Sleep Training

Nothing to much going on. Sleeping for naps is going well. I’m so much happier that we are back to a normal schedule and I’m not trying to overfeed her or driving around Yorba Linda in attempts to get her to fall asleep.

Monday: Nap 1 was in the car, Nap 2 was crying for 30 min

Tuesday: Nap 1 was 1:03 (about 30 secs and I was ready to go get her…) and Nap 2 was 40 min.

Wed: Nap 1 was feeding and Nap 2 was 45 min or so.

Thurs: Nap 1 was 35 min and Nap 2 was FIVE minutes!!

When she got up from Nap 1 today she had the imprint of the crib in her forehead! She fell asleep curled against the bars. LOL Poor baby.

Hopefully we are on the right track…

She is a lot happier, I’m a lot happier, we have a lot more fun… She is getting so good at mimicking us. We play peek-a-boo and she puts her hands over her face and plays with us. Grandma Sharon taught her the word ‘ball’ tonight. Whenever she says the correct thing, we clap like crazy and she loves that.

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  1. Glad to hear that the sleep training is going good!! I love the last self picutre of the two of you!! Awww…..

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