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I’m experimenting with photos on this blog. :) Hopefully they are a welcome addition but they definitely look a little ameteurish. I’m working with Photoshop but it’s been a long long time!

I hope to be able to have working PSD file and be able to drop in new photos as I take them and quickly update the header. It sounds fun to me!

Blogger is awesome! For all my friends who have BABY SITES instead…. UPGRADE to BLOGS! Babysites don’t allow comments on posts… don’t allow conversations… don’t have RSS!!!!! You can upload unlimited photos, videos are easy to pop onto YouTube, you can make it interactive (I’m trying to setup a video feed on the right side as well)… Let me help you. :)

For business purposes, Blogger is very short on amenities but Google owns them so I’m sure they will continue stepping up to the plate. I recommend WordPress for business… but for fun, try Blogger. It’s easy!

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Wife, mother, lover of books and Internet. Diagnosed with Crohn's. Part time health addict.

One thought on “Work With Me…”

  1. I can totally help you with the photoshop template – did you want something like your header now or another theme in mind? Niiiiice drunken pic of us at John’s party I might add :)

    I need blog help with our new Investor Alliance – I have a bunch of ideas but not sure how to organize for SEO and max response.

    Want to get together on Thurs while the boys are playing poker??

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