Lemonade from Fruit & Stevia

Tiffani posted on Facebook a few days ago about how they have been making homemade juice by letting fruit sit in water for a few days and it is SO GOOD.  I immediately posted an inquiry and she just posted it on her blog.

This made me SO excited! I can eat lemons, limes, apples, and oranges (I think…) and I had some in my fridge so I just cut up 2 lemons, 1 lime, and a half of an orange. Plus, I have stevia drops which I can use to make it a little sweet.  I added about 15 drops and stuck it in the fridge.

Tiffani, if you are reading this, should I let it sit in the fridge or outside where the sun can hit it? It’s in the fridge right now. I can NOT WAIT to try it on Tuesday!

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2 thoughts on “Lemonade from Fruit & Stevia”

  1. lol. LEAVE IT IN THE FRIDGE. I think it might go bad if you put it out in the sun? So far gala apples seem to be the favorite, followed by peaches. And Dan is telling me it taste the best on the third day. But I say the 2nd. lol

  2. Yea, I tasted mine today and it was… lemony :) I will wait to see what it is like tomorrow. Maybe it needs more stevia!

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