Yearly Checkup

by Kristi on May 25, 2016 · 0 comments

We had our 10yo and 8you yearly checkup yesterday. It went well. My 10yo is staying about the same on her weight chart which is what we have been watching. For awhile she was going down so the hunt for the perfect amount of calories a day was quite a struggle.

So the 8yo jumps up on the hot seat and we discuss about some concerns of “paying attention”. Our first born tries to manage the household so the second born sort of just does what he wants. Pretty common, in my opinion, but our Dr had some fun ideas to keep him in line.

She talked about how she has a white board for her 9yo. When he finished all the things he needs to finish, he is allowed to watch TV.


Dr: Whoops!

The look on my guy’s face. Hilarious! He never watches TV as his Friday movie nights are usually spent on his iPad or playing video games.

We are actually planning a similar board/chore/homework listĀ for the summer so we will see how it works.

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