Delicious Weekend

by Kristi on May 30, 2011 · 2 comments

What a beautiful weekend. We had some delicious dinners and time spent with family.

Sammie and I baked on Saturday (those chocolate dipped brownie bites from Pioneer Woman PLUS the bacon wrapped turkey patties) which we had a great deal of fun.  Gymnastics and swimming lessons, plus the park.

I saw a movie on Sunday and had some good eats at the MIL’s house which was tons of fun. We played apples to apples, which always amuses me when Sam wins that game.

Monday we had some kick-back time and then went swimming (well, I didn’t!) at my Mom’s and had dinner.

It was a delicious weekend.

Plus, I gobbled down Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings.  What is better? Watching the movie (TV show in this case) FIRST or reading the book first? I honestly can’t decide. The books are always better but in this case, watching the first 6 episodes of the TV show before reading the book really helped me pronounce the damn names in that book! I always (always) pronounce things wrong in my head. I am the person that is insecure about pronouncing things and am very familiar with the online Dictionary where they pronounce it for you. haha – Plus, having all the actors in my head was very nice.  I LOVED once I got to the part where I haven’t seen yet.  So I do like reading the book first but I feel like that half-cheat was a good system for me.

For instance, in Harry Potter… did I pronounce it “Her-Mine-Ee” in my head? No. I said it in my head COMPLETELY differently. Which pissed me off once I started watching the movies. Even though in Book 4 (or 5?) they phonetically sound it out for you when the Victor is trying to pronounce her name.

I’m also in love with EmpireAvenue. What a social game. My yield is up to 1.27% right now and Chris Pirillo just invested in me. Be still, my heart. :) haha – Seriously, go join here and just buy me. Sooo easy!

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1 Angela May 30, 2011 at 7:19 pm

I was so thinking about Hermoine before you referenced it. And I was gonna say books before movies but then I remembered how disappointed I am in the movies if I read the (always better) books before. So, I may actually prefer reading after and gettin all the “delicious” details n surprises. 😉

Glad you had a fun weekend. Missed ya!

2 Angela May 30, 2011 at 8:02 pm

Good weekend!!

and for the record, I pronounced Hermione’s name wrong too-I was calling her “her-mee-own-eh” in my head which I knew was wrong. Then when I heard the correct pronunciation, I was irritated cause it took some time getting used to lol

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