My pump works so much better when it has batteries in it. Amazing.

So tired. G was sick two nights ago (?) or something? And wow, so tired. :) Got more sleep last night but more tonight would be nice.

Reading the Twilight novels from Stephanie Myers to see what the fuss is about. :) Finished New Moon, and on to Eclipse. Pretty good. Definitely not Harry Potter but they are ok.

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2 thoughts on “Pump”

  1. You too huh? I think I had 5 people recommend those books within the span of a weekend so I thought I’d give them a chance =) They are good but they remind my of my angsty teenage years, LOL.

  2. I love the picture of Sam and G – look at that smile on G’s face!! Priceless! Perhaps the contributing factor to being up with the kids and being tired, is really about reading those books – how DO you make it through those books so fast? I’m impressed! I’m working on Eat, Pray, Love now for two weeks, hee hee. In Salt Lake City through tomorrow morning – challenged by altitude a little.

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