Sick and Nurturing

by Kristi on December 10, 2010 · 0 comments

Yes, yes, Happy Birthday to my beautiful amazing 5 year old! I have a longer post that will be going out later… Hopefully. And yes, I’m TOTALLY going to backdate it for yesterday.

But my poor baby G is sick again. I just looked at my blog posts last year and I didn’t POST about it! Essentially I cried all day because Griffin threw up all day and it was all my fault. I switched his milk waaay to fast (from soy to lactose free) and he was throwing up everywhere and I had no idea what was going on and I sent Sam to Disneyland with the husband, and both sets of Grandparents. I had it planned for weeks and I was soooo sad that G was sick, sad that it was my fault, sad that I couldn’t be there on her big day.

I do have to say that I still remember that my husband, mother, AND mother-in-law all urged me to go while one of THEM would stay with Griffin. That was so very sweet of them.

Anyway. Griffin has the flu. He threw up yesterday. He sat in my lap all night long when we dragged him out to the pizza party for Sam’s last soccer game. He didn’t eat anything. He came home with me while Sammie cavorted around Chuck E Cheese all night with one of her BFFs. Today he threw up again. Please please please don’t pass it along. PLEASE.

Anyway, the husband put on a movie for him.

The difference between us.

What I would have done: Put on a movie, make him comfortable on the couch, proceed back to my computer to mess around.

The husband: Put on a movie, made him comfortable on the couch, sat next to him to snuggle and watch it.

And they say women are more nurturing?

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