OMG, this is so funny. :) Get a picture of Dad and his kiddo and then switch the heads… hahahhaha – MAN BABIES! Father’s Day gift? heehee

We’ve been sick. Really sick. Then G was sick. So everyone has had it now. I’m always so fascinated on how I can pull out so many boogers and snot from his nose with that booger-getter. It’s crazy. I really want to use Sam’s old one on her. But if I tried it, I really think she would kill me.

We’ve also been tired. Really tired. From being sick. Really… yea. So. Fun.

My bedtime will be in 20 min so off I go.

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3 thoughts on “ManBabies”

  1. That’s funny! And I love that you call it a booger getter. That’s what I call it too.

  2. It’s a booger sucker in our house! I called it an aspirator the other day and Jack actually corrected me!

    We’re sick too! I don’t think that Jack got sick until he was at least a year old… the poor second children get lots of extra germs – yuck.

  3. heehee :) Well, that’s what it does, right? It gets boogers! (Or sucks them in Lisa’s case! Mine really slither out, actually…)

    Lisa, Sam didn’t get sick until a year old too! It was actually 11 months because it was the night before we flew to Hawaii for Thanksgiving, I was freaking out! haha! It wasn’t bad at all though…

    Glad you said hi – I’m so happy to hear things are going well for you too! We need more pictures of pretty Grace!

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