Party on Bourbon Street!

Yea… I am typin to ya on Bourbon Street in New Orleans! I woke up at 630am, got Sammie up, and we jetted out of the house at 8am. Got to LAX quickly… got checked in… upgraded to United’s ‘more leg room’ seats (??) whatever, they were a little better, I guess.

Sammie slept for about an hour on the plane. Ate a little bit. Then, we read tons of books (or the same three books over and over and over again) nursed a few more times, played with toys, played with anything we could find… *sigh* She did so well though! She was tired with only an hour nap. She was an angel in the shuttle (with 6 other people). I think she was happy to have us sitting next to her playing with her.

We got to our hotel… saw some bigwigs.. dressed in their suits and ties… and we were in jeans and traveling wear… carrying a baby… *sigh* Oh well. We all said hi and they went off to network more. :) I think it’s hilarious that I am here at a big work ‘thing’ with a baby in my arms. I don’t really care though. It makes it fun. I would rather have been dressed in nice clothes though! haha!

The shuttle people dropped us off a the wrong hotel though so we had to walk across the street to our actual hotel. Then, Sammie had tons of fun exploring the hotel room. Hotel rooms are remarkable baby proof if you think about it. They are so impersonal and everything is drilled down, and no valuables around. It’s great! We ordered room service for dinner. I had NO FOOD since 7am so had a HUGE headache and was starving. Cokes are 2.50… so I went to the store downstairs… cokes are 2.30… woohoo. Savings of .20. Ridiculous!

We are keeping Sam on PST so waking up will be around 9am. I put her down 45 min early cause of the bad napping thing. She was SO TIRED. Tomorrow I am looking forward to seeing our booth and walking the convention floor! There are tons of things I want to see and other people I want to meet! I can’t wait.


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