It’s Girl Scout Time! Our first meeting of the year. The new school year, anyway. Last year we voted on Journey’s and the World of Girls won 7 to 5. Five being ‘Wonders of Water’ so we decided to do that one this year. We had fun with the World of Girls, it seemed like a party every meeting where we had fun snack, talked about the different countries, and had parents come in to celebrate their traditions.

The Wonders of Water Brownie Girl Scout Journey seems to be a little more hardcore. The book really goes over some fun science stuff. I have a goal of finishing the Journey before Christmas but as I say that I LAUGH at my ambition.  Well, I will try.

For our first meeting, I decided to bring snack because the lesson plan had this cool chart of all the fruits and their water percentage. I also established a request to the parents doing snack in the future to bring water that is flavored with a fruit or veggie. I’m making cucumber water and I’m excited to see what the girls thing. I told Sammie about the cucumber water and she said, ‘Mom, doesn’t it just taste like regular water?’.

Sigh. Maybe my hopes are too high.

Well, here is my lesson plan… and here is what actually happened!

Butcher Paper about 5 feet long – Kristi to get
Markers & Crayons – Eileen to bring
A Pot of water, a small bowl of water, and a washcloth – Kristi to bring
Glass cups to reuse for our beverages each meeting (Recycle!) – Sonya to bring

Reusuable Water Glasses

What I had planned:

SONG TIME – Pick two songs to sing and/or a game.
Hand Game or Rock Paper Scissors Posse.

What really happened: I started the hand game with them as girls were coming in. Every time a girl came in, everyone ran up to hug her, the circle was broken, and it’s REALLY hard to teach this type of game to 10 girls at once. Note to self: Teach it in two smaller groups next time.

The girls were REALLY crazy at this point so I did Rock Paper Scissors Posse so they could scream a bit. They did scream, and that helped get some energy out, but I don’t think they understand it. One problem is that we were uneven so I jumped in to play and I won every time and ended up winning at the end and what kind of fun is that?

Cucumber Water

What I had planned:

Go over Rules and Responsibilities for Troop Meetings. Ask them how the meetings should be run and how they expect everyone to behave.

Talk about service projects. Ask them which ones they want to do. (Indian Xmas bags, due next month; cat blankets; Recycling? Or wait to decide later for a water service project?)

What really happened: This went okay. They were not really stuck on Indian Xmas bags or Recycling, which I was actually thankful for. I didn’t want to do them but I wanted to ASK the girls what they wanted to do, so I’m glad they got to make that decision. They were really excited about cat blankets which is good because I ALREADY SAID WE WOULD DO THEM and had all the blankets. I had Mom’s cutting during  the meeting, thank god for them!

What I had planned:

Snack Time – Ask about first day of school, etc. Have a talk about mean girls.

What really happened: Went about right. We are having some mean girl problems in the group… and it’s always awkward when the mean girls don’t realize they are mean girls but we keep trying to reinforce the message. As I’m talking I’m constantly interrupted with ‘Mrs Davis, can I…’ and I’m so distracted… Thankfully my co-leader is a 1st grade teacher and took this over and explains in much more concise terms what needs to be said.

Talk about the Water Journey – Question: What is their favorite water activity? Go around the circle.

Bring out the fruit – Discuss water content in the fruit.
Watermellon – 92% water           Apples – 84%      Bananas – 74% Cantaloupe – 90%
Grapes – 81%     Oranges – 87%  Pineapple – 87%                Strawberries – 92%

Fruit for Water Journey

What really happened: This went great! I got interrupted again by my daughter who needed medicine before she ate but my Co went around and the girls seemed really into it. Although one girl who was guessing right EACH TIME while I was distracted was looking at my teaching paper… haha. I caught on at the end and gave her THE LOOK.

Talk about Water Around the World – follow the adult how-to guidebook

Troop 2908

Clean water is a right that every person on the planet Earth has.

What is a right?
(Something morally good, justified, or acceptable; entitlement to a specific service or treatment – A right is something that is necessary to have in order to live fully and be healthy and happy.)

What are some other rights that you have?

(Right to life & liberty, freedom, privacy, right to a family, to move around your state & country, of thought, conscience, religion)

So having clean water should be a right that everyone has.

How many people are in the world? 7 Billion.

How many people do NOT have access to clean water? 1 Billion

How does water get dirty?
Is it possible to remove all the trash and pollution from the water?
Can people get sick from drinking dirty water?

Snack Time

What really happened: This went pretty well. The girls really knew what Rights were and some of them had some great points. Others had completely outlandish points which were hysterical and made me laugh. I do love these girls.

Let’s see what it would be like if we didn’t have clean water. Use the pot, bowl, and washcloth and follow the guidebook.

What really happened: More outlandish answers. They didn’t really get it… and really, how can they? They are used to faucets pouring out water. I think the reality of the whole thing is foreign to them. One of them had a great answer of using the small bowl of water to pour on a plant to grow more food and somehow make more water. They are creative, I love it.

Create the Team WOW Map. Have a few girls write Wonders of Water as the heading. Other girls write their names. Other girls write their favorite water activity from our discussion. Everyone contributes to the banner.

Creating Wonders of Water Map

What really happened: This poor banner/map. I should have traced out the words like we did two years ago and they could color them in. It looked like a train wreck, they were writing on both sides. I just shrugged my shoulders at one point. They were happy and coloring, although they were crossing out each others work and scribbling random stuff on there. Oh well.

At that time, I turned on Taylor Swift and started a dance party which they all loved. We played the Human Knot (which they loved and couldn’t solve – one of them must have crossed hands) and then the Friendship Circle Leader choose a song (40 Years on an Iceburg) and then we ended with our friendship circle and we were OUT OF THERE.

Except they all had to run around screaming and using the broom to run into people. So you know, just another regular fun filled meeting.

I’m drinking wine right now, if you couldn’t tell.

What I had planned:

If there is time, talk about rainbows and creating a rainbow. Bring a glass jar with a mirror inside, filled with water. (Kristi to bring.)

What really happened: I was a little sad, the room wasn’t dark it had a skylight! So I tested my water theory at home and it worked but when I tested it before the meeting I could only get a TINY TINY rainbow and I knew that would not keep their attention at all. So I didn’t do this.

Next meeting is in two weeks. Ahhh…. How to better keep them interested? We shall see…

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Lessons You Learn From Your Kids

by Kristi on September 8, 2014 · 0 comments

Sam is not doing so well this month. She has always had stomach issues since she was a baby but they are pretty manageable with Miralax, fiber pills, and tums. This summer messed us up a lot because she went off alone, didn’t stick to her diet as much, we were on vacation, etc. etc. etc. Every summer is the same story.

So she hurt. Then I tried gluten free with her for 10 days and she got backed up even worse. A quick trip to the ER, x-rays, some other not so fun stuff that she didn’t appreciate (although it did make her feel better…) resulted in some regularity but still awful stomach pains.

Stomach pains that would make her curl up in a ball. Or if she sat down it hurt, so she would stand up on her bed, or the couch and moan with pain. Visiting the doctor… making a GI appointment… those things take time. Some days are worse than others but every day has been a reminder and a count-down until the GI appointment. We are almost there.

Soccer is a passion of hers. We tried out for the competitive squad this year but didn’t make the team. It was for the best because she got put with her coach last season (whom we love!) and she will play forward almost every quarter each game. She wouldn’t if she had made the squad.

The last few practices have been torture. She wants to play soccer but she hurts. Her chest hurts (Dr says possible Costochondritis which is common, I guess). Her stomach hurts. It hurts to run. She will go and run her heart out and come over during water break and cry. I kept telling her to sit out but “Mom, I love soccer, I just want to play.”

Watching the bravery of my girl is a humbling thing. I just want her to feel better. To feel healthy. So does she and she realizes that there are things she wants to do in life and being sick can’t hold her back.

AngryJulie posted a quote the other day that made me think of my daughter.

“You learn you can do your best even when it’s hard, even when you’re tired and maybe hurting a little bit. It feels good to show some courage.” -Joe Namath

On Saturday we had her soccer game. Actually, first we had Taekwondo. She qualified for her Blue Senior belt.

Then we had soccer. I know. Probably not the best course of action for someone in pain on a constant basis. But we have to continue with life. More important, she wanted to go and do it. We followed the Doctor’s advice of medicine before playing for any inflammation of the chest and went down to the field.

Her coach knew she wasn’t at her best. We decided together that she would play forward (lots of running) for the first quarter and sit out the second for a break. Third quarter she would play sweeper (basically staying back and kicking the ball if it came up to their goal) and they would see how she felt for the forth quarter.

It was 100 degree heat on Saturday. Even the girls who were feeling great were flagging. It was tough. For everyone.

After the first quarter we took her back to our chairs and she cried. She hurt. Everywhere. She may have been more upset because I had my sympathetic and upset face on. Halftime came about and I had to leave to go do my referee duties.

(Ref’ing two games back to back on a 100 degree day sucked. It wasn’t as bad as it sounded and the heat got a little better after 5pm but zomg. Super headache after.)

I was sitting down during my own  halftime to get water when I checked my phone.

She played through the pain and got the reward. This was the first goal she had scored in over a year. She is a tough cookie and amazes me with her courage and awareness.

Only a few more days until the next Doctor. I’m hoping it’s just nothing and we have to somehow be better with her diet. Or that the blood test we took when she was 4, lied about celiac disease. I’m hoping she doesn’t have Crohn’s Disease like I do. Or another similar IBD autoimmune problem. But we will figure it out and fix it. Because all I’m hoping for is for her to feel better.


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