Happy Birthday Sammie!

by Kristi on December 10, 2007 · 3 comments

Happy 2nd Birthday to my little baby doll!

Today was the big day and it was a very relaxing day which was wonderful after the awesome party we had yesterday for her. Having a little munchkin running around and actually understanding what you say is crazy. We had to be careful all morning to simply ‘talk’ about her party and not make a big deal of the fact it was happening right after her nap. 🙂 Otherwise she wouldn’t go to sleep! But we got her to sleep and we crept around getting ready and once she woke up she was READY TO GO.

I think she had the best day of her life so far. I have never seen her happier and running around, so excited to be with everyone on her special day. She had both Grandma’s there, plus lots of cute little girls and boys to play around with. She loves those older kids who pick her up and play with her and she was kept busy the whole time.
When we got the cake out, we stood her up on a chair and everyone sang to her. The smile on her face as everyone started to sing for her was so amazing. She just looked around and the smile grew and you could see her thinking HOW COOL IS THIS? And she actually leaned over to blow out her candle! It was so cute! She absolutely loved her cake, wanted a big old piece and ate so much of it. She also loved the ‘punch’ which was sprite and juice combined. Oops, I think that was the first time she had sprite, she kept asking for more. hahaha

A great moment was opening up her presents (of which there were SOOO many, thank you to EVERYONE for your thoughtfulness!). After anything was opened, she ran over to both of her Grandma’s who were sitting together to show them. She was RUN over to them with a big smile on her face to show off her neat stuff. It was hilarious. She loves visiting her Grandma’s (braw-braw) and when both of them are in the same room she can hardly contain herself!

Another favorite moment was watching Aiden, Jack, and Sam play jack n’ the box as we tried to take their picture and get them to hug and all sorts of silly things Mommies do to their poor children. haha 🙂 I started to get a video but then decided to switch back over to the camera version to actually get a good picture. Was really hard to do! Then, they decided to run around back and forth and play a version of tag. It was pretty darn funny.

Playing with the ‘big girls’ at her party was also a hit. They would pick her up, hold her, and push her around on her trike and generally help her play. It was so cute and watching her stare at them with big wide eyes and then hold her arms out to them for a hug was hysterical. My shy (but getting better!) child is sooo funny as she is always telling me how she wants to give all these girls kisses and hugs and when she is actually around them she still doesn’t quite know how to go about doing it! Going straight up to a girl and expecting a hug and a kiss is REALLY odd for them, I’m sure, but Sam really loves them! Her newest thing lately is telling me how she wants to give kisses and hugs to all the kids in the Pottery Barn magazine lately. Or, the girls at the pizza parlor who run through playing. heehee! Sammie is so sweet and loving lately, it’s adorable! She’s my snuggle bug. Anyway.

THANK YOU to everyone who came and celebrated with us. THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who helped with Sam’s party. It was a beautiful day and she was so happy.
As I said, today was very low key. Justin woke up late as Sam and I opened a few of her new toys and played with them and then we got ready and went to get our Christmas tree! (Those trees are so expensive now???) We had lunch while she continued to play with her toys and then went down for a verrrry long nap. I was happy too as I took a verrrry long nap along with her! LOL – Justin cleaned up and moved couches around and got the tree set up and when the dogs barked (at something, I don’t know) at 5:15 Sam and I both got up. LOL – We decided for her birthday we would go to her favorite place (ok, hers and ours) Pepperonis Pizza! On nights that aren’t so busy, it’s great because she runs around to all the games fiddling with them, actually eats TONS of tomatoe, crutons, sausage from the pizza, and lately ACTUAL pizza (amazing), and has a grand old time.
We came home and had a few more presents to open from Grandpa Paul & Grandma Cindy, Great-Grammy, and Great Grandma Evie & Grandpa Gene. As we were opening up presents, Grandma Sharon & Grandpa Truck came over with a gift for our Christmas tree! What an evening.

We ended it with a few dances (video) on the new guitar she got, sipping down a bottle and watching the Grinch, and a warm bath and a REALLY late bedtime. What an evening! What a birthday!

Thanks everyone for visting!!

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1 AccordingToAngela December 10, 2007 at 4:18 pm

Kristi, Sam is such an adorable little girl. I can’t believe she is 2 already! The way you described her, I just know she is gonna be such a wonderful big sister to oreo cookie!

I kept hoping for no rain for her party all weekend! Glad to hear it turned out great 🙂

2 Paige December 10, 2007 at 10:00 pm

It really was a fun party! The girls loved their goody bags, Kara played that kazoo all the way home. Your family is great, Sam is such a sweet little girl, you are a great mama! I am looking forward to that lunch or coffee break:)

3 Mama P December 23, 2007 at 4:04 am

Happy birthday to a beautiful little ray of sunshine who looks just like her daddy. IMO.

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