Wonderings – Week Seven

by Kristi on February 22, 2016 · 0 comments

This texting article from Time made me laugh. Hubby and I are not big texters with each other. He always responses promptly with a “K” on everything so I know he got it!


Ha! The conspiracy theories on Scalia’s death are already crazy. When I read that there was no autopsy, I did wonder why they didn’t order one. A pillow over his head sounds completely normal though. I sleep with a pillow over my head. It makes me feel cozy and also blocks the light and noise. My sleep mask always falls off during the night.

What was the novel where two Supreme Court Justices were murdered from one of the political groups? Or was it three… I want to say a John Grisham novel but a quick lookup and The Appeal doesn’t sound familiar. Ahh well, maybe I will think about it later. [It was the Pelican Brief! It was on TV later in the week…] I keep reading the SCOTUS blog on who is in the running for the nomination. I think Loretta Lynch sound fantastic.


My post about birth control from… wow, SEVEN years ago basically tells me how things can stay the same. I have a Paraguard in but I’m still agonizing about what to do.

I had a well check this week and went over more options. Basically… I still have a few more years with my delightful paraguard.

In other news, I think I failed a hearing check! Super duper fun. Should I go explore it more? It’s not like I want to get a hearing aid or anything… argh.

Oh and I need an ultrasound to check on an ovary. Or something. It’s fun being a woman.


This #cheesegate is not surprising. The amount of crap they put into ‘natural flavorings’ or just plain not disclose the ingredients is absolutely terrible.

I wish we had more food labels.


What a whirlwind week. Work continues to be super crazed and I somehow fit in a quick weekend trip to my Dad’s house for his birthday. Kids all had a blast. Ran like crazy little people all weekend.

Dinner at the mad house

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We stopped at two wineries – they are SO close to where he lives! All Pinot wineries too. So we had yummy wines for his birthday dinner.

We saw two basketball games on the way to and from all this stuff. Good times.

The flight home was uneventful. S seems to be getting my paranoid fear of turbulence around the same age as I did. I loved flying – I was flown from San Diego to Burbank on a weekly basis from age 5 through age 11 or something. At some point, some type of control issue, I think… I started getting freaked out. I still flew… it’s just not my favorite. It went away a bit when I would fly with the kids. Worrying about other people doesn’t leave too much room for paranoid flying fears for myself.

Anyway. Bummer.

Still hooked on all the political stuff over the weekend. Plus the Disney 60th special on Sunday. All the singers were amazing. I can’t wait for Star Wars world.

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