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by Kristi on July 23, 2008 · 1 comment

– I have a rental car and it started clanking (!!!*) on the freeway (!!!*) so I slowed down and it stopped… anyway went to to change cars at Enterprise (!!! to many car seats – ahhh!*) and little G was in his car seat sleeping on the grass in the shade… and by the time I transferred everything (EVERYTHING) from one car to another and put him back in he was covered in ANTS!!!!!!! Yes, ANTS!***** I hate ants. You should have seen me freaking out.

Actually, you probably didn’t want to.

* Seriously so freaking traumatic, I am saving you the 400 paragraphs of annoyance, I’m sure you get it by my exclamation marks!! haha

***** ANTS! EVERYWHERE! CRAWLING ON HIM!!! EEK! Had to keep squashing them. And then washing my hands cause EEK I was smoothing ants! And they were crawling on his blankets! And on his skin! Maybe he ate one??!! AHH!

– Sammie is not here tonight. At the Grandma’s house. It feels so weird!

– G slept through the night last night!! Joyful rejoicing, etc. etc!! 745pm to 550am! Yea!! I don’t think it’s gonna happen tonight though. I am giving him bottles of pumped milk each night and tonight he only drank about 3oz. I tried forcing more, it did not work. Thanks for wasting 2oz of pumped milk, G!!

– Um, I hate pumping? Yep. Suckety suck suck. I would supplement with formula, and I will at some point but as long as I pump enough each night for the next night, its cool.

– G is now squawking every 3 mins and then stopping. Weird. Go to bed and stay asleep G!!

– OMG, we got the cutest pictures of him. What a smiley guy he is!! SO sweet! Fussy at night though. Oh well.

– Pictures: Smiles in July and OC Fair & Glen Ivy

– Can I go live at Glen Ivy? SRSLY??? It was so nice. I went out with the girls on Sat night which was great. Then to Glen Ivy with the girls for a few hours of relaxation. SOOO nice. LOVES IT! More more more…

– I NEEDED the break. I was starting to freak out a little. heehee

– I should go to bed. But G keeps making noises. Please stop, G!!

– Oh, the Thin Mint Blizzard from Dairy Queen is srsly the best. Thin mint cookies from the girls scouts all mushed up… YUM. OMG.

– Sam has new words and phrases each day. So funny. Where do they get their energy? She needs to give some to me. So I can keep up with her!

– She is scared of any violence in Disney movies. Kinda funny actually… Sad though, no Aladdin (Jafar is bad), no Cinderella (evil stepmother, enough said – she was horrified by the sisters tearing her dress too – she went on and on and on about it for days!!) So far only the really oldies work… Peter Pan (her favorite currently – Hook is kinda goody, not scary), Dumbo (she loved that for a long time!) and Robin Hood we just watched and she seems to like.

– She is in dance class! OMG, so cute. Tap shoes and ballet. Ahhh, cute little girls.

– Summer is fun. Need more water park though 🙂 I want to go to Wild Rivers with her. Should be fun!!

– Lost 4lbs so far. Last week was bad bad bad, didn’t lose anything. I was out of patience and therefore consoled myself with lots of cookies and coke. I shall be better. Starting tomorrow of course. My blizzard was very tasty tonight. heehee Oh and all that fried food at the fair. But we won’t talk about that.


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Lol, that’s all I have to say!

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