Big Bang Theory

by Kristi on March 17, 2009 · 4 comments

I know, it’s been awhile.  And if you don’t have much time, I would just skip this post! 🙂  You may be a little bored…Today has been a long day. The past week, maybe three, have been long as well.  I’m starting with tonight and working backwards though.

There was a large bang.  Both children started to cry.  What in the world happened?

We put the kids to bed around 8pm. It was a great night as we spent the whole time after dinner outside in the backyard for the first time in months. We were setting up G’s sand and water table that he got for his birthday from Grandma JJ and Grandpa John and Sam was playing on her slide that I washed off this morning.  We were having a good time.  When we went up to bed, I did my usual routine with G and hubby did his usual thing with Sam.

G wasn’t asleep when I put him down.  Half the time he is, other times he is not.  He waited a few minutes and started to cry. The difference is that in the past week he finally started to roll over (yes, now. Don’t judge! He did it three times at the age appropriate time MONTHS ago and then never did it again…) so he can stand at his crib and cry to us. He hasn’t really figured out how to sit down and then lie back down to go to sleep. Maybe someday… He was crying on and off and finally stopped completely, we thought, after 25 min or so.  It was more like whining actually. He has the nighttime routine down pretty good, so I wasn’t sure what his deal was but since we are really battling it out during the naptime I didn’t want to go in and investigate.

So all is quiet and I’m in my office and hubby is watching the Laker game.  Thus, the big bang happens. It sounds right above me which is G’s room.  I walk out and hubby is already up and starting for the stairs and I hear G crying.  I really thought he fell out of his crib.  It was THAT loud.  When we open the door, he is sitting in his crib still crying but nothing is out.  We smell quite a bad odor though and it is very obvious why he did not go immediately to sleep earlier. Whew.  So I calm him down, change his diaper, and go to the bathroom to give him Tylenol.  The nurse, just today, said that his teething could quite possibly be affecting his sleep (as in NOT sleeping, at night) and his gums were throbbing.  So I figured, why not.

Except I hear through our wall that Sam is crying lightly.  Which I thought was weird. She must have heard G up and was upset?  As I walk out to take G to his room, I notice that hubby has not heard it and let him know. He’s pretty much on Sam duty, seeing as their love affair does not allow much room for Mommy soothing. haha 🙂 I’m slightly kidding but it’s super cute how in love they are, Momma is never good enough when Papa is around!

He goes in, I go in with G, blah blah blah.  When I come out, hubby is downstairs again and he stops the TV for the wrapup of the big bang.

Apparently, Sam was putting Piggy (her lovey) up in the corner of her bed and while leaning back down to go to sleep (???) she banged her head on the wall.  Which is just CRAZY.  This bang we heard was a 20-lbs-child-falling-out-of-his-crib worthy bang.  Loud enough to scare both of us downstairs, wake up (or just startle, I guess) Griffin over the sound of his loud ocean sound machine, and probably even the dogs were scared.  It takes us five minutes to figure out SHE is the one crying though.

Kinda strange.

The whole going to bed thing with Griffin though? That is totally sucking.  I have to say, having a second child seems soooo much easier than the first. It’s times like these though where it hits you that it’s not all that easy.  It’s pretty darn hard and frustating, LOL.  Half of the stuff seems to come naturally to you and then when things get ‘hard’, it just seems to frustrating, like, why am I doing this all over again? I did this with Sam, did I not learn my lesson?

Lesson being that getting a baby to fall asleep by themselves is one of the BEST THINGS EVER.  Which, sadly, G doesn’t really do.  Except, kind of at night. Which is nice but now I need to extend that over to naps and it’s just totally sucking.  Completely sucking.

I swaddled the boy during naps until almost a month ago.  The reason being that I would nurse him to sleep and when I put him in his crib he would ‘startle’ and wake himself back up again which was not good for me. As I had to nurse him back to sleep.  The nights, the nights were good.  A long time ago I started putting him down when he was drowsy and walking out and saying goodnight.  He still wakes up once at night though which, yes, I need to solve NOW rather than wait (like we did with Sam) until she was almost two years old to cure that crap.

A month ago the swaddle stopped working though.  I would set him gently down in his crib, asleep from being nursed, and his eyes would fly back open.  Which was just terrible.  The swaddle, I might add, is why I think he never learned to roll over. He never had the chance to roll around in his crib.  At night, he was drowsy and content to chill out on his back to sleep and when he cried, I would go in and get him.  Last month, when it stopped working, I would just sit in a chair and read a bit.  Plus, we all got sick. We were sick for a good three weeks and honestly, sitting in a chair and reading sleeping was really nice.  Except then it wasn’t nice. Then it was just really annoying because I had all these thing I needed wanted to do and sitting with the baby was not getting ANY of them done.  Having him wake up at night at random times was also not great for my ‘me’ time at night because I had to get to bed. To get some sleep. Before being woken up at 1130 1230 230 430.

Last week we started sleep camp.  On Monday, I put him in his crib for his second nap and he cried for 40 min and passed out.  Success! We were doing something on Tuesday and we drove home and he passed out in the car and I actually transfered him from the car seat to his crib. Which I had never been able to do before. Wednesday he cried for 25 minutes and went to sleep.  I was feeling good! I have no clue what happened on Thursday or Friday but the weekend was bad as we came home Sat from the zoo and BOTH kids were asleep in the car. Transfering them did not work and G cried and cried in his crib and then I felt bad and got him after an hour at which point he didn’t even sleep on me. Ugh.

Sunday.. Sunday was bad.  I thought, well, usually he will take a super short nap in the car in the mornings (we are usually out and about) and then sleep longer in the afternoon. So I will skip the morning nap and do a middle of the day one.  I put him down at 11:30, Sam came home 10 minutes after that (hear dogs barking and scaring the crap out of G – still crying), and then he cried and cried and cried as my Mom came to pick Sam up at 12:15 and he finally stopped around 1pm.

But I wondered… He was standing in his crib but he doesn’t really know what to DO when he sits down.  I had to know.  I wish I didn’t look.  It was bad. photog1


Yes, his little hand clutching the pad while his head is just collapsed in front of him by his knees.  He walked himself out of his pants so his legs are bare.  He is breathing though (obviously, but as all mothers know, we have to make sure…).  So I hemmed, and I hawwed, and I freaked out… I went in there to kind of move him to his side so he wouldn’t have any problems breathing and he woke up.

So I ducked.

I sat on his floor for maybe five minutes but it become apparent he was not going back to bed. Plus the door was open and he knew that.  So I stood up very quickly and laid him down and walked back out.  Which was just a mistake.  He kept crying.  I couldn’t take it.  It had been almost two hours? And he saw me? He couldn’t lie back down… ugh.  So I ‘rescued’ him.  What did I teach him? Oh yes, that Momma will just let him cry in his crappy crib for hours! Yay!

That night was horrible.  He was paying me back.  Or, just frightened out of his mind that he was in his awful crib.  He was up every two hours.

Monday I was just a mess. What am I doing?? He needs to go to sleep. I do believe that cry it out works but it’s still awful. I did it at night (or at least the going to sleep part) MONTHS ago knowing this. It was better done young, it didn’t take as long!  But the nap thing… I guess I just believed that he would grow out of it? That we would figure out an easy way to transition?  Transitions are HARD.  Transitions are NOT EASY.  What was I thinking?

Monday I had the bright idea (actually it wasn’t mine, it was Krysta’s) to swaddle him back up so that he couldn’t stand up.  It sounded like a great idea. So I did that and laid him down with his one arm out.  Now that he can flip though… he flipped. He looked like a trapped little caterpillar that I had ducked taped up and smoothering himself against the mattress.  He looked trapped and couldn’t move.  Yes, he could kind of move and could breathe and all that… but it just was to much for me.  So I got him out and he slept on me.

Today I just accepted it.  Maybe I’ll work on his night waking first.

The nurse that I talked to is just a firm believer of cry it out.  I can go in every 15 min but if he is dry, fed, and safe in his crib then I just need to let him cry.  Blah.

It’s just so hard because we are often on Sam’s schedule, not G’s.  Sam’s schedule was sacred when she was young. Yes, we had problems. Yes, I had freakouts. I was going back and reading them tonight.  I was fixing her naps at 9 and 10 months! (Can I add, OMG, she was saying words at 10 months? G hasn’t said anything… not to compare them or anything… ha!) But with Griffin I don’t have the abilitiy to stay at home and work doing two naps (which he really needs two still) because of the things Sam is doing.

I dunno.  Just ramblings from a crazy Momma today.  At some point it will work itself out.

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1 krysta March 17, 2009 at 9:31 pm

Yes… He won’t leave for college still screaming at the side ofhis crib. Eventually he will figure it out. Weather you have your sanity or not, that’s another issue.

I must defend the swaddle’s good name!!!! Mine rolled over just fine and we swaddled till 8 months!!!

2 Kristi March 17, 2009 at 9:35 pm

I love the swaddle. The swaddle was awesome for the first 10 months, I agree. I just felt too bad. Him freaking out and rolling over (when he’s not good at rolling over in the first place) and the hysterical muffled screams were just not good for my sanity. LOL – And I really needed my sanity that day! Or at least part of it!

Kristi’s last blog post..Big Bang Theory

3 DrewB March 19, 2009 at 7:36 am

I remember when B first learned to stand up in his crib. It sucked! He would stand up and not know how to lay back down. But, it really only lasted for a couple of weeks and then he figured it out. CIO sucks, but it does work… eventually! It’s just a matter of how long you can stand it 🙂 Hope it gets better soon!

DrewB’s last blog post..Denise

4 Kristina March 19, 2009 at 2:49 pm

I can’t wait to I have normal sleep again, so I feel your pain. Zoe slept no problem. It wasn’t anything I did, it’s just how she is. She’ll still nap most days and she’s 4. Ryan, on the other hand, not so good of a sleeper. It’s just how he is. So it’s not you. It’s them. But here’s hoping everyone gets their zzzz’s soon!

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