Late – Week 8

I honestly got nothing. Six days late on a self imposed weekly writeup and I can’t even get that done. Spring is here. Lots of things popping up. Normal work going on. My Dad has announced he is running for Tualatin City Council, a friend wanted some advice on social stuff, the kids have all these exciting things going on, the Hubby and family are running around getting their new business started, the house needs cleaning (haha, just kidding on that one).

I did go with Sam to get a plant last weekend. The one in our front planter has died. The gardener guy laughed at me when I showed him a picture of what I wanted. “I can’t possibly know what breed that is”, he scoffed at me. “Once you find out, let us know and we can order it.”

Thanks Gardener Dude, that’s super helpful. So we bought two other plants for small (empty) pots Hubby added to the gazebo to keep the dog from jumping the wall. The kids are in charge of watering them I wonder how long that will last.

Saw Whiskey Tango Foxtrot this morning. It was cute. Long, a little slow, kind of funny but cute. I forgot to wear my tshirt with the same saying on it! My favorite saying…

Off to Girl Scouts. Co-Leader is doing the flower badge and I hear it involves bath beads! Woohoo!

Wonderings – Week Seven

This texting article from Time made me laugh. Hubby and I are not big texters with each other. He always responses promptly with a “K” on everything so I know he got it!


Ha! The conspiracy theories on Scalia’s death are already crazy. When I read that there was no autopsy, I did wonder why they didn’t order one. A pillow over his head sounds completely normal though. I sleep with a pillow over my head. It makes me feel cozy and also blocks the light and noise. My sleep mask always falls off during the night.

What was the novel where two Supreme Court Justices were murdered from one of the political groups? Or was it three… I want to say a John Grisham novel but a quick lookup and The Appeal doesn’t sound familiar. Ahh well, maybe I will think about it later. [It was the Pelican Brief! It was on TV later in the week…] I keep reading the SCOTUS blog on who is in the running for the nomination. I think Loretta Lynch sound fantastic.


My post about birth control from… wow, SEVEN years ago basically tells me how things can stay the same. I have a Paraguard in but I’m still agonizing about what to do.

I had a well check this week and went over more options. Basically… I still have a few more years with my delightful paraguard.

In other news, I think I failed a hearing check! Super duper fun. Should I go explore it more? It’s not like I want to get a hearing aid or anything… argh.

Oh and I need an ultrasound to check on an ovary. Or something. It’s fun being a woman.


This #cheesegate is not surprising. The amount of crap they put into ‘natural flavorings’ or just plain not disclose the ingredients is absolutely terrible.

I wish we had more food labels.


What a whirlwind week. Work continues to be super crazed and I somehow fit in a quick weekend trip to my Dad’s house for his birthday. Kids all had a blast. Ran like crazy little people all weekend.

Dinner at the mad house

A photo posted by Kristi Davis (@kristibug) on

We stopped at two wineries – they are SO close to where he lives! All Pinot wineries too. So we had yummy wines for his birthday dinner.

We saw two basketball games on the way to and from all this stuff. Good times.

The flight home was uneventful. S seems to be getting my paranoid fear of turbulence around the same age as I did. I loved flying – I was flown from San Diego to Burbank on a weekly basis from age 5 through age 11 or something. At some point, some type of control issue, I think… I started getting freaked out. I still flew… it’s just not my favorite. It went away a bit when I would fly with the kids. Worrying about other people doesn’t leave too much room for paranoid flying fears for myself.

Anyway. Bummer.

Still hooked on all the political stuff over the weekend. Plus the Disney 60th special on Sunday. All the singers were amazing. I can’t wait for Star Wars world.

Starting Over – Week Six

I’ve loved watching Lindsey doing her weekly write-ups. Totally stealing it. For now. It’s a nice overflow of information, cataloging her thoughts and dreams, small bits in her life. This is what my blog used to be but FB, Insta, and Twitter have taken over. Not to mention life, kids, house, animals, family, friends…

I’m used to using the fiscal weeks in my work. Four – Four – Five, if you do it too. We are going into the third week of February which means last week was week six of the year. We shall see how this will go.


Work is busy. Constant testing on our website because we are still finding bugs left and right. It’s finally looking better but there is something every day. Argh.

S had another soccer tryout on Tuesday. She’s been a champ the last six weeks. She’s not a super star in soccer but she wants to be. Her dream is to play on the National team. I gently suggest she might want to practice more but she’s a busy bee with school, taekwondo, Girl Scouts, and also soccer. Soccer is her main priority but she’s in a contract with taekwondo. Soooo close to her black belt! She’s not ready for flight 1, and flight 2 is probably a little iffy in the soccer world of club. On Tuesday she learned she couldn’t get on the club she was hoping for. Their flight two wasn’t forming because not enough girls were there. They lost a whole team to another club.

The birth year changes in soccer are such a blow. The main clubs we were hoping to try for flight 2 or flight 3 are all in chaos and have run every which way. It’s a little sad.

For now, she decided she wants to play soccer at school instead of go join the next club team that is REFORMING because everyone left for yet ANOTHER club. We’ve tried out at three different clubs.. Ugh. So stressful. She’s not at the club level, the mid level is changing and might not have enough room. (The mid level had five teams last season and they just changed it to allow two teams…) If she goes to rec, she’s stuck with a parent volunteer coach who might not teach her what she needs to know. Maybe private coaching over the summer…

Her school soccer should be fun the next three months however we also made the decision to leave her private school next year for public and there are no sports in elementary public school. Honestly. Maybe she should test out volleyball or swimming but it’s hard when your kid says she loves soccer 110% but no coach wants her.

She’s busy enough. Healthy (THANKFULLY!) and doing great in school. We will figure it out.

G is just chilling. He’s in 2nd grade and just finished all his math objectives through 3rd grade. He’s almost at S’s level for math. Little smarty pants. He’s loving taekwondo. Working on his second degree black belt.

I end up getting out for lunch twice during the week. Once with my step-dad and best friend as she is being recommended for marketing work at another cmopany. I’m called in for a nice lunch and moral support, I guess. We went to Houston’s in Irvine. Great place, good food, terrible parking.

The next day with my mother-in-law. We said once a month after Christmas and it had been cancelled twice. Whoops! Lovely lunch and chatting. Oceans and Earth has all gluten free. Sadly I can’t even eat the gluten free stuff but I had a hamburger patty and ate the potato chips in grape seed oil. Mostly discussing the new business she is starting with my husband and brother-in-law. It’s very exciting but full of the starts and stops of forming a new business.

No workouts this week. I had stem cells again on Feb 2 and the little puncture marks in my stomach and recovering was going well but just not quite enough to work out. I sincerely hope to start over the weekend. I need it.

The weekend looms, filled with not large things but little. Just the way I like it. I’m up before everyone on Saturday but I hear G moaning and groaning his wakeup call and then elephant stomping down the stairs. Once I wander back into the kitchen, S has announced she made toast. Usually they are scared of the toaster (she has burned herself so many times) but she rocked it this morning. Perfect. Nothing to do, so I go tinker on the computer with work and evaluation stuff.

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow I’m determined to at least do something small even with my diet issues. I couldn’t find tenderloins yesterday at Vons so I figure I’ll venture out in the morning and swing by the strawberry stand. I’ve been hearing raves.

Sadly the stand is closed. Sprouts doesn’t have tenderloins, just ridiculously huge heart shaped rib-eyes. The next strawberry stand I visit is open – YES, they are so good, I shouldn’t even be eating any – and then Pavillions is completely dark, their refrigeration system went out this morning. Foiled! I keep forgetting peppercorns for my shaker, I had even emailed myself.

The kids are bored silly at home. I need to clean my office, finish my picture collages, and actually see the wood of my desk. The last time that happened was three years ago. I luckily finish the pictures and get the rest stored away in my picture box.


They continually run in my office asking when we are leaving to swim. Finally we get going and it’s a beautiful two hours. A friend joined after awhile, she’s going to spend the night with S. I read my first issue of Fast Company that I got for Christmas. Excellent article on Elon Musk, I just finished that Audible book and I literally can’t wait for new inventions to be delivered to the mainstream.

In between that, I read on Twitter that Antonin Scalia died. One of the most conservative Supreme Justices and I start panicking because I have no idea what’s going with this election year. The commentary on Twitter is amusing, horrifying, and I keep refreshing.

We head home but I stop by another Von’s for steak. Yay! They look beautiful. The kids begged to stay in the car. 10, 9, and 7… I couldn’t remember the rules but I’m pretty sure a 10 year old is okay in the car. I need to look up the law.

#GOPDebate – What a crap show. Trump being booed multiple times. Shouting, interrupting. Cruz telling him he’s a child.

Honestly, the next nine months are going to be TERRIBLE in relation to this Supreme Court nomination. I am genuinely terrified.


Choose wisely. PLEASE.

In better news, we took a break to watch three solo performances and two ensembles. Here was the finale.

For 10 cents we got treated to three solo performances and two ensembles. This was the grand finale!

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Valentine’s Day was lovely. I woke up after all the kids and my grand plans of making almond flour pancakes died a little since they had eaten. Then they went to the park and I worked out for the first time in two months (YES!) and when they came back I briefly thought about it again but…. nope! My office smells like flowers, thank you hubby!

S’s girlfriend left, the kids played… I took one kid over to my Mom’s and he promptly told me to leave…

Dropping G off at my Moms and he wants to know why I’m still here! “You can leave, Mama!”

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The other kid, we did some Girl Scout cookie selling. We sold about 50 boxes which was fantastic. Sadly we have at least 40 of those ridiculous Gluten Free ones left… UGH. Bad bet this year. They sold fantastic two years ago.

Come buy cookies at Stater Bros on Kellogg!

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Ended the night with some delicious dinner, the Walking Dead, and then I slept through Vinyl. Was it good? It didn’t seem super good since I slept through it.

Then I promptly had insomnia from 1130-230. I hardly ever have it. Monday might be long.

Social Funny

S: When can I get Instagram and Facebook?

Hubby: When you’re 21.

S: WHY!? Seriously? <Looks over at me, while I was tapping on my phone>

Me: What? I wasn’t on it! I was checking my email! I have customers asking questions!

S: I know. I just want to know when I can get it. I NEED it.

Hubs: You aren’t going to be on social media.

S: Mom. When can I get it?

Me: 18

S: YES! <High-fives>

Hubs: Social media is dangerous. You don’t need it. You can send things directly to your friends.

S: Why is it dangerous?

Me: Remember when we had dinner with Aunt Katie’s friend Sarah? Her husband is a police officer and he says it’s dangerous. He doesn’t let his 13yo on social media either. You don’t need it. You can have a group text that you talk to your friends with, like you do now on your iPad.

<Incidentally, he works in sex crimes. He says they are usually related or with people they know. He says it’s awful. Ugh.>

S: But… But… I just want to share my photos with the world!

Me: Sorry honey, she’s my daughter…


S is going to be the poster child for hiding aps on her phone and deleting them to be able to post to social media, I just know it. Ha. Once we get up to 13 or 14, I’m for teaching her and monitoring it but we will have to see how that discussion plays out.

She really wanted a phone for her 10th birthday, but nope. Somehow hubby has her convinced that one of those creepy GPS helicopter parenting watches are super cool and she wants one. I want to hold the phone off a few more years!

Girl Scouts: 1st Junior Meeting

Oops, I guess I sort of forgot to blog about the rest of our Alaska trip. Darn it. I really love writing about our trips so I can read them later! I will have to go back and then back date them. Someday.

So, Girl Scouts! Yes, another year! My girl still is so happy and proud that I’m one of the leaders of the troop. Makes me scratch my head a little but okay, we can keep going! I am committed to the end of Juniors as we want to go to San Francisco and bridge! We shall see after that. My outlook on Girl Scouts is keeping the group we have together while having a lot of fun. And doing the easiest possible thing. Yes, I’m lazy. Sue me.

Since I went to Florida to have an awesome time with my besties in the 2nd week of September, I asked my co-leaders if they wanted to have the first meeting without me and they looked at me… Right then! We will start the 4th Thursday!

So we did! The girls were SO EXCITED. It makes me happy that they love spending time together. They were very outraged when we told them the parents had a meeting and we wouldn’t be meeting every other Thursday. We did have a parent meeting and we did decide on doing Sunday meetings about once a month…

However one of the girl’s parents said Sunday was not great for them. And I hate hate hate to not include one of the girls. Then I heard feedback about the girls being upset we were only doing it once a month. So we ended up doing a schedule of 3 or 4 Thursday’s during the year and 6 or 7 Sunday’s. It ended up being every 3 weeks. While missing the super busy Thanksgiving/Holiday weeks and Spring break. I hope that will be enough that most of the girls can hit most of the meetings. We are making the Sunday meetings longer and adding in some swim parties at the end too. Why not!? The girls are always CRAZY right after school anyway and it’s hard to get anything done.

So! Back to our first meeting. I figured it would be a short after school one and we could get some of our ‘Girl Scout Way’ badge completed.

  • Match Song to an Occasion
  • Read the Original Girl Scout Story
  • Spread Friendship of Girl Scouts / Celebrate Sisterhood
  • Leave a Place Cleaner than you Found it
  • Learn a Tradition

I’m going to tell you that the best resource is this post on earning the Junior Girl Scout badge. It’s pretty fabulous.

I actually used this source for the most part.

The songs and story is pretty easy. We love songs! So is leaving a place cleaner than you found it. We did that at the end, and tried to reinforce it. I’m so sick of trying to figure out whose turn it is for flag salute and snack, even with a kaper chart. So we started on the traditions of running a meeting! It’s, you know, pretty traditional?

So the girls split up into three groups. We timed them. They obviously had a problem with it but when I finally told them they had 10 more seconds or we were doing it, they changed from their 4 groups of 3 girls and one of the groups reluctantly decided to split up. My girl was part of this group, so yay her!

Then they decided on a name. We had two groups of Sparkly Unicorns named slightly different… but whatever. This was also timed.

Then, they choose a leader.

Both of the second options they had different ways of doing this. One group played Ro Sham Bo which impressed me. Another group talked it over and chose one fairly quickly. The third group argued for a bit and then did Ro Sham Bo.

I asked the leaders to get together and decide who was doing what for this meeting and the next two. I don’t think they did that, I think they just choose who was doing what for this meeting… and they all were not very happy about that decision… but it got done.

NOTE: I should have had something for everyone else to do.

I think the process will get better though. After two meetings we will force the groups to change, pick a new leader, and they can organize what they want to do.

The first patrol did Flag Salute.

I passed out the ‘What Juniors Do’ page from the book (rather, the second patrol group did) and they circled what badges they were most interested. Then we flipped it over and had them write down what types of service projects and fun things they wanted to do over the years.

Girl Scout Service Projects Girl Scout Service Projects #2

I am trying to organize a ‘feeding the homeless’ meeting in December and was thinking of going to a Senior center for Valentine’s Day (a recommendation from a parent) but when I said that I immediately got feedback. They really love working with animals. They want to go out and find every injured animal on the street and help them, fix them, take them to an animal hospital.

Argh. Okay then. This is a Girl Led group. That’s what we gotta do!

To celebrate sisterhood, we got another paper and they traced their hand on it. In each finger they wrote down qualities that they could contribute to the troop or community. We talked this over a lot and we threw out a lot of ideas. I had them star their favorite one. Once they did, we went around the circle sharing. They are all awesome girls and I was proud they were sharing their good qualities.

At this point we were hearing a lot of feedback about wanting snack. Snack is usually a 30 minute affair and drives me batty. Since we were meeting early this meeting, I was hoping to do it at the end. No can do! So we skipped our next sisterhood theme and had the Snack Patrol pass out snack.

We then went to a tradition of playing a game. I brought out some cards and we played Werewolf. The girls loved it and we didn’t get to play a second time. Meeting was over!

We will earn the rest of our badge by celebrating Juliette Low’s birthday in October.

Our next Sunday meeting is less than two weeks. We will be earning the Detective and Independence badge. Should be fun!

Exploring Ketchikan, Alaska with Wild Wolf Tours

After being on the ship for a day, we felt we would want to get out and walk around when we hit Ketchikan, Alaska. So we booked a tour with Wild Wolf Tours which ended up being fantastic.

It took me a few minutes to realize we would NOT SEE WOLVES.

Seriously. It was named after the owner’s last name! They were… darn, I totally forget now! But they were some type of native Alaska/Indian and their last name was Wolf, hence the name.

I was only a tiny bit disappointed. Walking through Ketchikan

However the weather was great! Just a little drizzly and they provided rain gear and it wasn’t bad at all. Just perfect actually.

Totem Poles

We walked through the totem pole museum place and we got there before all the tourists! (All the OTHER tourists… ha!) 20 minutes was perfect, I didn’t really need to see more.

This poem/quote was lovely.


Then we headed down the road, hit a dead end, and got out and walked. My girl was having fun.

Me and my Babe

We saw the most beautiful waterfall and it was amazing to see all the moss since it’s constantly raining. Ketchikan Waterfall

We had a great time! Tracy even did some geocaching with the kids, they loved it.

Family Snap

She left us at the town and we had a great time seeing salmon swimming upstream, doing a little shopping, and grabbing a quick bite to eat. Some delicious fish and chips!River with Stilted Houses

Dolly's House in Ketchikan

The ship left at 2pm and we were sprinting to catch it. After we left, we had a beautiful sunset.

Gorgeous Ketchikan SunsetOff to Juneau the next day!

Quick Stop in Vancouver

We are in Vancouver for a day before hopping on a cruise ship up to Alaska with my husband’s family. It’s been wayyy too long since I’ve been on a cruise ship so I’m so excited!

Here is my bean with her new short hair.

Short Hair Girl

Driving into Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia

Dinner at Cardero’s. Excellent scallops!


The view


Sharon and I…. the rest of the group refused pictures.

Walking back

The CityGorgeous city!

Lazy Weekends

Younger child home alone: Complete and utter quiet as he finishes Harry Potter #5 quietly on the couch.

Older child home alone: “I’m bored. Can you play with me? Can we do something? I’m hungry. What about playing a game? Can we go somewhere? Can you invite one of my friends over?”

Both kids home: One is reading (guess which one, duh) the other is circling him… singing, talking, begging, bored, flopping around, and then comes over to us to ask for attention.

Older child is at a four hour play practice with friends. Younger child is at home.

Utter bliss.

(I truly madly adore my older child, btw – haha!)



I had to put down Callie today. It was rough. I’m technically an emotionless person. Well, I’m not. They are there. Buried down deep. I’m happier when they don’t come out.

Putting down a pet is such a good reason to let it all come out though. It’s so sad. It’s terrible. A defenseless little pet, who is hurting, who just wants to be next to you. It’s worse than a baby. A baby will at least scream and cry when it’s hurting. The pets, they just plod along happily until they can’t walk, eat, drink, or poop.


So the last month was rough on her. She started having diarrhea. Throwing up more. I was traveling some so I wasn’t there. It’s terrible having a pet confined to one room too. It’s not a life for them. But when you’ve had her 15 years, you can’t get rid of her when you have an allergic family member.

So my daughter is a little emotional. A lot, actually. I’ve been warning her for the last 6 months that Callie is old. She’s an old lady and it wasn’t going to end well. The last four weeks were bad, I knew they were bad. I kept fooling myself though. Then I was gone for a week. When I came back, Callie was literally sitting at my feet. Usually she sits in her spot. I cuddle with her for the first half hour of the day when I watch the news, otherwise she is on her pillow. Every hour I was in here, she was instead sprawled out next to my feet. So I knew it wasn’t good.

Monday came and I made the appointment. She had a mass. It was in her intestines. She’s too old for treatment and I’m not going to do that to a 15 year old cat anyway. I brought her back home because my daughter made me promise that Callie would come back.

The rest of the day is what you would expect. She was a sweet kitty. It’s very sad. It’s worse that the kids understand it so well now that they are older.

I told my girl it was bad. She knew. I told her in the evening that I was going to take her back and she had to say her goodbyes. Even though she understood, she still didn’t want to get it. So we had to do it several times. It probably could have been done better. Maybe while they were sleeping like we did a few years ago. They didn’t understand as much back then.

It’s a good lesson about the circle of life. It’s important to be nice to people, to be kind, and celebrate life because it’s short and ends quickly.

It’s just sad all around. I think my girl cried herself to sleep. Once my boy figured out what exactly was happening, he shed a few tears too. He was more analytical. He wanted to know how it happened, how she went to sleep, where she went…


Bye Callie. I hope you are playing with Talis, Crash, and Turbo and having a grand old time over the rainbow bridge.

When Will the Dog Park in Yorba Linda Be Built?

Good question, right?

I’ve been emailing this really nice man since 2011. Mike from the City of Yorba Linda, Parks and Recreation Superintendent. The plot of land in Eastside Park has been set aside for the dog park and they are just waiting on funding.

Since the housing developments have been doing crazy the last year, I guess funding might happen later this year. So fun! Especially since it’s so close to our house.

Chessie is very timid and when we take her to dog parks she just sits and wanders around. However, she has a core group of dog friends that she loves to run around with. We keep her on the leash but she can still play with them. If we can have a safe place for her to play with her dog friends, that would be so exciting!

Come on, Yorba Linda, get the funding together. It was approved over five years ago!

Soccer Update

Well, she finally did it. S tried out for a more competitive team and made it. We basically snuck on, really. Tryouts for that group were in January and we didn’t go because she was in the middle of “ZOMG WTFBBQ IS GOING ON WITH HER STOMACH” time and we didn’t want more pressure on her. Then, we tried out for her organization club in March when she was getting better and crossed our fingers. 25+ girls tried out for the same team and they only took 10 or 11 and had 9 returning players. Double sigh.

After this current season, I really needed to get her more dedicated coaching. More than the (super duper awesome) volunteer person who was her coach. While so nice and wonderful, maybe not the best season we have had as she did not seem to learn much. So we started looking around.

A separate organization is extremely popular in our area and we had never wanted to switch because we liked the one we were with. We had friends, parents were friendly, yadda yadda. This one has an intermediate level that is not expensive as club but with more commitment, a few tournaments, multiple times with a trainer during the year, and the team stays together for a full year or longer. She needs that. She needs the stability and extra help that I have no idea how to give her.

Tangent: Soccer is confusing. I also hate reffing.

So we tried out. The coach was nice. I loved the trainer. They did extra fundraising to get the trainer on a weekly basis, crazysauce. After he interviewed her twice and came to one of her games he stopped returning my calls. How rude. Seriously. No, I mean, maybe he’s in the hospital. He was sick the last time I saw him. Or, he had a family emergency.

If you tell me you don’t want my kid, I’m going to be an adult about it. But just tell me. Nothing worse than not knowing. I just want to KNOW these things so we can keep making other plans

So a new team was being set up by two competing parents/coaches from recreation and they were holding tryouts. Seven girls trying out for three spots. That was better than 25+ girls. So the day of… Sam develops a 101 fever at school and it went up at home. She was passed out the afternoon.

I was so sad. She was sadder. She moped around crying. I honestly just wanted to drag her over there and make her show up but she made the adult decision that she couldn’t give 100% so she didn’t want to go. We told her we would do recreation again and she would still have fun playing.

After the weekend ended, I got an email that one of the girls wasn’t sure about the team and they were interviewing a goalie and could my girl show up and show off her skills. Yay! So we did. He loved her. He gave good compliments about her technical skills and keeping her eyes up while dribbling. And the other girl’s parents didn’t want to commit to weekends during the fall (apparently Glamis was too important for them). Their loss, our gain.

SO. EXCITED. This team has two dedicated and excited coaches who both have played soccer in their day. They have a third parent who is all set to be the field manager. The few moms I have met seem very nice. They want to start practices immediately because we are the ‘new’ team and need to catch up to our competition.

My girl is going to be so excited to play year-round and I’m so excited for her. I hope she learns so many new skills and has an awesome time with new friends doing it.

16 Minutes

I have 16 minutes to write this. Well, probably about 14 since i walked downstairs, opened a browser, went to my blog, and hit New Post.

Bad dreams, boogeymen, being scared… I keep trying new things for my child to feel safe and sleep in their bed. The newest thing is letting him set my alarm so that I would come back and check in. The first checkin was 11 minutes, the second one is 16. I’m hoping there won’t be a third, but that’s probably wishful thinking.

My sweetie has been depending on their sibling to keep them company through the night. That’s not really fair to the sibling, is it? But we depended on them to do it but finally, I think a foot was put down. It’s a big burden to bear. On the other hand their relationship is just pure wonder and friends. They are going to be such good friends as time goes on. They are 9 and 7 right now and while they argue they are both so good natured, they get along so well. I can just imagine them having dinner together and going out to bars when they are older, haha.

It’s nice to have siblings who get along. I’m sure it won’t be perfect but they can depend on each other if something ever happens to us. It’s a nice feeling. We are so lucky to have so many family members around to help support them too.

All that and I have 11 minutes left. Imagine that. I always work best on deadlines. A full page written in less than five minutes. Why can’t I do that with my work-in-progress book that I’ve been thinking about for two years?

Success: Passed out when I checked!

Our Fabulous Dominican Republican Visit at Villa Gordon

IMG_0109 copy

We researched our next Spring Break vacation until we found the perfect spot in Villa Gordon. Hidden away between Sosua and Cabarete was a little community of 10+ homes, a hotel, and an amazing restaurant all behind a guarded gate.

IMG_0104 copy

This beach house was perfect for our extended family of 11 to visit and hang out for the week. With the four bedrooms off to the left side and the main house with two master suites, living room, dining room, and kitchen was a great place to stay for our first trip to the DR. Watch the videos Gordon sends you before you come, it will help a bit. Recognize that you aren’t going to find those light switches for a few days (the one in the kitchen is in the hallway behind you!). Or figure out how they work… (there is an on button? Duh!)

IMG_0389 copy

Enjoy the comfy couches outside with ‘Mini’ the sweet, sweet kitty who sits on your lap. The pool gets shaded in the afternoon. You MUST APPLY SUNSCREEN EVERY HOUR!!! The ocean right outside is dangerous but walk to the point on the right (AFTER the big rock) and it’s shallow a good ways out, or go past the 3rd surf camp (10m walk) to where there are no rocks, gentle swells, and perfect waves for your kids. Or if you surf, rent a board! The life guard walking the beach was a bonus!
IMG_0324 copy

Franklin (one of the best parts of the trip) picked us up from the airport and was our taxi the whole week. He has one of the BEST personalities from anyone I have ever met. Always a smile on his face, a ‘no problem’ to anything we ask, and the kindest man you will meet. Johanny and Cathy, our maids for the week, were very industrious and hard workers and… they made breakfast for us EVERY single morning. It was heaven. They made whatever was in the kitchen (and one morning instead of bacon, they made hot dogs – the kids were thrilled – haha!) so make sure your kitchen is stocked. For extra you can get a house-keepers lunch and everything was so good. Ask for the fish, it was ammmmaaazzing but the chicken was tasty too.
IMG_0310 copy
– Have fun walking outside… peacocks, horses, cows, chickens, roosters, etc.
– Ask the guards to build you a bonfire, it’s pretty cheap. Fun experience (but don’t think you can make smores, they make it BIG!)

IMG_9722 copy

Speaking of the guards… it’s crazy that they walk around with a huge gun on their back! They will walk right up and sit at the tables outside or very close to the house. We couldn’t decide if it was strange that they did that, or that they really NEEDED to be that close to protect us! (We never saw anyone bad walking around, FYI.) They were really nice and we had a good time talking to them. Some days they would walk around, and others they would start raking the leaves. I guess they did a little of everything!

Gordon was awesome at all of our questions. He always got back to us right away and had great customer service. Anything you need will be answered right away from him!

IMG_0366 copy

Cons – There always has to be a few cons, right? Here is what I thought.

– Biggest problem was the wifi. There was one password protected account and two free ones. One for the main master bedroom, the other for the rest of the house. The third, I have no idea. The strongest one was the master bedroom and a slower one worked out in the living room. They were not reliable at all. At. All. Chez Arsenio had a much stronger connection and it was sad the way we ran over there to download our email, or a book on our Kindle. One morning the wifi would work great, the next nothing worked at all. We would unplug, replug and it would work for 10 minutes and other days it wouldn’t work for hours on end. There was a day when three of us were sitting on the master bed downstairs downloading books and email as that was the only working spot. One day I was able to do 30 minutes of video Skype conference call in the master bedroom (moved to regular call after it went kaput) and two days later I couldn’t hop on GoToMeeting to save my life (and my conference!). It’s a nice thought to unplug and go off to paradise but two of us had to work a few days to be able to go on vacation, and no wifi is so annoying. When the living room wifi was out every other day, you couldn’t connect to Pandora to play music in the backyard.

– A specific note that there is no wifi in the 4 bedroom villas at all. So watching a movie on your computer at night is out, or downloading email lounging on your bed is not possible. The wifi also did not work in the upstairs master at all. So if it’s important to you, just be aware! There is always the restaurant if you are desperate. :)

– It’s a typical beach house. I say this as we were debating between two properties. One in Sea Horse Ranch which was double the price, and this one. It’s a comfy house and perfect for all of us to lounge in but there is wear and tear in the house. The water filter spout was broken and hard to get water out of. One of the couches outside was a little worn down (like too many people sat in one particular spot). The outdoor plastic chairs and wooden chairs were uncomfortable. The beach lounges felt like you sunk into them and couldn’t get out. It was a VERY nice house, don’t get me wrong, but might need a little upkeep as time goes on.

– Buy extra toilet paper! :) The maids told us we were out, whoops! Had to run to the store after one of our outings.

IMG_0360 copy

– This is not a con to the house but just an FYI that power goes on and off, and the generators pop on and off. I think that’s just typical of the DR!

– Even though it’s filtered water, some of us got a little sick to our tummies after a few days. Just a little annoyance on a daily basis for most of the group.

I outlined the pros above but we really enjoyed ourselves! Be sure to talk to Anne about stocking the house with food. Be very specific as she is a great shopper. Have their chefs come and cook you a meal, or just walk down to Chez Arsenio for dinner. Even just order a side dish to anything you are cooking. We got potato salad for our first night, and our neighbors got garlic bread that we were eying! We loved having the chefs as they cooked amazing things and did all the dishes! We had them out three nights during our stay.

Happy Hour is from 4-6pm at the restaurant and the Arsenio Special was my favorite! Two for the price of one. :)

IMG_0202 copy

Where to Go:
– Monkey Jungle – the kids (and adults!) loved it! It’s about 45m and a really bumpy road at the end. Go!
– 27 Waterfalls – Amazing experience that I personally couldn’t do (kids couldn’t!) but others did and loved. Buy the video option to record your experience, it will be worth it.

IMG_0351 copy
– Cabarete – We didn’t venture over to Cabarete until later in the week and we promptly went back the next day. AMAZING BEACH. Sitting in the sand, having a drink, eating at the restaurants while watching the kite surfers was so cool. The kids loved the waves because it was shallow far out but the waves were gentle. Their favorite place. I really want to go back with my best girlfriends and spend a few days just on that beach.

IMG_0356 copy
– Puerto Plata- We had Franklin drive us out there to the rum factory (so cool for the kids and tasting for us!) and a little sightseeing. We were in a 14 person van and kind of hated it, and we aren’t really sightseeing people… but it was fun.
– Golfing – The men went out golfing and had a grand old time.

Otherwise, just hang out on the beach and at the pool! Perfect vacation and we had such a good time. I would highly recommend Villa Gordon to anyone.

I did a bunch of reviews at places on TripAdvisor too, so friend me over there :)

Glee Goodbye


Six years of one of my favorite shows.. The pilot was amazing. I still get chills listening to Rachel & Finn sing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’.

Yes, the finale was sentimental and sappy with the flash-forwards. Will everyone always rise to the top, achieve their dreams, or be happy at the same time? No. No, that rarely happens with a group of friends. But I still liked it anyway.

I still got chills seeing the flash-back to Finn singing and teared up seeing his picture up on the wall.

The dedication to Mr Shue by Rachel at her Tony win was so awesome. I wish every student at every school would find a teacher that believes in them and pushes them to be their best. What an amazing utopia to believe in.

“See the world not as it is, but as it should be.” A beautiful quote. While the last two seasons of Glee haven’t produced any amazing songs to add to my “Glee Playlist”* (yes, you know I have one!) and the storyline has been a bit ‘meh’, I did appreciate that two hour finale.

Thank you Glee for making me smile every week and have goosebumps rise up when I heard something amazing.

* I lied, I think I’m going to go download Rise Above by Darren Criss now. The harmonies are freaking amazing.

““We will rise/We are young we are the dreamers/We will fly/When the world will not believe us/We will rise above the ashes/Before this whole life passes us by/You and I.””