I heart DrewB

I think I’ve stared at my sneaky peeky about 250x already. I keep going over and over the photos, I love them so! Go take a peek! They are in Facebook right here.

While you are at it, go ‘Become a Fan’ of the DrewB Photography page and the new Mom*Tog page!  I convinced Drew to make a page and set it up for her! Any business should have a fan page it’s a GREAT way to connect with your clients. Anything you put on a fan page (not a group page) will get shared in the person’s wall stream. Then, if they share the item posted, it will go to THEIR friends, etc. etc.  I was actually talking to my hair stylist about it last week too!

With Photographers it’s nice because they are always posting pictures and they can tag people, so it shows up in their stream anyway. The networking aspect is so fun though.  And if Facebook ever updates their archaic way of email notification on discussions and events, it will be even better! Facebook, I’m sure you are NOT listening to me but really, you need some updates!

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