Medieval Times in Buena Park: Win Tickets!

It was fate. We were handed RED and you know that red is my favorite color.

There is something wrong with that picture, isn’t there? It’s not even hipster Instagram’d, it just took it that way! The red spotlights were so bright! But yes, we were at Medieval Times!

** WIN ** If I’m too wordy for you, go comment below to win a FAMILY FOUR PACK (Valid for FOUR ADMISSIONS: Adults or Children) – LIKE Medieval Times Buena Park on Facebook and comment below to tell me when you last visited Medieval Times and what Knight you cheered for!

*** I counted up all the entries, cruised over to, and Jamie B is the grand winner!

Last April, we flew all the way to Florida to see the Pirate Adventure show and we saw a Medieval Times building there as well. We were just about to book plane tickets to Florida when we realized… there was one RIGHT NEXT TO OUR HOUSE. (I’m tired, sue me.)

I have been hearing raves about the new show that was developed recently at Medieval Times. I have seen the old show a few times over the years. Yes, it has really been AGES since I’ve been. Definitely before kids and a few years before that too. I really liked the Pirate Show and when we saw an opportunity to go check out Medieval Times, we jumped on it.

First, we had to get through G’s swimming lessons, Sam’s soccer game, a celebration lunch, and then luckily the kids went to go hang with Grandma JJ, before they came home and we got ready. We did our usual strategy of not telling the kids what we were doing. We find things go smoother that way. :) We jumped in the car and told them on the way and they were filled with questions about what we were going to go see.

The building was the same as I remembered. We ran late so we didn’t get to enjoy the festivities or the pre-show but we were able to sneak inside and grab a picture with the Duke.  Seated quickly, we sat down to cheer our Red Knight on!


The food was… well it was delicious but I could only eat the chicken :) The rest of it smelled wonderful though! The kids had their usual problem of eating with their hands. My kids don’t like to get dirty, go figure. They loved the bread and the pastry though. We tore off a few chicken bites and forced it into them. :-)

One of my favorite part was where the beautiful white horses galloped out in the beginning. Oh, they were magnificent. The training of how they danced, kneeled, and all sorts of maneuvers they did was simply amazing.

I think I was most impressed by the fact that the crowd was SO PUMPED UP. We were all screaming and very engaged with the show. Hopefully most people would not come and just sit down and not participate but every seat in the house was filled up and it was LOUD in there.

The best part was that the kids were enthralled. Sam was screaming so loud for the Red Knight, jumping up and down, and waving her flag. We had to show her the proper flag etiquette (ie. once the drinks were poured – do not wave that damn thing near it!) which she learned very quickly but she just had the best time.

Something I thought was sweet was that they read off birthday’s and other special events. I’m sure that is an upgrade to the experience but it was really neat. The amount of birthday’s there to celebrate was so cute, anniversary’s were rampant, and there was even someone on their honeymoon! The King stopped and said – WHY ARE YOU HERE? haha :)

We moved quickly on to the show. If you are local here in Orange County, I’m sure you have gone at least ONCE in your life? This show is a must-see, as I said earlier I think I have gone at least 4 or 5 times in the last 20 years.

While the Pirate Show was really great, Medieval Times was more my speed. I could almost picture the jousting contests, like in one of my favorite novels ‘Kingdom of Dreams’ and it’s so much fun to watch them do all those activities on horses. Obviously, Sam loved Princess Catalina.

Sadly, our Knight crashed and burned FIRST. Ugh. Sam rallied and we rooted for the Knights on our side of the arena.

The big fights at the end… GG just loved it. The real sparks of all the swords. The realistic ‘dying’. So cool. He came home and got out his own swords the next day!

The end result is that I highly recommend the show. The kids are already asking to go again and I can definitely see us coming back soon. It was a great time.

SO! Who wants to go check out the show in Buena Park!?? They are super awesome and letting me give away a family four-pack of admission tickets! You can use them for all adults or children tickets, up to you.

#1 – Do me a favor and go like their Medieval Times Buena Park Facebook page. Whoever is manning it is funny as hell and they are giving out tickets for random contests anyway. :) That will get you one entry. Comment below to let me know you liked the page.

#2 – Comment below with the last time you went to Medieval Times and which color Knight you rooted for.

 I’ll draw a winner on Thursday night.

*** I counted up all the entries, cruised over to, and Jamie B is the grand winner!

Disclaimer: I was provided a family four-pack to go visit the show. All crazy ramblings above are my own and are 98.2% true. The tickets I’m giving away have a one year expiration.  Good for all shows except New Year’s Eve. Having this many disclaimers means there are too many lawyers. The professional looking pictures above were provided from Medieval Times. Chocolate is yummy. Keep smiling. 

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16 thoughts on “Medieval Times in Buena Park: Win Tickets!”

  1. Oh gosh the last time I was at Medival times was like 12 years ago!!! I went with the camp that I volunteered at. I think we were the blue knights. I just know my kids would love this experience!! I loved your description of Sammie waving her flag to close to the drinks!! Too funny!
    Liked their FB page as well.

  2. The last time I went to Medieval Times was for a team building outing at my old job in 2003. We LOVED it!! And we rooted for the Green Knight, who back then was always the evil knight bad guy. I liked the FB page also!!

  3. Alright, sure, I will play along! This actually could not have come at a more perfect time, we were JUST talking about it and Luke has NEVER been! How can you grow up in Southern California and never make a trip to Medieval Times?!

    My Medieval Times experiences growing up were always great. I think I managed to go 2 or 3 times. Always with big groups of family. The food was always an experience, using no utensils and only hands! A little on the barbaric side but super fun nonetheless! I remember trying to get the knights attention so I would be handed a rose! And one time I actually succeeded… LOL. Those were good times had by all!

    Thanks Kristi for sharing your story, it brought up good memories!

    Rene’ David
    P.S. I have already liked Medieval Times on FB.

  4. Rene! You would not BELIEVE how much Sam was screaming to the Knight to throw her a rose! She was so offended he did not, haha :)

  5. I liked the facebook page for Medieval Times.
    My boys have seen the Pirates show in both Florida and California. Last November I took them to the Medieval Times in Buena Park and they preferred Medieval Times, hands down. I would love to see how they changed up the show. We were on the blue knights side.

  6. Ok… don’t laugh!! But I’ve never ever been to Medivial Times!!! But I now like them on FB, so maybe I’ll find a good deal to take our boys.. and me. I’m not gonna lie, I really want to go too. I know they’ll have a blast!!
    Jamie B´s last blog post ..Happy 7th Birthday Aiden!

  7. Ok, trying to win this for my friend so she can go with her hubby and sons :). – and yes, I liked their FB page!

    We went to Medieval Times two years ago for Ed’s birthday and cheered on the green knight! His parents and siblings were with us and we all had a great time!

  8. I like them on facebook. It has been over 15 years since I visited there. I believe we were cheering for black?? I was a nanny and took the kids I was watching. I would love to visit again with my two boys. They would love the sword fights!

  9. I’ve never been and neither have my kids!
    Mother of the year for that one, I know,
    especially with three boys.
    We’re busy! We would definitely check it out
    With free passes (who wouldn’t) or I’d
    Use the coupons I always see. Glad you gave
    it a good review, I’ve heard mixed…
    going to go “like” it now!

  10. Never been but I bet the kids would LOVE it! I hear you eat with your hands which would be perfect for my kids who seem to not know how to use forks…

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