– Do You Know Where Your Money Is?

Over a year ago I remember reading on Scoble’s blog about winning the TechCrunch 40 and I visited the site a few weeks later and then didn’t come back.  It sounded pretty awesome though. A few months later, Angie told me about this fabulous service that she adores and thought I should try.  So I logged back in and it is SO COOL.  I then told a few people about it on my Mom’s group and some of them are now using it and think it is awesome as well, so I thought I would talk about it here. :) says that it can help you pay your taxes, save for retirement, pay off your debt, and pay your student loans.  And a whole lot more. No really, go visit them.

I have to admit that I use Quicken. Quicken is around $80 while is completely free. So, for anyone who wants to start getting into budgeting, I would start with  I think Quicken has better reporting on investments and the stock market which is what I currently use it for.  I’m terrible with the budgeting and categorizing…

But I am still VERY impressed with Mint! I think you will be as well.  You sign up with all of your online bank accounts, credit cards, and mortgage payments – anything else as well.  It takes just a few minutes to give your passwords – yes you have to give your passwords.  I think it is safe though but go with your gut.

It emails me every Friday with my account details, warns me when I spent to much over my budget (I think it made a budget FOR me… somehow… automatically), emails me when I get charged a service fee on my bank account, and other helpful items.

It also gives ways to save and will find you better offers with savings accounts and other items.  It’s completely free, so if you are looking for ways to save money now and watch your spending you should check it out.  If you already use it, tell me your opinion!

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