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by Kristi on August 6, 2013 · 0 comments

A few years ago I wrote about looking for cute preschool backpacks. For some reason that posts gets me the most hits on this site and actually makes me a few bucks a month between July and September when all the parents are shopping. I know. I can probably buy a new book with my monies in a few months. Score!

That cute fairy backpack was completely worthless for school but it did great for going on overnight trips to Grandma’s. It actually still works for that purpose and still held up. I love that backpack.


However, here comes 2nd grade and she actually NEEDS a backpack to carry stuff. I’m not sure what stuff but I’m told a backpack is needed. Also, it has to have wheels and a little handle to roll it with. Sez Sam. EVERYONE gets a rolling backpack and apparently that is what we have to get too. That’s cool, I’m all for it. I know at least half the kids will have a rolling backpack and that means we won’t have to carry it for her to and from school soo… whatever! So I went on the hunt.

First I asked all my Mom’s with older kids what brand they got. The top three winners were:

Pottery Barn
Lands End

I’m totally in love with MadPax which I tried to convince Sam about… She was a little nervous about the Spiktus Rex and that they would hurt but I assured her that they were foam and didn’t hurt at all. Sadly, that one was not a winner because it didn’t have wheels.

Even with all the raves about the three brands above, there were problems. One parent loved hers. The other said they fell apart within six months. So I did the usual ‘real all reviews’ thing. I actually found High Sierra which I had seen at stores and maybe even had my own school backpack from them at one point. A really long time ago. Anyway, the reviews were great on that brand as well.

I got all three sites open with the different designs and Sam came over and took a look. She immediately had a winner. A bright neon green backpack from High Sierra. It was bright. It was green. It stands out. Just like Sam wants to do.

Crazy Sam

I waited a day. Showed her a few other ones but nope, the bright neon green bag is what she wanted.

After, of course, I realized that the bright neon green was about 2 inches taller than some of the other bags. Since she is only going into 2nd grade, I highly doubt she needs this big bag but it doesn’t seem ridiculously bigger than everything else and, oops, oh well. I didn’t see any height limitations on what we can bring to school so hopefully it will all work out okay and the bag will last us four or five years and be absolutely perfect.

I found it on eBags and Amazon and eBags was a dollar cheaper so they are the big winner.

Our PlanetBox is on it’s second year and for the amount it cost to buy it, it’s a darn good thing. (We love it though!) So we are good with her lunch box. Actually, that huge lunchbox will probably fit right in her backpack. So I guess it’s a good thing we are getting such a large backpack!

I think we have a few other things to buy but since I still haven’t seen a list, I’m going to ignore it all until it lands in my inbox.

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