24 Hour Vacation to See Shamu

by Kristi on February 19, 2009 · 1 comment

Hubby and Sam
My Favorite Picture EVER

We took a very short vacation and went down to San Diego on Tuesday night.  We stayed at one of the best hotels ever, Pacific Terrace.  It reminded me of a beautiful Hawaiian hotel with open air hallways and friendly service.  Matt, the desk clerk, was fabulous with recommendations and free valet parking to a wonderful dinner.  The hotel room was very posh with large LG screens (sadly, no Fox Sports West to play the Laker game on cable though), nice beds, and beautiful bathrooms.  We got the ‘Family Suite’ with a porch that overlooked the ocean.  I highly recommend this hotel.  We have stayed at Paradise Point in Mission Bay, the last time we came down with Sam to go to Sea World (wow, time flies), and I wasn’t impressed.

The kids were fantastic though.  G took his nap immediately in the car when we left and I was worried about traffic but we had NONE.  At all. Amazing.  Sam after chatting for awhile passed out as well which was awesome.  We went to a wonderful dinner and while the kids got a bit antsy, we were able to keep them occupied and happy.  Griff, sadly, was feeling pretty sick and continues to be sick, the poor guy.  He’s a trooper though.  Bedtime was wonderful. Sam went down and I sat nursing G and singing to him (and Sam) for a few minutes and then laid him down. He chatted to himself (like he usually does) and then passed out.  Sam did wake up crying around 3am (said she saw a monster later, LOL) so she went in our bed with hubby, and I nursed G back down (he had woken up to her) and then I went in the other bed.  It all worked out though!

Sea World was fantastic. I love watching the dolphins and sea lions getting fed.  After the dolphins were fed, they threw some balls in there and we had a great time watching them play.  The shows were fantastic, as always.  I didn’t fall for the ‘woman (or man) falling into the dolphin tank’ routine again like I did last time. They haven’t changed that routine EVER, I think.  Last time I was so worried though, hahaha. Instead of waiting until bedtime to drive back, we were tired and both kids had fun but were tired (and sick) so we jumped in the car at 4pm and headed back. AGAIN, no traffic. I was completely shocked.

It was fabulous though.  I really adore the photo I took up at the top as well. JUST LOVE IT.  I think I’m going to print it out as a huge 8×10 and put it up on the wall.  It makes me happy.

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1 Jamie February 26, 2009 at 4:06 pm

This photo is adorable!!!

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