I’ll Never Marry

Sam: Well, when GG goes pee in the potty today, I want to find my baby ring to give to him. It’s in my room somewhere so can you help me find it tonight? We’ll have to search and search and search for it to give to him.

She means a gold baby bracelet that is up in her jewelry box.

Me: That’s your bracelet, don’t you want to keep it?

Sam: No, it’s too small, it’s for a baby.

Never mind the fact that it won’t even fit her brother…

Me: You can give it to your own baby when you have one.

Sam: No. I’m never getting married.

Me: Why?

Sam: Because I’m going to be a cook. I can’t get married.

Is this how it starts?

Me: No, you can be a cook and you can get married. You can do both.

Sam: Well, I just want to be a cook. I don’t want to get married and I don’t want babies.

Me: Why not?

Sam: I don’t like babies. I don’t want to be at the hospital with two crying babies.

Me: Why?

Sam: I don’t like crying babies. Okay? I only like happy babies! I’m not getting married!


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5 thoughts on “I’ll Never Marry”

  1. Ok, so don’t feel bad. And I feel better now too. Aidan is adamant that he will never get married. Once he said he would have kids. When I told him you need to get married to have kids, he said, oh well no kids then. He is very set on this and will argue with us about it, lol.

    I think it might just be the age – something they go through.
    Anna´s last blog post ..My first step

  2. I think they will. It’s just super funny, why do they think like that? A few months ago Sam just wanted to be a Mom and live with us when she was older. LOL

    I never wanted babies until I was about 19 either (when I met DH).

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