime routine down pretty good, so I wasn’t sure what his deal was but since we are really battling it out during the naptime I didn’t want to go in and investigate.

So all is quiet and I’m in my office and hubby is watching the Laker game.  Thus, the big bang happens. It sounds right above me which is G’s room.  I walk out and hubby is already up and starting for the stairs and I hear G crying.  I really thought he fell out of his crib.  It was THAT loud.  When we open the door, he is sitting in his crib still crying but nothing is out.  We smell quite a bad odor though and it is very obvious why he did not go immediately to sleep earlier. Whew.  So I calm him down, change his diaper, and go to the bathroom to give him Tylenol.  The nurse, just today, said that his teething could quite possibly be affecting his sleep (as in NOT sleeping, at night) and his gums were throbbing.  So I figured, why not.

Except I hear through our wall that Sam is crying lightly.  Which I thought was weird. She must have heard G up and was upset?  As I walk out to take G to his room, I notice that hubby has not heard it and let him know. He’s pretty much on Sam duty, seeing as their love affair does not allow much room for Mommy soothing. haha :) I’m slightly kidding but it’s super cute how in love they are, Momma is never good enough when Papa is around!

He goes in, I go in with G, blah blah blah.  When I come out, hubby is downstairs again and he stops the TV for the wrapup of the big bang.

Apparently, Sam was putting Piggy (her lovey) up in the corner of her bed and while leaning back down to go to sleep (???) she banged her head on the wall.  Which is just CRAZY.  This bang we heard was a 20-lbs-child-falling-out-of-his-crib worthy bang.  Loud enough to scare both of us downstairs, wake up (or just startle, I guess) Griffin over the sound of his loud ocean sound machine, and probably even the dogs were scared.  It takes us five minutes to figure out SHE is the one crying though.

Kinda strange.

The whole going to bed thing with Griffin though? That is totally sucking.  I have to say, having a second child seems soooo much easier than the first. It’s times like these though where it hits you that it’s not all that easy.  It’s pretty darn hard and frustating, LOL.  Half of the stuff seems to come naturally to you and then when things get ‘hard’, it just seems to frustrating, like, why am I doing this all over again? I did this with Sam, did I not learn my lesson?

Lesson being that getting a baby to fall asleep by themselves is one of the BEST THINGS EVER.  Which, sadly, G doesn’t really do.  Except, kind of at night. Which is nice but now I need to extend that over to naps and it’s just totally sucking.  Completely sucking.

I swaddled the boy during naps until almost a month ago.  The reason being that I would nurse him to sleep and when I put him in his crib he would ‘startle’ and wake himself back up again which was not good for me. As I had to nurse him back to sleep.  The nights, the nights were good.  A long time ago I started putting him down when he was drowsy and walking out and saying goodnight.  He still wakes up once at night though which, yes, I need to solve NOW rather than wait (like we did with Sam) until she was almost two years old to cure that crap.

A month ago the swaddle stopped working though.  I would set him gently down in his crib, asleep from being nursed, and his eyes would fly back open.  Which was just terrible.  The swaddle, I might add, is why I think he never learned to roll over. He never had the chance to roll around in his crib.  At night, he was drowsy and content to chill out on his back to sleep and when he cried, I would go in and get him.  Last month, when it stopped working, I would just sit in a chair and read a bit.  Plus, we all got sick. We were sick for a good three weeks and honestly, sitting in a chair and reading sleeping was really nice.  Except then it wasn’t nice. Then it was just really annoying because I had all these thing I needed wanted to do and sitting with the baby was not getting ANY of them done.  Having him wake up at night at random times was also not great for my ‘me’ time at night because I had to get to bed. To get some sleep. Before being woken up at 1130 1230 230 430.

Last week we started sleep camp.  On Monday, I put him in his crib for his second nap and he cried for 40 min and passed out.  Success! We were doing something on Tuesday and we drove home and he passed out in the car and I actually transfered him from the car seat to his crib. Which I had never been able to do before. Wednesday he cried for 25 minutes and went to sleep.  I was feeling good! I have no clue what happened on Thursday or Friday but the weekend was bad as we came home Sat from the zoo and BOTH kids were asleep in the car. Transfering them did not work and G cried and cried in his crib and then I felt bad and got him after an hour at which point he didn’t even sleep on me. Ugh.

Sunday.. Sunday was bad.  I thought, well, usually he will take a super short nap in the car in the mornings (we are usually out and about) and then sleep longer in the afternoon. So I will skip the morning nap and do a middle of the day one.  I put him down at 11:30, Sam came home 10 minutes after that (hear dogs barking and scaring the crap out of G – still crying), and then he cried and cried and cried as my Mom came to pick Sam up at 12:15 and he finally stopped around 1pm.

But I wondered… He was standing in his crib but he doesn’t really know what to DO when he sits down.  I had to know.  I wish I didn’t look.  It was bad. photog1


Yes, his little hand clutching the pad while his head is just collapsed in front of him by his knees.  He walked himself out of his pants so his legs are bare.  He is breathing though (obviously, but as all mothers know, we have to make sure…).  So I hemmed, and I hawwed, and I freaked out… I went in there to kind of move him to his side so he wouldn’t have any problems breathing and he woke up.

So I ducked.

I sat on his floor for maybe five minutes but it become apparent he was not going back to bed. Plus the door was open and he knew that.  So I stood up very quickly and laid him down and walked back out.  Which was just a mistake.  He kept crying.  I couldn’t take it.  It had been almost two hours? And he saw me? He couldn’t lie back down… ugh.  So I ‘rescued’ him.  What did I teach him? Oh yes, that Momma will just let him cry in his crappy crib for hours! Yay!

That night was horrible.  He was paying me back.  Or, just frightened out of his mind that he was in his awful crib.  He was up every two hours.

Monday I was just a mess. What am I doing?? He needs to go to sleep. I do believe that cry it out works but it’s still awful. I did it at night (or at least the going to sleep part) MONTHS ago knowing this. It was better done young, it didn’t take as long!  But the nap thing… I guess I just believed that he would grow out of it? That we would figure out an easy way to transition?  Transitions are HARD.  Transitions are NOT EASY.  What was I thinking?

Monday I had the bright idea (actually it wasn’t mine, it was Krysta’s) to swaddle him back up so that he couldn’t stand up.  It sounded like a great idea. So I did that and laid him down with his one arm out.  Now that he can flip though… he flipped. He looked like a trapped little caterpillar that I had ducked taped up and smoothering himself against the mattress.  He looked trapped and couldn’t move.  Yes, he could kind of move and could breathe and all that… but it just was to much for me.  So I got him out and he slept on me.

Today I just accepted it.  Maybe I’ll work on his night waking first.

The nurse that I talked to is just a firm believer of cry it out.  I can go in every 15 min but if he is dry, fed, and safe in his crib then I just need to let him cry.  Blah.

It’s just so hard because we are often on Sam’s schedule, not G’s.  Sam’s schedule was sacred when she was young. Yes, we had problems. Yes, I had freakouts. I was going back and reading them tonight.  I was fixing her naps at 9 and 10 months! (Can I add, OMG, she was saying words at 10 months? G hasn’t said anything… not to compare them or anything… ha!) But with Griffin I don’t have the abilitiy to stay at home and work doing two naps (which he really needs two still) because of the things Sam is doing.

I dunno.  Just ramblings from a crazy Momma today.  At some point it will work itself out.

Weight Loss Report for January

It’s February! Which means… January is OVER and I lost two pounds this month! Woop woop!  I didn’t think I was going to loose anything, my scale was not budging the first three weeks but the last week, things moved down. It always seems to happen that way for me.  I’m not sure if it’s mentally I’m thinking, OH NO, I haven’t lost anything this month! And I automatically eat a tiny bit better to move the scale down… It could be.  But still. Very happy.  Now I’m 6 pounds away from going down another level, maybe I can do that by Griffin’s birthday.

Griffin’s birthday! AHhh! I can’t believe he is going to be one soon.  Two more months!  I have to start planning a party. I was thinking of something SUPER low key because, do we really need to go crazy like we did with Sam? When I mentioned that to the hubby, he seemed shocked. “We need to do something FUN!”  Well, what about cake and pizza at our house? “That doesn’t sound very fun.” Hmm.  LOL – Dude, he’s gonna be ONE, what does he want to do, go bowling?? I’m sad that my Mom & John will be out of town during G’s birthday on a 22 day cruise around some CRAAAZAY places! My Mom was trying to make sure she wouldn’t be gone around MY birthday but after she booked it, she realized… OOPS! G’s birthday!  So I’m not sure if I will move around the party or not.

I have a feeling it will be a Laker theme though.  Hubby was sitting at the table with Sam and noticed Brayden B’s birthday invitation done by Jamie from So Divine Designs and he thought the ticket in the back was the coolest thing EVER.  But it just needs to be Laker themed… hahaha

Speaking of CRAAAAZAY places to travel, and Angela’s latest blog talking about her travel plans (finally, jeez!), as I was going to get some pants tailored I walked past Canyon Travel and couldn’t resist going in and asking for some brochures. I’m determined to go on a relaxing DO NOTHING vacation in about a year and a half (no kids!) so now I have some pretty pictures to dream over. Yipee!

Well, off to do a little work but I still need to blog about all the fabulous books I read over the past two weeks! They were all so good but now I’m rereading some of the authors older books again because I couldn’t resist!

Dancing Queen

Griff LOVES to dance. Whenever there is music on you can see him grooving where ever he is. It’s so cute! Sam never really danced when she was a baby but anytime there is music on, we are giving him cat calls and encouraging him! LOL

Sam is sick right now so we were watching Madagascar at night and the “We like to move it, move it” song is a HUGE favorite now.  We are singing it all day long, LOL.  Anytime we do, Sam starts dancing and G looks at her and starts moving too!

Here is G dancing to one of Sam’s old birthday cards that she loves to open and close. It’s the Cinderella song, Bippity Boppity Boo. After a few times of Sam doing it, I noticed that G would be dancing along so I had to record it!

Griff is Officially Moving

I would title this ‘Griff is Officially Crawling’ but what he is doing, I really wouldn’t call a crawl.

It’s more of a scoot.  Or creep. Or dragging his booty around with one leg hanging behind him.

It’s interesting what he does but he does it. And pretty well.  He’s getting better everyday.  He can also move from his belly and sit up now which is SO NICE. I don’t have to cringe when he flops on his belly and screams and keep thinking I’m a horrible mother for not giving him more belly time. He knows how to get off his belly now, woohoo!!

Griffy Miffy is now 9 1/2 months old and officially moving. Yes, I had to look it up and Sam started crawling at 8 1/2 months. (Can I say our living room looked SO CLEAN back then? Wow… I forgot what color the carpet is when it’s not covered in toys.)

Yes, I call him Griffy Miffy. Is that worse than Baby G? I don’t know… Probably. Since he ends up being ‘Miffy’ half the time. :) GiGi is also another favorite of mine.

Today I put him down by one of his favorite toys and I sat down a few feet away to play Candyland with Sam.  G loves the Candyland board and he really loves all the cards. Apparently they taste good? Cause he keeps eating them. So he crawled over and tried to destroy the board to Sammie’s dismay.

She freaked out. :)I guess we just have to look forward to a lot more of this? haha – Good times.

He is also pulling himself up really well, balancing if we let go of his hands, and walking a few steps when we use our hands to guide him.  We borrowed a walker from Krysta but he hasn’t gotten the hang of it quite yet.  He likes to walk around all of his toys though.  It’s progressing very quickly!  He’s still such a sweet boy.