by Kristi on April 10, 2007 · 2 comments

Have you heard of Twitter yet? Twitter is this annoying social ‘update’ site where you can type about 140 char of text about what you are doing. That’s it.

What are you doing?

I’m watching TV, I’m starting a bath for Sam, I’m watching Sam dance, I’m going out to dinner. Totally MINDLESS, right? It’s addicting though. Usually I don’t join the newer fads as I just like to watch and see where they go. But I decided to join Twitter. It’s just mindless enough to be completely entertaining. You can choose to get your twitters on your IM, or you can have them texted to your phone. Essentially it’s pretty much like a mobile AIM, which I have, but i never use. I don’t like to IM very much so having it on my phone is pointless. Plus, not everyone is on AIM. Some people have MSN, Yahoo, or GChat. Twitter is just different. It’s made to follow you wherever you are and connect everyone via your profile page, check out your friend’s twitters (they can be public or private for friends only), and do it all in short sentances.

I think it only works well if you have a lot of friends though. Which I don’t. So I think YOU should join Twitter and try it out with me. :) It’s free. (Unless you text it directly to your phone and you don’t get free texting… Some people don’t, it’s mind boggling!)

So join me and test it out. You can always disable it. But you might get hooked… You never know! If you do join, friend me! My account is right here.