What a Weekend!

by Kristi on September 24, 2007 · 3 comments

Our weekend was fun filled!

Friday we did, well nothing. Justin is sick so we lounged at home in the evening… and I don’t even remember what we had for dinner!

But Saturday, Sam and I woke up (well, she woke up at 5am, I gave her a bottle and put her back to sleep – whew) but we actually woke up around 730, I think. So we (well, she did) watched some Sesame Street and then we had breakfast! Sam LOVES to make eggs with me. She drags the chair over to the counter and I get out all the stuff.

She helps crack the eggs, then whisk the eggs.

** If you are trying this at home, make sure you have a SECOND person take the picture while your child cracks the egg. Just, you know, helpful advice….

She fiddles with the strawberry jam and butter while the toast cooks and then helps herself to some toast when done. Then we eat happily. 🙂 Then she helps do the dishes. So cute.

As Justin was still sick we decided to hop in the car (Sam and I) and go over to Krysta’s house! She was insisting that she didn’t need help but we were determined to go mop and dust for her as Nicole’s big wedding shower was the next day. Sam was so happy to run around her house and chase Monkey (her cat) and watch me in confusion as I swiffered the floor. I don’t think she’s ever SEEN me do that! (Seriously – haha) After I swiffered the front door area (about 2 feet long) and the laundry room (not much bigger) we started helping mix some of the food and other stuff like that. Sam pulled up a chair and helped Nicole stir and pretended to eat the manonaise. haha – She was having a ball. We had lunch and then left. She proceeded to stay awake almost the whole time and finally fell asleep on the way down the toll road. As we got off the freeway she STARTLED me by screaming out PAPA!! Whoops, so much for that nap.

When we got home, I put her back down and she was down for about 20 min. I decided to lie down myself but then she started squaking. I gave her a bottle but then she started crying… so Justin got her and brought her in to our bed for ‘quiet time’, which didn’t really work, but at least we laid down for another 20 min.

Then Sam and I headed over to Aiden’s big birthday party! He is two years old, wow! What a party! We had some delicious food, played outside on the jungle gym (I think got a splinter??), played on his awesome new power wheels which Sam ADORED, and had to much fun in his playhouse.

Amazing party though! The decorations, the craft room, the food, the PARTY BAGS. Sheesh. I always feel guilty taking the little party bags. I suppose that will end in the next few years with the crazy amount of parties I will be dragging Sam too? I feel like we need to send a thank you note for the gift bag! LOL – Sam plays with some of those toys FOREVER! She loves to look through her Sesame Street sticker book almost every day and get a sticker from Seppie’s bday party last month and she has been playing with her rocket in the past two days from Aiden’s party! LOL – So funny! Thanks Aiden for a great party!!

So we headed home to Mr Sickie and chilled out. Sam went to bed…

The next morning was Nicole’s wedding shower!! Again, Sam and I got up and made eggs and waited until the last possible minute to get Justin up so I could jump in the shower. I ran around to get ready and then left for the day!! Poor J was sick but luckily his Momma was coming to take Sam out to lunch for a few hours at their Church luncheon. It’s at a park and Sam LOVES the park. She had a great time.

Nicole’s shower was awesome though!

What a picture perfect day at Krysta’s house. Isn’t it beautiful? The day was gorgeous from the rain, even though it couldn’t decide if it was going to be cold or hot. But everything was amazing! Krysta, even though EIGHT MONTHS PREGGO, put so much work into everything and it was a beautiful day.

The bride-to-be was glowing with her wedding coming up in two months!

I made Krysta take this picture with me, even though she was smirking at me. See that smirk? Ha! But it was an amazing day! On another note, I can’t wait to jump in her pool!

Here is a picture of some of the girls (Angie and Kimmy JUST left, darn!):

And the gifts she opened were pretty darn fun! She opened lots of sexy lingerie!!

Happy wedding shower, Nicole!

And then I headed home to close my eyes for thirty minutes before Sam got up. We headed off to Costco, the store, and I convinced Justin that it was a PIZZA night. Yum. Pizza with sausage on it. heehee

Dats all folks. Pictures of the shower aren’t loaded yet (on 34 of 65, sheesh) so I’ll pop ’em up tomorrow.


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1 Paige September 25, 2007 at 2:15 pm

okay that was a serious weekend! I love that picture of you and Krysta, you are too cute!

2 Jamie B September 25, 2007 at 2:48 pm

This is the post that I was waiting for to say Thank you for coming to Aiden’s party! HEHEHE.

Anyways, I’m glad that Sam had so much fun. LOVE the photos of her in the house, and even more so I love the photo of her making eggs. oh yeah… and your disclaimer… it had my giggling at my desk. HEHE

3 Krysta September 25, 2007 at 3:50 pm

That WAS quiet a weekend! Im exhausted again just thinking about it! Thank for swiffering my floor too… Brett was so amuzed listening to me TEACH you how to do it! Ha hA…

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