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Ok, that blog I was telling you about a few days ago? Seriously, has the funniest things. But the Christmas present I bought is still on their front page so here are a few links to some of the things they talk about.

Free Kidz games! – Test out the Jigsaw puzzle page, you can choose your own photo and everything! It’s actually kind of a time waster :-)

Bowling for Bunnies! – Kind of tempting to buy this early for Easter. :-) haha – She has a bowling set at Grandma’s house that she LOVES. And surf around that BabyGadget site! It seems to be (yet another) blog about fun toys for tots. :-) I’m gonna have to look around there later, I’ll report back!

Cuckcoo Clocks – Do kids LOVE cuckoo clocks? Um, yes, yes they do! Holy crap these are so CUTE! I love the Cow one, or the OranguCoo. haha – Check out their home accessories page for some funny home stuff.

OilWand – I’m tempted to get this for my Dad for Xmas (don’t think he reads this…) – just as a little gift. He’s a crazy cook and the writeup (on the blog I read) was from a guy and he was raving about it. Although now that I look at that page, they refer you to find a store to buy it. DUMB! Hello, Internet shopping?

Dats all for now.

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2 thoughts on “More Fun Stuff”

  1. Where’s the commentary on Grey’s??? My stupid new DVR cut out about 2 minutes before the end of the show so I don’t know who was at Izzie’s door.

  2. Everyone’s been complaining about that!!! It was George, of course!!! To tell Izzy that he loved her! Aww. Commentary soon, maybe… Naps sound so much better than typing.

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