by Kristi on November 19, 2007 · 3 comments

I feel so gleeful. I just purchased the cubbies for Sam’s room.

I decided to buy them in WHITE and then paint them the colors that I want them to be, rather than pastel. Since I just decided to do this today, and am buying them today, I hope I don’t regret it later. :-) Oh well. I have artistic friends that I can throw myself on the mercy of if the painting turns out horrible. How bad can you paint something though, all in one color? (Don’t worry, I just knocked on wood. I’ll get a supervisor, I think)

Here are the storage units again. So I got them in white. And I’m THINKING of doing her walls in a dark teal on bottom and light teal on top. The border would be all sorts of polka dots. Comforter in a shaggy purple with teal and pink decorative pillows on the bed. Polka dot sheets with a bed skirt. Teal might be to dark though. So I could always go with purple. Or maybe a soothing yellow, I dunno. I’m going to get paint chips and samples tomorrow, definitely. I have to think about it more. So, the storage units could all be painted in those different colors. Oh, I’m so excited. :-) Except all the bedding is on backorder until late Dec or early Jan. I don’t think I’ll move her until that time anyway so it’s really no huge biggie. I know I will be impatient for it. The storage units should ship in 2-3 days (Thanksgiving? before or after?) and get here a week after. Perfect for painting! OOh!

Anyway, I’m gleeful because I got to use another coupon to the same store that i found online. Over $100 saved! Plus, since the total went down, they do their shipping by the amount of money you save, so I saved another $15.00 since the order went down so much! HEE!! $150.00 saved because of Google! HA!

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1 Brooke November 20, 2007 at 2:18 pm

Everything is going to turn out so cute! Can’t wait to see pictures of her new little girly room :) Wow, almost 2 already, that is just amazing.

2 Mama P November 26, 2007 at 7:48 pm

Oh, I adore those. Out of curiosity, why paint them? They look they come in colors already. I’m probably missing something.

Oooh, jealous. My kids have the crappiest bedroom furniture.

3 Kristina November 29, 2007 at 3:51 am

Hi Mama P – They come in pastel and I want BRIGHT colors :-) Silly me…

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