Emotional Piano Music You Will Die For

We were at the Montage on Friday night. Girls night. It rocked. :) My Mom, sister, aunt, and I…

Anyway, we were having a drink before dinner and were sitting in the piano bar and Steve Siu was there. He plays the most amazing piano music you will ever hear in your life. My Mom has actually gone to many different places to hear him play but she knows he plays at the Montage quite a lot. His music is AMAZING. He plays new pop music, oldies, anything really.  We purchased a few of his CDs and I’m just listening to it over and over and over again.

I adore it. It’s dreamy and played on full volume in the car? I highly recommend.

I don’t know some of the lyrics to the songs but that doesn’t stop me from singing along. I have A Moment Like this, favorite songs Faithfully, Canon in D, Eternal Flame, I’ll Stand by You, Beautiful… Ok, I love the whole thing.  I also have Tribute to the Legends,  which has With or Without You (U2), Tears in Heaven, Live to Tell (Madonna), Open Arms, I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing (Aerosmith).  AHHH!

On his site you can download specific songs for $1.99 each and I think I might get in trouble. I just noticed he has Love Story, I’m Yours, Womanizer, Phantom of the Opera… Oh god.

Piano music and harp music… I will just die over. Love it. Go check him out.

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  1. Thank You Kristi for such an awesome write up! I totally adore your whole family! Love ya, Steve

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