It’s a….


It’s a BOY!

I’m so shocked! LOL – Justin is soooooo excited. It’s crazy. The super nice sweet lady put it on my tummy and we were talking for a minute and she just flat out says, “It’s a boy!” – We were like WHERE? How do you KNOW? And she said she just saw really quick and there was no doubting it.

Later we got the money shot. Wow, is it a huge money shot. hahahah :-)

Griffin Scott!!

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11 thoughts on “It’s a….”

  1. I know! Ahhh! I need to start figuring out where all the cute boy clothes are sold! Cause everywhere I shop, I see boy clothes and they are all ugly! :-) Heehee! I better ask Jamie and Jen where they shop. Their boys always look super cute!

  2. Boys clothes are pretty ugly :) They get cuter with age though. When they are toddlers they can wear all the cute quiksilver and hurley clothes. If you find cute clothes let me know too!

  3. Yay for boys!!!! You are in for a whole different world with boys! They are a lot of fun and much more cuddley than girls, but they are fiesty and aggresive (well that could just be Brady but I don’t know) I am so excited for you guys and I love the name!

  4. heehee :-) Hopefully Sammie will love it!

    Thanks guys!

    Paige, I texted you earlier but I don’t know if I have your home phone in my cell or your mobile. Weird. :-)

  5. YEAYEAYEAY!!!!!! He is never going to hear the end of it with all of our girls around to pester him! And i just have to add.. I KNEW IT!!!!! Dont worry, I will find you cute boy clothes… that will be my duty 😉 XOXO!!!

  6. wow! congratulations! It is so much fun having one of each! They will bay day and night I am sure. We are very hapy for you guys!

  7. I was just on and I checked the kids section – they have great baby boy clothes online. Just a heads up to check it out. :)

  8. You can thank his Uncle Roy for that, so I’ve heard. LOL. Oh dear. Anyway, being a big sis to lil bros is super cool as you know. Oh ow I miss dressing toddler boys up in heals and pushing them down the stairs in our homemade box sleds. So much fun! Congrats!!!!!

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