2 Weeks!

by Kristi on April 15, 2008 · 1 comment

– Holy cow, he weighs 8lbs, 7oz and is 20.5 in long. That’s a full pound gained and half an inch since birth. WOWIE! My cute little piggy. Actually he’s still pretty long and lean although he’s geting a buddha-belly.

– So we went to a wedding on Saturday (he was a perfect Angel) and Tamara was GORGEOUS… but I’m nursing with my Hooter-Hider (awesome thing, really) in a nice comfy chair next to the women’s bathroom… which was probably a mistake cause everyone RUSHED to there after all the speeches were done (I missed those). I was chatting on the phone, cause what else was I gonna do while feeding – I forgot my book – and this woman makes a beeline for me… “Is that a LITTLE ONE under there!!!??!” with an arm reaching out towards me… YES! I think she might have peered into my SHIRT if I didn’t snap back VERY quickly, “YES! I’m NURSING!” at which point I smiled and continued talking into my phone. OMG! I have HEARD about that happening but I never thought it would happen to me! Her hand was about a foot away from me and getting closer, she was scary! LOL

– I’ve actually been getting out a lot and it’s been fun! Today MIL had Sam so I went and got my TOES done while he nursed and then went to the store for some emergency supplies (think diapers!) while he slept! Yes! Then I actually made dinner!

– And I don’t think the above will actually LAST. Considering that he sleeps for about 20 hours of the day. I’m sure he will wake up. Soon. Expect to hear more whining from me then.

– Speaking of sleeping… It’s so strange, we have a different sleep pattern every nap. But so far it’s predictable at the nap times, it’s just a different ‘put down’ each time it seems like…
* The put down, swaddle up, and he stares at the wall for about a half hour before drifting off to sleep – this is in the morning. This is GREAT for showers and such.
* The put down, swaddle up, oops, nope, he escaped and is looking around! We walk, we shake, we swirl, we dance, hmm, he doesn’t want to sleep, here have a boob. Ahh, sleep. This is the 10am nap.
* The feed, put down in the car seat nap. He opens an eye (just one eye, the right one) as I’m covering up, and drifts back out. This is the 1pm catnap.
* The 2pm nap, as I feed from the other side after putting Sam down, he goes down again, out cold…
* 5pm, we have another car seat chillout. He stares around while we get stuff ready.
*8pm, he never goes down unless you hold him while he fusses and shake him around. After about 15 or 30, you can put him down, he will be out.

The night-times are generally good.

– Sammie is being wonderful. I simply can’t believe all the words that are popping out of her mouth lately, seriously. She is repeating everything we say now. Obviously, I have to start watching my mouth, oops.

– Ok, WWYD? What Would You Do?

You get up at 12:30, waaay to tired. You feed on one boob for 20min, wow it’s a record! You change the diaper, cause you know it smells and to wake him up for the other side, you really want a good 4 hours for your next sleep cycle. You feed on the other side and after 10min, he’s out cold. Sweet. That was pretty fast. Usually you are up for an hour!

You put him down and swaddle him up. He starts talking to himself while you run to the bathroom, grab a sip of water, and peek down at him before you turn off the light. He’s moving around and grumbling but it’s sweet talking, you know he’s tired and will go down.

You jump in bed and get settled, grab your pillow and bury your head in it. And close your eyes.

And hear a HUGE explosion next to you. You keep your eyes closed. How bad can it be? How bad would it be to wait 4 hours to change the diaper? Would it really matter? Would it leak through his clothes? Do you think he might get up earlier if you don’t change it now.

Wow, another longer explosion. Hmm, that totally sucks. You stare at DH with TWO pillows over his head. You remember that it’s Monday morning (it is 1:15am) and gosh, he has to work. That also sucks.

You jump out of bed, change the diaper in record time, swaddle him back up, and OMG, he goes back down without a peep. It’s a freaking miracle.

You lay back down and get settled, grab that nice comfy pillow…

And what do you hear? Another explosion. WWYD?


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