Arctic Ease Cryotherapy Wrap

Kim Moldofsky is the founder of Mom Impact and is now representing Arctic Ease. She sent out some information about it and asked if anyone wanted a sample so I thought I would volunteer. They sent it over a few weeks ago and I finally had a chance to take a look. At the time my knee was killing me and I was running so I thought, hey, maybe I can use it!

As I’ve stopped running and instead work out on the PreCor instead, which thankfully saves my knees, my knees are feeling great! BUT, these Arctic Ease wraps are so cool.

1) They come in little resealable pouches so after you use your wrap you can roll it back up, stick it in the pouch with some water, and use it again when you need it.

2) They almost feel like those sticky brains that your children get from the quarter machines, where they throw them against the wall? I shrieked a little when I was unwrapping mine, it had little jelly on it and felt all weird! But it wraps around your leg and it’s super awesome.

3) Obviously their is no ice, so no wet mess!

Here are some great pointers about their two different products (wraps and pads).

  • No refrigeration needed
  • Stays cold, lasts for hours
  • Odorlesss
  • Cut to fit
  • Cools without the discomfort of ice therapy
  • Conforms to injury, stays in place
  • Convenient to use right out of the resealable pouch

If you are ready to buy one of these cool things, here is a fantastic coupon for $2.00 off!

Otherwise, I have one Cryotherapy Wrap to give away to one lucky commenter! Ends Jan 20th!

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7 thoughts on “Arctic Ease Cryotherapy Wrap”

  1. Okay, I knew SOMETHING awesome like this had to exist! Thanks for sharing about it. I’ve been dealing with terrible sciatic nerve pain and I aggravated it because I treated the pain with heat for the first two weeks, causing further inflammation. I only found out two weeks ago that it was sciatica. Hope to win the one you’re giving away, but if not then I appreciate the coupon:)

  2. Agh! This sounds perfect for my knee!! I just started running again (training for a race in April) and my IT band problems are a pain in the butt! They have kept me sedentary for 7 months – right now I am using a frozen bag of peas for my knee after I run 😉 Thanks Kristi! :)

  3. I bet my mom would LOVE these. She always has lots of shoulder pain and is always using ice packs. :o)

  4. Sounds like a very cool product for the kids since mine hate the super cold feeling of the ice. Anything like a sticky hand would be a good choice for the just-injured kid!

  5. I found your blog through my sister (Tiffani). That knee wrap sounds AMAZING! I just started running a few months ago.

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