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by Kristi on May 30, 2008 · 1 comment

We are having fun on Twitter :) If you get enough of your friends on it, it’s like a fun Martini night chatting back and forth, except it’s on your cell phone! (If you have unlimited texts, that is – which I don’t think I do… Oops) My favorites are knowing Nicole is going to meet her new gay best friend tonight, seeing Krysta crave what her first food after two days will be, and being very jealous of the days Drew spends in her PJs with her cutie! haha :) And so much more…

** This was written a few days ago…
So now I could say, HEARING about Nic’s new gay best friend, learning new words from Drew, and getting tech support from Dave & Anna… LOL


Quick Tutorial…

First sign up.
Then, find some friends and ‘Follow’ them! :)

Then, if you want to get updates on your cell phone, click on Settings, and then Devices. Add your cell phone and then decide if you want a sleep period or not. I don’t get texts between 8pm and 8am cause that’s what I want. You can also get it on your Instant Messanger, too. Or, I usually check on my web browser of my iPhone.

The cool thing is that you can decide which people you want to get texted to your cell phone and which ones you just want to follow online. If people are particularly ‘noisy’ meaning they have a lot of friends and talk a lot, you can just follow them online and not on your phone.

You will get text’s from the #40404 and you can just ‘reply’ to those texts and it will go out on Twitter, and all of your followers will get it!

Pretty fun :)

I have more to say but am wishing Sammie goes to bed so I can take a nap…. *sigh*

Anyway, if you own a business it’s great for pushing out information to your friends and other followers. If you are like Drew, for instance, you can go to and make a (short – cause twitter only allows you 140 char) URL and ‘Twitter’ when you have photo shoots on your blog, if you are Krysta, you can Twitter when your next sale is at the shop, etc. is also a fun site where you can search for keywords and it will show you people talking about the things you are interested in. For instance, I just typed in Borders – cause I love that bookstore.. and found out they just laid off 20% of their bookstore. LOL, strange…

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1 DrewB June 3, 2008 at 10:57 pm

Yeah. Twitter is radtastic. And you are radtastic for blogging about it 😉

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