Book Crazy Avon Addict Blog Hop (Includes Giveaway!)

by Kristi on December 6, 2012 · 21 comments

Yep, call me book crazy. I think anyone who knows me at all, or has visited this site, already knows that though.

Earlier this year I was selected to be an “Avon Addict” which meant I got early access to amazing books, the ability to chat with other book lovers, and a community of awesome people that I was introduced too. Ooh, not to mention fantastically amazing parties at Mastro’s in Newport Beach! (I was just lucky RWA was held in Anaheim this year!)

Every month we would receive this huge box of books, along with extra to share with other book lovers.

Some of my very favorite authors on my ‘must read‘ shelf are published with Avon.

Julia Quinn – Her books always make me laugh out loud. My old favorite is Romancing Mr Bridgerton. She is quite famous for being one of the first authors to do an 8 book series on all the siblings in her world. Her latest novels are amazingly sweet and funny and she continues to get better and better.

Eloisa James – It’s like Sex in the City in the Regency Period. So awesome. She can’t write a bad book. She even wrote a book about living in Paris for a year and that was fantastic.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips – She writes contemporary romance and I still remember her ‘cereal-killer’ joke in Nobody’s Baby but Mine. Makes me laugh every time but her latest novel just hit all the right buttons.

While I love these ladies, lately I have been reading a lot of Paranormal and New Adult.

The New Adult craze has hit me like a ton of bricks. So I’ve been moving away from historical and regency a bit. The greatest thing about Avon is that they are in all book genres. I’m previewing an amazing book called Losing It right now

Paranormal? Ahh, Avon has two crack-like series that I just can’t get away from.

The first one is Juliana Stone’s League of Guardian’s which is new out this year and just captured my interest. With sorcerers, vampires, witches, the fallen, and warriors protecting the world… well, I love reading about new worlds. You throw in all the usual love, betrayal, angst but put it in a fantastic new world. Yea, I love it.

My ABSOLUTE favorite lately though is Joss Ware. Beyond the Night came out in 2010 with video trailers, a website, and all this cool stuff. Book #2 and #3 came out within the next month or two. I was HOOKED.

So imagine that floods, earthquakes, everything like that came through and adjusted the wold world. Las Vegas has a coastal beach view. The earth is off it’s axis. It’s the apocalypse. However, a group of men who were cave hunting in Sedona somehow were buried and went into a deep sleep… for FIFTY YEARS. They came out unharmed but with some peculiar new abilities. Finding out about their new world was their first priority, and finding out about a mysterious group of strangers who also have special abilities. As well as finding out more about how exactly the ‘end of the world’ was helped along by these mysterious Strangers.

It’s a great world. Great series. I highly recommend it. I also love the fact that a lot of these books are on sale right now, Kindle version, for $4.74 instead of $7.99 so you should rush and go buy them! They rock!


WINNER: Emily M – you won! I emailed you!

GIVEAWAY: Paperback version of Book 1 (Beyond the Night) in the Envy Chronicles by Joss Ware. UNLESS, you have already read it, in which case, let me know which one you haven’t read yet (that is currently published) and that one will be sent out, courtesy of Avon Publishing/Harper Collins!

Please comment below with your favorite paranormal/apocalyptic/fantasy book that you have read lately to be entered to win.

Give a second comment if you went to Facebook and ‘liked’ Avon Romance because they rock, have great contests, and give away free books all the time.

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Details: Contest ends at midnight, December 6th. Winner will be emailed and asked for their mailing address. No babies harmed in the writing of this blog. Smiles required. Have a happy holiday!