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by Kristi on November 11, 2015 · 0 comments

S: When can I get Instagram and Facebook?

Hubby: When you’re 21.

S: WHY!? Seriously? <Looks over at me, while I was tapping on my phone>

Me: What? I wasn’t on it! I was checking my email! I have customers asking questions!

S: I know. I just want to know when I can get it. I NEED it.

Hubs: You aren’t going to be on social media.

S: Mom. When can I get it?

Me: 18

S: YES! <High-fives>

Hubs: Social media is dangerous. You don’t need it. You can send things directly to your friends.

S: Why is it dangerous?

Me: Remember when we had dinner with Aunt Katie’s friend Sarah? Her husband is a police officer and he says it’s dangerous. He doesn’t let his 13yo on social media either. You don’t need it. You can have a group text that you talk to your friends with, like you do now on your iPad.

<Incidentally, he works in sex crimes. He says they are usually related or with people they know. He says it’s awful. Ugh.>

S: But… But… I just want to share my photos with the world!

Me: Sorry honey, she’s my daughter…


S is going to be the poster child for hiding aps on her phone and deleting them to be able to post to social media, I just know it. Ha. Once we get up to 13 or 14, I’m for teaching her and monitoring it but we will have to see how that discussion plays out.

She really wanted a phone for her 10th birthday, but nope. Somehow hubby has her convinced that one of those creepy GPS helicopter parenting watches are super cool and she wants one. I want to hold the phone off a few more years!

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