Girl Scout Daisy Meeting: Starting our Animal Journey

by Kristi on August 25, 2012 · 0 comments

We had our kick-off Girl Scout Daisy meeting today! We had a big swim party with a lifeguard and everything and started our new Animal Journey.

What did we talk about?

I talked to the girls about how they like to help our community. We talked about it a little at first and I had them write down two specific things they liked. It looks like a lot of girls like helping animals (whew, since we are doing the Animal Journey this year) and a lot of them really like collecting toys for sick children, or helping children in general. I think a shopping trip (with all the girls) to a toy store this holiday season will be in order with a good deal of proceeds from our Fall Product Sales coming up (nuts & magazines).

Community Helping

I also asked them what big FUN thing they wanted to do with the troop this year. I explained that we were having this swim party and we were going to Camp Scherman in October for fun things but what else did they want to do? I asked them to write down ONE thing without saying it out loud. Then, we talked about our answers and a few other fun things and after that talk, I asked them to write down another thing that they thought would be really fun.

Big Fun Event

Considering that we already want to plan a Zoo trip (for the Animal Journey!) and we have had a lot of swim parties already, it looks like we are keeping these girls happy which is our goal. In a few meetings, I will compile these and we will probably vote on another fun thing they want to plan and do.

I told them about our new Journey which gives them the opportunity to show how they can be Girl Scout Leaders and earn a special Journey patch for their tunic. I explained about the Bird Bath, what it was, and we also talked about what kind of animals they have seen around their houses (lots of coyotes, rabbits, and some snakes), and what they like most about caring for animals (most said feeding them).

I am really happy about the size of our group. Every single girl is given the chance to raise their hand and talk, and give their opinions. Many do MULTIPLE times which is a sign of a great leader! All of our girls are super awesome leaders and love to share. They also don’t seem to be getting bored or annoyed with the questions however we are trying to keep them short. I’m hoping :)

While they were doing their craft, I tried to keep the other ones busy with some games. They kept asking to play more so I think I halfway succeeded. Honestly, I can’t wait for Camp Scherman to teach me more games! A few of the games were meant to get people out of the circle but we just kept playing them so everyone could participate.

– Button, Button (pass the button behind backs while the person in the middle closes their eyes and when we stop, opens and has to guess three times)
– Wonderball (hot potato)
– Who is Missing? (Close their eyes and I tap on a child, and they hide – first person to guess who is gone wins) This was hilarious but would probably work with more people!
– Down by the Banks – hand slap game
– Duck Duck Goose

Our craft is SO COOL! One of our super duper crafty parents did some vines on the base of the bird bath and the girls got to make ‘thumbprint’ flowers all over their own vine. Then, on the bath part, compiled some stones for a mosaic on the top in their own personal section. I’ll have more pictures later but it was pretty amazing. Here is the start of the top where two girls have filled in their own mosaics and wrote their name on the square title.

Love it! Oh boy, Girl Scouts :)

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