My Name is Changing to Mommy

by Kristi on February 20, 2009 · 5 comments

“Mommy, where are we going?”

“On some errands.  Hey, you know you can still call me Momma? I like when you call me Momma.”

“I like to call you Mommy.”

“Oh, well that’s ok. If you ever want to call me Momma though, that would be nice.”

“No, I like calling you Mommy.”

*sniff* It’s just the smallest change but it makes me so said. I am Momma.  I like to be Momma.  But now I am Mommy.  It sounds different coming from her mouth.  I know she has heard it from books, and her friends, and other places and it makes me sad. It’s just been in the past week that she has started it but I haven’t heard the term ‘Momma’ in the last day at all. Which is why I brought it up to her in the car, casually.

Hubby prefers being called ‘Papa’.  He called his father that and he wants to be called that. Yet, we have been hearing ‘Daddy’ slip out now and then.  Whenever we read books, we always change Daddy to ‘Papa’ so we don’t confuse her. Yet, one of her best friends always comes to dance class and Gymboree with her ‘Daddy’.  I wonder if she will change that as well. I know he will be sad too.

Along with that small change is a huge attitude adjustment in the same time period. Which is just terrible. Yesterday she was in time out at least 8 times and went to ‘quiet time’ with no story.  She then passed out for over three hours so I know she was tired.  The little monster voice is coming out in full force and I can’t stand it. Can’t. Stand. It.  The thought that it will just get worse as she gets older frightens me.  I need some good self-help books to read and meditation advice.  I need to count to ten before I act.  Today I was good. I was good, I am proud of it. When I put her in time out, I simply gave her the warnings of how I wanted her to act and when she continued to disobey and not listen and throw her tantrums, I simply moved her to time out and walked away.  Hubby was at home for the worst part of it and I’m always better if someone else is around to witness, help, or redirect.  I need to be better though. I know I can do it.

I still want to be Momma though.