Soccer Playoffs

by Kristi on May 11, 2014 · 0 comments

We’ve had a good season with Yorba Linda/Placentia AYSO. I was disappointed in the beginning because the teams have been shrinking recently so this season they combined U7 and U8. I felt like we went a little backwards but after the first few games, the girls clicked as a team and they have been performing awesome the last half of the season.

Sam continues to truck along. The playoffs this week were simply amazing. I’ve never seen her play so well. The last game she shot on the goal four different times when earlier in the season she would run up with the ball, take an extra step to get in the perfect position, hesitate a little and BOOM the ball would be gone… stolen by the other team and halfway down the field.

This playoffs, the first game they played they tied up 1-1 with the #1 seeded team which was amazing. Completely huge! Then won our 2nd game and we were ONE POINT away from playing for 1st/2nd. The last few seasons we have done terrible in playoff season so we are absolutely thrilled to play for 3rd place. I’m writing this about 10 minutes before we leave so we will know soon how we did.


We won! 2-0! No goals for her though. So close, she just doesn’t follow through.

Speaking of that, I never know if I should feel guilty for critiquing my child in sports… or if I should rave about her. If I rave about her, it ends up being one of those ‘my child is a special snowflake’ scenes but if I critique/criticize her I feel guilty and feel like I should be speaking in hushed tones.

She continues to have her ups and downs but her passion for the sport is incredible. She loves it, she wants to play in the Olympics, and she doesn’t want to do anything else but soccer. ¬†Given that she is 8… and we are busy… we don’t exactly indulge her by practicing all the time. We tried out for Arsenal which is the competitive soccer squad. I posted my feelings about that a few months ago and now that we have been waiting… so… long… to find out if she has progressed to the next try-out, I really WANT her to get it now. Ugh.

The coach actually came to her soccer game yesterday to watch the girls. He ended up trying to recruit one of our best players. The girl has siblings who are SUPER busy so the Mom isn’t sure if she wants her daughter to do it just yet. I politely asked when we would find out the progression and he said, ‘I’m calling everyone tomorrow!’.

Which is today. Which is Mother’s Day. So I’m sure my Mother’s Day will be ruined. (Joking.) Seriously though, he has not called. I just want to knowwwww. I’m so impatient. I think she is right on the line of those 14/16 girls that will come to the final tryout. I think there was about 25 girls who actually tried out so I’m crossing my fingers that she will have another chance to do her best in front of the coach.

Two of her best friends that she has known since she was 3 are both better than her in soccer and will probably be picked. Plus, I know most of the parents of the girls who are trying out, it would be an awesome team to grow up in. There are so many good girls though!

Still impatiently waiting…

Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful Mom’s out there! You are amazing!

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