Poop! & More Sickie

by Kristi on February 3, 2008 · 3 comments

Holy cow, she POOPED on the potty tonight! Wow. We are going for a record.

After we cheered and high-fived, clapped and cheered again, she got off and we were trying to figure out how to clean her (LOL – she didn’t WANT to be cleaned) and then she looked in the potty and… something happened. She seemed to be pretty horrified that there was her poop in there. She kept pointing and whining and freaking out about it. I tried to show her that we were going to put it in the big potty and flush it but she didn’t like that idea either.

I’m hopeful that it’s just because she is sick. Honestly, it’s so sad today, usually she isn’t a crabby girl when she is sick but she has been a completely sickie sad girl today. Changing her mind every other minute, freaking out about little stuff. Her nose is sore, her excema is icky (not related to sickness but still hurting her), the sneezing is awful. The whole day has not been so bad (I had a break for Nicole’s brunch! Happy Birthday Nicole!!!) but you could definitely tell she wasn’t her sweet self. I got her to cuddle with me a lot on the sofa. And I must say, the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet (during the Super Bowl) is hillllarious! She loved it! I kept switching back and forth from the real Super Bowl to keep her interested. She actually sat with me on the couch after her nap for almost an hour watching the Puppy Bowl & Super Bowl, while I was reading to her and playing Little People, etc.

She didn’t sleep that much for a nap which is why the sofa time was good. Meaning I’m soooo tired. I know she is going to get up tonight too. When she is sick though I totally don’t mind. (Sheesh, who wouldn’t?? Poor baby!) It’s the other times when I know she doesn’t have to wake up that drive me crazy. But when she is sick, that’s fine. Another story? No problem. Rock her to sleep and sing to her for 15 min at 4:30am, that’s cool. Hopefully she can get her sleep and get better!

It’s 9:15, I’m going up to bed! Well, reading… but totally bed soon! Justin is already getting sick, I’m sure I am too… Of course he has the crappiest immune system I have ever seen (well, not really but close), poor guy. Oh well. Hopefully it will all pass soon.