Sleep Away Camp, Not So Good?

Mommy Alone Time. Who doesn’t love Mommy alone time? Isn’t it the sacred time? The time you never get? The time you would beg, plead, borrow, and steal for?

Well I was wrong. I’m going to say that straight up. I WAS WRONG.

I thought sending my child to sleep away camp would be good for her independence. I thought she would learn from it. That it would be a positive experience that she would remember the rest of her life.


It’s awful for the Mother. Why didn’t I think that part through? I thought I would be happy she was having fun and learning. Except I’m not. I’m officially freaking out. I want her back. I want her to have all the experiences, learn all the lessons, but do it in one day so that she can be with me.

Going away with Grandparents is completely not the same thing as going away to camp. Just in case you thought differently.

I just got my 8yo back from a 6 day Disney Cruise vacation she took with my Mom and my Sister in Florida. They had a blast. I missed them a bit but it was wonderful having the house to ourselves. We went on a date.. we went out to dinner… we met friends. We got pictures of the kids with the family, having a great time. I trust my own Mama. She knows how to cater to my kid.

Sam Ready for Camp

She is at Girl Scout camp this week… Five whole days. While she was excited, she started crying when we got to the bus. “I don’t want to get on the bus, Mama!” She cried. I shoved her on anyway. “You’ll have fun!” I said. “Mrs Parent Volunteer is on the bus with you, it will be great!” I said.

At the Bus

I got pictures of her getting off the bus (because of said Parent Volunteer).

Stalking Photos

Then I got an email on Tuesday that they were having a great time, and horse back riding twice already from a different Parent Counselor who was staying the whole week.

Waving from the Bus

Hearing that she was having fun… getting updates was actually worse. I don’t think I want to know. I want to imagine that she’s having fun.

So today, the Parent Counselor emailed that she had an ‘I Miss Mommy’ moment. She had to take her aside  and cuddle her. Give her a big hug that she said was from Mommy. I guess she was in a bunk with no friends (or probably not the friend she wanted) so she requested a change today and got it and was happy.

I… I can’t. I can’t EVEN. HELP! Mah Baby! Just give her back to me!

Sam Mama's - Don't Let Your Girls Go To Camp

Why did no one tell me I would feel this way? Or if they did, why didn’t I believe them?

Independence, be dammed. I’ll keep her until she’s 33.

Saturday: Sweet and Suck



From one of my favorite books, I thought I would do my Sweet and Suck of the day as I was taking a good half hour to cook my bacon, get all the ingredients for an omelette together and mosey around the kitchen. At the same time, my daughter was texting me from my Mom’s phone and my sister was sending me pictures as they gathered at LAX and boarded a plane for Florida.

Sat Suck and Sweet - Airplane & EatsMy suck: My babies are going on vacation without me, flying across the United States and (not really) on their own!

My sweet: I’m having a lazy morning, reading books, messing around, and cooking myself an excellent meal.

Preparing for an excellent staycation while I get to wait to hear all about their adventure when they get back in 6 days.

I’ll take it.


A Coyote & a Hawk Walk Into a Backyard

The last week I have been woken up at the crack of dawn from what I thought was a crow sitting outside my window. It would slowly pull me out of sleep until I couldn’t get back and made me grumpy.

This morning, the same noise woke me up and I was still so tired that I just put the pillow over my head and tried to get a few more minutes of sleep. When I woke up I wandered over to my widow and realized it wasn’t a crow making that noise, it was a beautiful hawk.

Hawk in the Backyard

As I was standing there waiting for him to squawk again so I could get a video, I noticed a coyote just wandering through our yard. Just, you know, a normal morning in the backyard!

Summer of Fun (So Far)

I just looked at the calendar and besides noting the obvious, that it was July 5th, I realized we had been ‘in summer’ for four weeks.

A few months ago I lobbied the husband hard to not do Summer School for the kids. It’s a great program, they have a fun of fun, and it’s only three hours a day but having nothing that we had to ‘commit’ to for six weeks has made this summer a ton of fun.

It actually feels like we just ended school… We took the kids out for our road trip and that lasted two weeks. Spending each day playing games on the iThings, wandering to beautiful views in National Parks, and driving until we got tired was wonderful. A few days later, I left to go hang out in Oregon for a week. The kids just played with their aunt and uncles (three years older than Sam, basically) for a week straight and did whatever they wanted.

Then, we came home to a ‘nothing’ week which ended up being multiple playdates, two sleepovers with Grandma’s, and the 4th of July.

I’m enjoying summer.

Monday they are signed up for two straight weeks of nature camp, then they go with my Mom for 5 days in Florida (ZOMG, five days with NO KIDS IN THE HOUSE), and then two more weeks of different camps… one week of NOTHING again and then school starts.

It’s flying by. I’m working every day, of course, but I feel like the next few weeks will throw us back into a more scheduled days and what we are used to. We shall see.

REI is the Devil

For all those camping trips I will never take, for all those hiking plans I will never make…

I still want everything in REI. Neat little gadgets that I should DEFINITELY have for our upcoming glamping trip… the husband somehow dragged me out of there with only a few small things.

The clothes… the gadgets. What if we were hiking and we got lost, we would totally  need all those nifty little things. I’m a girl scout, you know, I should be prepared!

Got my Hairs Did



My friend texted me an adorable photo of her daughter with new side bangs. It got me thinking about my old boring hair style of straight straight straight.

So I decided that I wanted a bit of a change for summer. I was envisioning a more dramatic cut but I sort of chickened out and went with the longer bangs that will just hang in my face and drive me nuts.
Hair Cut for Round Faces

I like it! It’s nice and swingy for summer and now I just have to dig out my round brush and figure out how to duplicate it every day.

Side Bangs Hair Cut for Rounded Faces

It’s Hot Somewhere

I’m not sure what to blame this post on. Men? Money? Fix-it companies?


Our air conditioning broke about two weeks ago when we had that huge heat wave in Southern California. Clearly a first world problem, our upstairs unit worked fine and the downstairs unit broke. Yes, we have two units. Since the upstairs unit ALSO cools my downstairs office, I didn’t really care. I had a portable fan blowing on me, my office was cool, other than that I wasn’t much affected.

So we talked about getting it fixed in a few weeks. One of my friends gave me the number of a guy who has helped a bunch of local families out, I promptly forgot about it. Until the husband told me that someone was coming this afternoon when he would be out and about with the kids. Me being in marketing, I asked how he found him. “Oh, somewhere.” Fine. I guess I won’t ask if they had the best Yelp reviews and if you had two friends give you an approval via social media.

The AC guy showed up and was immediately irritatingly friendly. I don’t know about you but I hate friendly people. It’s okay to be polite but when you are overly friendly it starts becoming creepy. “Wow, what a view! Do you have kids? It’s like Google Maps out there, look at those freeways. I have 2 kids. Well, three, one is on the way. Can I tell you about how your stuff works? I’ll give you a quiz at the end and you can get a discount.”

Dirty Air Conditioning

My Dirty Air Conditioner

I’m pretty much of the type that if it’s broke, just freaking fix it. I don’t really care about all the details. (Hint, this is where my husband comes in handy!) I do come off as an extremely dumb housewife but then again, do I really care? No, I really don’t.

Anyway. He wanders about and looks at everything and tells me the broken part. A dual something or other. I have no interest but it sounds reasonable. I mean, the AC is broken and it’s hot. So yea, I want it fixed. Since we had an actual price floating around, I didn’t want to have the conversation and then immediately have to repeat it all to the husband so I call the husband and hand the phone over and after they have a longish conversation while I’m reading the material about the awesome! service program! we can sign up for! and receive a discount!… he says thank you and hands the phone over to me. I get on it and the husband tells me that he told him no thanks and to just pay him his initial service fee.

Awkward! I hang up the phone and smile and this poor little creepy friendly guy looks like we kicked his puppy. “Well, he said… no. I can’t fix your unit.” What can I do? All I can do is smile and go get the checkbook.

Can I also mention how cell phones are so personal? After he talked on the phone, he wiped it off on his sleeve (yes, polite!) but that creeped me out. EWW, is your sweat on my precious phone? I would never even think that way about an old style phone. What do you even call those things anyway? The things my kids will have no clue how to operate? Rotary phones sounds extremely old.

So that was my fun awkward adventure for the day. I’m still cringing.

The husband called someone we had used previously that he liked (that he forgot about) and they can do it for half the cost. So all is better but whew, that was fun.


Busy & Lazy Saturday

How can it be both, you ask?

Well the morning was spent listening to children run around and play (we had a sleepover over here) and I tried another pancake recipe. I didn’t like it as much but the husband did. It was fluffier than the last one which was nice though.

Then we ran around doing errands, went to a friends swim birthday party, had to leave early because I forgot the clothes bag at home… then went back in the other direction for my MILs house, dropped the kids off, helped my Mom with a few things, ran a few more errands, and now I’m blissfully sitting in a chair with my computer.

Being lazy.

Yay :)

My Lemon Tree

My lemon tree produces enough lemons to feed the entire city. I simply can’t use that many lemons. Plus, our gate is broken which requires me to jump the gate, or the fence, to pick said lemons. That requires me to put on tennis shoes, which requires me to walk upstairs and find socks, which totally proves that I’m crazy lazy.

I’m okay with that.

Luckily, I had my lemon picker available tonight to go pick me some lemons. He picked two huge full bags, which hopefully he left just two lemons on the counter, and took the rest home. What can I do with all those lemons?


The lemon tree is pretty awesome though. I just wish the avocado tree would bloom. We moved in exactly a year ago and the last time it bloomed was when we were touring the home in March. More than a year ago. It has leaves on it. Where are my avocados? The lemons? Eh. I could do without. The oranges are great but it’s a PITA to juice all those oranges. The avocados? S and I would devour them. So of course the tree is not blooming. Ah well.


The sunset was amazing tonight. It probably had to do with all that nasty smoke that’s blowing up from San Diego. Luckily, my Grandparents were able to take their rescheduled flight for their vacation. I’m glad Hawaiian Airlines was able to work with us. They were on mandatory evacuation and had to reschedule their flight to deal with everything and Hawaiian Airlines customer service charged them $$ for it but when I was an evil person and took to Twitter and their Facebook, they reversed the charges. I’m happy that my Grandparents don’t have to worry about the extra money. They haven’t gone on vacation with their friends in years and I’m excited that they can go and not worry (as much). The fire is only 10% out but it’s away from their home at the moment so they should be fine.

I have to say that firefighters are amazing people. I’m so grateful to them.

So this sunset was super peaceful tonight.


I snuck over to Macy’s this afternoon. I had to double-check with my girlfriends that the stretchy ‘jeggings’ were okay to buy. They are the fasionistas and I am not. Luckily they gave me the approval. I needed some comfy shorts/pants to wear on our upcoming camping/RV’ing trip so I was happy to pick these up.


My baby, my 6yo, had his last field trip today. To the marine center, and then a picnic at the park in Laguna. I took a long lunch break today and drove down. ALL the parents show up and it’s so important that the kids see you there. I got to spend lunch time with him and then play on the grass.


A few of his friends joined in our game of catch and we had a great time playing around. I took off while the classes went down to the sand and made sand castles. It was too hot for that craziness!


A nice day ended with a BBQ at home, finishing off a little work, and watching the crazy kids do some Lego Video games. I have no idea what they were doing but they were having fun. The husband is playing poker with friends and I’m drinking wine and fiddling with my computer. Perfect Friday.

Family Games

What are your favorite family games to play?

Our kids start getting a little anxious and want to DO things with us, imagine that. So we usually break out a game when we aren’t overloaded with afternoon activities or homework. Some of our favorites are:

Skip bo – A favorite when I was young. All you need to know is how to count to 10.
Sorry – SO-RRY! Another favorite from when I was young!
– Monopoly (all the different random versions we have!)
– Crazy 8’s – Okay, they don’t play it that much but I love it!
Uno – Of course!
Arne – From the makers of Uno… We got this game on vacation and they LOVE it. They love bumping people out, doubling their score, and X’ing out other people’s.

Someone got us ‘Beat the Parents‘ at a birthday in the last year or so. It was unopened so we got it out and the kids just LOVED it. Well, until the parents won and then they pouted. So next time we might split one parent with a child. Except one parent doesn’t know any answers… so the kids don’t want to be paired up with that person.

I wonder who that is.

Beat the Parents is hysterical though because it has a wild card where you do a few funny jokes or skits or something. Here the kids are posing as Aladdin with the muscle arms.


Any other fun games we should pick up? We have a TON in our closet, we should probably go through and try one out.

Mother’s Day Recap

This year I really wanted to celebrate my beautiful Mom’s and have them over for brunch. All the time, they are hosting beautiful dinners at their home and it’s always so effortless and beautiful. For Mother’s Day I wanted to invite them over and have them do NOTHING and just enjoy the day.

I worked hard on my table and upgraded my tablecloth (thanks Bed Bath & Beyond!), purchased cushions for my chairs, and went and bought some lovely flowers from the local Yorba Linda flower shop, Garden Gate. (I need to give them a Yelp review!)


I thought it turned out lovely. I purchased some extra matching flowers and got two small colored glass vases in their favorite colors to send them home with a small spray of flowers.

They arrived and brought more beautiful flowers! (See the background of the pic of S and I.)



We cleaned all this morning and then I spent about two hours making some delicious items.

– Bacon. Naturally. I made so much, and then I ate so much. Oh well. It wouldn’t be a perfect Mother’s Day without bacon!

– Frittatas – They are my favorite egg recipe to make for groups. I still can’t figure out how to flip the eggs to make an omelette so a frittata is basically the same thing. I made a large one with spinach, mushrooms, bacon, and a little garlic. I made a smaller one with spinach, tomatoes, and broccoli for my vegetarian sister. I also thought my Mom didn’t like mushrooms but she ended up eating the mushroom one and my MIL had the other one! I love how you cook it on the stove for 5 or 10 minutes until it sets and then just stick it in the oven for awhile longer. It puffs up and is beautiful! Plus, we had a ton of leftovers so I will be eating yummy things all week! I also sent the sister home with some leftovers because there was no way I was eating it all.

– Pancakes – I wanted to try gluten free pancakes and these got raves! My picky (refuses to try no-gluten for a few weeks) husband said he loved those more than the waffles he made. Here is the recipe I made. I need to work on them a bit. The first one I ate was not even done in the middle! The last one was absolutely perfect. They are REALLY difficult to flip and they turn brown immediately. I made them really small, per the instructions, and it was still difficult to get perfect. But they tasted good so…

– Waffles – The regular flour Bisquick kind. :) It got late so I had the hubby make them. I always feel like when I make them, he’s coming around to adjust the liquid, or make them himself so I had him make them when it got late. I commented that he likes to do it himself anyway and I think I insulted him, whoops! Sorry hubby! He said they were always perfect when I made them! Oh well.


– I bought a whole bunch of delicious items from SCDBakery and forgot to put the coffee cake out. So I put it out for dessert. I had Apple Cinnamon coffee cake, oatmeal cookie bites, and lemon cookies. No one even wanted the Mother’s Day buttercream cake from Alberson’s I got, they all scarfed down the gluten free stuff! They were really good! The big winner was the oatmeal bites. I’m going to have to try those at home. It’s so nice to buy stuff and have it delivered though.

– Cake – Albertson’s. The kids were the only ones to have some, lol. It was $6.99 so it wasn’t that bad.

We really just sat outside for almost three hours. The kids jumped in the pool and played for about an hour and we drank, talked, and chatted. The men went inside and did whatever men do. I think one took a nap actually. There may have been basketball on.


There were presents to open! Grandma JJ got a photo charm of the kids to add to her bracelet, jewelry and shoes.




Grandma Nana got a shirt and jewelry. I got some beautiful earrings and some awesome cards.



When everyone left, there was nothing to clean up thanks to the awesome husband and father-in-law! My kind of day!

I proceeded to go upstairs and hop on my computer… write a little… do a little work… I’m still on my phone/Facebook detox so it was nice to get on Facebook and see everyone’s wonderful updates. I feel a little less addicted not having the Facebook ap. It’s making me check in a bit more with my loved ones over text and phone which I like MUCH better! I have so many wonderful ‘online’ friends though… but I’m on my computer enough so I’m making it last!

Soccer Playoffs

We’ve had a good season with Yorba Linda/Placentia AYSO. I was disappointed in the beginning because the teams have been shrinking recently so this season they combined U7 and U8. I felt like we went a little backwards but after the first few games, the girls clicked as a team and they have been performing awesome the last half of the season.

Sam continues to truck along. The playoffs this week were simply amazing. I’ve never seen her play so well. The last game she shot on the goal four different times when earlier in the season she would run up with the ball, take an extra step to get in the perfect position, hesitate a little and BOOM the ball would be gone… stolen by the other team and halfway down the field.

This playoffs, the first game they played they tied up 1-1 with the #1 seeded team which was amazing. Completely huge! Then won our 2nd game and we were ONE POINT away from playing for 1st/2nd. The last few seasons we have done terrible in playoff season so we are absolutely thrilled to play for 3rd place. I’m writing this about 10 minutes before we leave so we will know soon how we did.


We won! 2-0! No goals for her though. So close, she just doesn’t follow through.

Speaking of that, I never know if I should feel guilty for critiquing my child in sports… or if I should rave about her. If I rave about her, it ends up being one of those ‘my child is a special snowflake’ scenes but if I critique/criticize her I feel guilty and feel like I should be speaking in hushed tones.

She continues to have her ups and downs but her passion for the sport is incredible. She loves it, she wants to play in the Olympics, and she doesn’t want to do anything else but soccer.  Given that she is 8… and we are busy… we don’t exactly indulge her by practicing all the time. We tried out for Arsenal which is the competitive soccer squad. I posted my feelings about that a few months ago and now that we have been waiting… so… long… to find out if she has progressed to the next try-out, I really WANT her to get it now. Ugh.

The coach actually came to her soccer game yesterday to watch the girls. He ended up trying to recruit one of our best players. The girl has siblings who are SUPER busy so the Mom isn’t sure if she wants her daughter to do it just yet. I politely asked when we would find out the progression and he said, ‘I’m calling everyone tomorrow!’.

Which is today. Which is Mother’s Day. So I’m sure my Mother’s Day will be ruined. (Joking.) Seriously though, he has not called. I just want to knowwwww. I’m so impatient. I think she is right on the line of those 14/16 girls that will come to the final tryout. I think there was about 25 girls who actually tried out so I’m crossing my fingers that she will have another chance to do her best in front of the coach.

Two of her best friends that she has known since she was 3 are both better than her in soccer and will probably be picked. Plus, I know most of the parents of the girls who are trying out, it would be an awesome team to grow up in. There are so many good girls though!

Still impatiently waiting…

Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful Mom’s out there! You are amazing!

Facebook Detox

It’s been two days since I removed Facebook from my phone. 

I know. I KNOW. Me. The completely addicted social media girl who is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsAp, OkHello, Michael’s Coupons… Okay, one of those doesn’t fit but I did just use it.

Last Thursday a few people were sharing Momastery’s post about addiction and well, uh, I resemble that blog post. Addicted to food. To the Internet. To the Facebook ap. A whole bunch of other things…

Without even thinking about it, I pressed my finger on the app for 3 seconds and they all started to wiggle. I quickly hit the X and deleted the ap. Really quickly.

I think everyone knows how it is… your attention wanders and since it wandered, well you might as well open Facebook and see what your friends are doing. Two minutes later, let’s check again. You open an email and have to download a document… 14 seconds until downloaded! Hmm… what’s up on Facebook! Of course, on the phone it’s even worse. At night… at the red light… in the morning… when my kids are talking to me.

I also have a program on my Chrome browser that limits the time spent on most social media sites (plus a few more I added) during the work day to keep me focused. It can get to that limit frequently.

Don’t get me wrong, I left everything else on my phone. 2048 is still on there, and that actually might be worse. Damn game. I already beat it too but I keep trying to do better. The worst culprit is Facebook though and I thought it would do me some good. I’m definitely feeling it. 

It’s been good. I’m okay with myself when I put it back on but I’m seeing how long I can go. I’m still on my computer A LOT so it’s not like I will be missing things.

On Thursday I said to myself that I would try to wait until Sunday to put it back on. I’m thinking I should go a full week. We shall see.