Busy & Lazy Saturday

How can it be both, you ask?

Well the morning was spent listening to children run around and play (we had a sleepover over here) and I tried another pancake recipe. I didn’t like it as much but the husband did. It was fluffier than the last one which was nice though.

Then we ran around doing errands, went to a friends swim birthday party, had to leave early because I forgot the clothes bag at home… then went back in the other direction for my MILs house, dropped the kids off, helped my Mom with a few things, ran a few more errands, and now I’m blissfully sitting in a chair with my computer.

Being lazy.

Yay :)

My Lemon Tree

My lemon tree produces enough lemons to feed the entire city. I simply can’t use that many lemons. Plus, our gate is broken which requires me to jump the gate, or the fence, to pick said lemons. That requires me to put on tennis shoes, which requires me to walk upstairs and find socks, which totally proves that I’m crazy lazy.

I’m okay with that.

Luckily, I had my lemon picker available tonight to go pick me some lemons. He picked two huge full bags, which hopefully he left just two lemons on the counter, and took the rest home. What can I do with all those lemons?


The lemon tree is pretty awesome though. I just wish the avocado tree would bloom. We moved in exactly a year ago and the last time it bloomed was when we were touring the home in March. More than a year ago. It has leaves on it. Where are my avocados? The lemons? Eh. I could do without. The oranges are great but it’s a PITA to juice all those oranges. The avocados? S and I would devour them. So of course the tree is not blooming. Ah well.


The sunset was amazing tonight. It probably had to do with all that nasty smoke that’s blowing up from San Diego. Luckily, my Grandparents were able to take their rescheduled flight for their vacation. I’m glad Hawaiian Airlines was able to work with us. They were on mandatory evacuation and had to reschedule their flight to deal with everything and Hawaiian Airlines customer service charged them $$ for it but when I was an evil person and took to Twitter and their Facebook, they reversed the charges. I’m happy that my Grandparents don’t have to worry about the extra money. They haven’t gone on vacation with their friends in years and I’m excited that they can go and not worry (as much). The fire is only 10% out but it’s away from their home at the moment so they should be fine.

I have to say that firefighters are amazing people. I’m so grateful to them.

So this sunset was super peaceful tonight.


I snuck over to Macy’s this afternoon. I had to double-check with my girlfriends that the stretchy ‘jeggings’ were okay to buy. They are the fasionistas and I am not. Luckily they gave me the approval. I needed some comfy shorts/pants to wear on our upcoming camping/RV’ing trip so I was happy to pick these up.


My baby, my 6yo, had his last field trip today. To the marine center, and then a picnic at the park in Laguna. I took a long lunch break today and drove down. ALL the parents show up and it’s so important that the kids see you there. I got to spend lunch time with him and then play on the grass.


A few of his friends joined in our game of catch and we had a great time playing around. I took off while the classes went down to the sand and made sand castles. It was too hot for that craziness!


A nice day ended with a BBQ at home, finishing off a little work, and watching the crazy kids do some Lego Video games. I have no idea what they were doing but they were having fun. The husband is playing poker with friends and I’m drinking wine and fiddling with my computer. Perfect Friday.

Family Games

What are your favorite family games to play?

Our kids start getting a little anxious and want to DO things with us, imagine that. So we usually break out a game when we aren’t overloaded with afternoon activities or homework. Some of our favorites are:

Skip bo – A favorite when I was young. All you need to know is how to count to 10.
Sorry – SO-RRY! Another favorite from when I was young!
– Monopoly (all the different random versions we have!)
– Crazy 8’s – Okay, they don’t play it that much but I love it!
Uno – Of course!
Arne – From the makers of Uno… We got this game on vacation and they LOVE it. They love bumping people out, doubling their score, and X’ing out other people’s.

Someone got us ‘Beat the Parents‘ at a birthday in the last year or so. It was unopened so we got it out and the kids just LOVED it. Well, until the parents won and then they pouted. So next time we might split one parent with a child. Except one parent doesn’t know any answers… so the kids don’t want to be paired up with that person.

I wonder who that is.

Beat the Parents is hysterical though because it has a wild card where you do a few funny jokes or skits or something. Here the kids are posing as Aladdin with the muscle arms.


Any other fun games we should pick up? We have a TON in our closet, we should probably go through and try one out.

Mother’s Day Recap

This year I really wanted to celebrate my beautiful Mom’s and have them over for brunch. All the time, they are hosting beautiful dinners at their home and it’s always so effortless and beautiful. For Mother’s Day I wanted to invite them over and have them do NOTHING and just enjoy the day.

I worked hard on my table and upgraded my tablecloth (thanks Bed Bath & Beyond!), purchased cushions for my chairs, and went and bought some lovely flowers from the local Yorba Linda flower shop, Garden Gate. (I need to give them a Yelp review!)


I thought it turned out lovely. I purchased some extra matching flowers and got two small colored glass vases in their favorite colors to send them home with a small spray of flowers.

They arrived and brought more beautiful flowers! (See the background of the pic of S and I.)



We cleaned all this morning and then I spent about two hours making some delicious items.

– Bacon. Naturally. I made so much, and then I ate so much. Oh well. It wouldn’t be a perfect Mother’s Day without bacon!

– Frittatas – They are my favorite egg recipe to make for groups. I still can’t figure out how to flip the eggs to make an omelette so a frittata is basically the same thing. I made a large one with spinach, mushrooms, bacon, and a little garlic. I made a smaller one with spinach, tomatoes, and broccoli for my vegetarian sister. I also thought my Mom didn’t like mushrooms but she ended up eating the mushroom one and my MIL had the other one! I love how you cook it on the stove for 5 or 10 minutes until it sets and then just stick it in the oven for awhile longer. It puffs up and is beautiful! Plus, we had a ton of leftovers so I will be eating yummy things all week! I also sent the sister home with some leftovers because there was no way I was eating it all.

– Pancakes – I wanted to try gluten free pancakes and these got raves! My picky (refuses to try no-gluten for a few weeks) husband said he loved those more than the waffles he made. Here is the recipe I made. I need to work on them a bit. The first one I ate was not even done in the middle! The last one was absolutely perfect. They are REALLY difficult to flip and they turn brown immediately. I made them really small, per the instructions, and it was still difficult to get perfect. But they tasted good so…

– Waffles – The regular flour Bisquick kind. :) It got late so I had the hubby make them. I always feel like when I make them, he’s coming around to adjust the liquid, or make them himself so I had him make them when it got late. I commented that he likes to do it himself anyway and I think I insulted him, whoops! Sorry hubby! He said they were always perfect when I made them! Oh well.


– I bought a whole bunch of delicious items from SCDBakery and forgot to put the coffee cake out. So I put it out for dessert. I had Apple Cinnamon coffee cake, oatmeal cookie bites, and lemon cookies. No one even wanted the Mother’s Day buttercream cake from Alberson’s I got, they all scarfed down the gluten free stuff! They were really good! The big winner was the oatmeal bites. I’m going to have to try those at home. It’s so nice to buy stuff and have it delivered though.

– Cake – Albertson’s. The kids were the only ones to have some, lol. It was $6.99 so it wasn’t that bad.

We really just sat outside for almost three hours. The kids jumped in the pool and played for about an hour and we drank, talked, and chatted. The men went inside and did whatever men do. I think one took a nap actually. There may have been basketball on.


There were presents to open! Grandma JJ got a photo charm of the kids to add to her bracelet, jewelry and shoes.




Grandma Nana got a shirt and jewelry. I got some beautiful earrings and some awesome cards.



When everyone left, there was nothing to clean up thanks to the awesome husband and father-in-law! My kind of day!

I proceeded to go upstairs and hop on my computer… write a little… do a little work… I’m still on my phone/Facebook detox so it was nice to get on Facebook and see everyone’s wonderful updates. I feel a little less addicted not having the Facebook ap. It’s making me check in a bit more with my loved ones over text and phone which I like MUCH better! I have so many wonderful ‘online’ friends though… but I’m on my computer enough so I’m making it last!

Soccer Playoffs

We’ve had a good season with Yorba Linda/Placentia AYSO. I was disappointed in the beginning because the teams have been shrinking recently so this season they combined U7 and U8. I felt like we went a little backwards but after the first few games, the girls clicked as a team and they have been performing awesome the last half of the season.

Sam continues to truck along. The playoffs this week were simply amazing. I’ve never seen her play so well. The last game she shot on the goal four different times when earlier in the season she would run up with the ball, take an extra step to get in the perfect position, hesitate a little and BOOM the ball would be gone… stolen by the other team and halfway down the field.

This playoffs, the first game they played they tied up 1-1 with the #1 seeded team which was amazing. Completely huge! Then won our 2nd game and we were ONE POINT away from playing for 1st/2nd. The last few seasons we have done terrible in playoff season so we are absolutely thrilled to play for 3rd place. I’m writing this about 10 minutes before we leave so we will know soon how we did.


We won! 2-0! No goals for her though. So close, she just doesn’t follow through.

Speaking of that, I never know if I should feel guilty for critiquing my child in sports… or if I should rave about her. If I rave about her, it ends up being one of those ‘my child is a special snowflake’ scenes but if I critique/criticize her I feel guilty and feel like I should be speaking in hushed tones.

She continues to have her ups and downs but her passion for the sport is incredible. She loves it, she wants to play in the Olympics, and she doesn’t want to do anything else but soccer.  Given that she is 8… and we are busy… we don’t exactly indulge her by practicing all the time. We tried out for Arsenal which is the competitive soccer squad. I posted my feelings about that a few months ago and now that we have been waiting… so… long… to find out if she has progressed to the next try-out, I really WANT her to get it now. Ugh.

The coach actually came to her soccer game yesterday to watch the girls. He ended up trying to recruit one of our best players. The girl has siblings who are SUPER busy so the Mom isn’t sure if she wants her daughter to do it just yet. I politely asked when we would find out the progression and he said, ‘I’m calling everyone tomorrow!’.

Which is today. Which is Mother’s Day. So I’m sure my Mother’s Day will be ruined. (Joking.) Seriously though, he has not called. I just want to knowwwww. I’m so impatient. I think she is right on the line of those 14/16 girls that will come to the final tryout. I think there was about 25 girls who actually tried out so I’m crossing my fingers that she will have another chance to do her best in front of the coach.

Two of her best friends that she has known since she was 3 are both better than her in soccer and will probably be picked. Plus, I know most of the parents of the girls who are trying out, it would be an awesome team to grow up in. There are so many good girls though!

Still impatiently waiting…

Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to all those wonderful Mom’s out there! You are amazing!

Facebook Detox

It’s been two days since I removed Facebook from my phone. 

I know. I KNOW. Me. The completely addicted social media girl who is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsAp, OkHello, Michael’s Coupons… Okay, one of those doesn’t fit but I did just use it.

Last Thursday a few people were sharing Momastery’s post about addiction and well, uh, I resemble that blog post. Addicted to food. To the Internet. To the Facebook ap. A whole bunch of other things…

Without even thinking about it, I pressed my finger on the app for 3 seconds and they all started to wiggle. I quickly hit the X and deleted the ap. Really quickly.

I think everyone knows how it is… your attention wanders and since it wandered, well you might as well open Facebook and see what your friends are doing. Two minutes later, let’s check again. You open an email and have to download a document… 14 seconds until downloaded! Hmm… what’s up on Facebook! Of course, on the phone it’s even worse. At night… at the red light… in the morning… when my kids are talking to me.

I also have a program on my Chrome browser that limits the time spent on most social media sites (plus a few more I added) during the work day to keep me focused. It can get to that limit frequently.

Don’t get me wrong, I left everything else on my phone. 2048 is still on there, and that actually might be worse. Damn game. I already beat it too but I keep trying to do better. The worst culprit is Facebook though and I thought it would do me some good. I’m definitely feeling it. 

It’s been good. I’m okay with myself when I put it back on but I’m seeing how long I can go. I’m still on my computer A LOT so it’s not like I will be missing things.

On Thursday I said to myself that I would try to wait until Sunday to put it back on. I’m thinking I should go a full week. We shall see.


My Realtor has been my Realtor for 15 years and she is incredibly smart. So is her daughter, we are about the same age. (I completely forget how old she is!) She is rad though. They are both amazing. After we closed on our house one year ago they said we should come over and watch a movie in their home theater (!!) and it only took a year to do so…

We watched Frozen and Olaf is the best. He reminds me of my bestie Angela, who still hasn’t seen the movie. Every line he says, I imagine her saying it and it makes me laugh. In some cases, she already has said the line in the past and I feel like he stole them all. Maybe she was part of the writing partnership, I don’t know. (Kidding, but seriously…)

Kristoff: Your hair… it’s turning white.

Anna: Does it look bad?


Kristoff: No.

Olaf: You hesitated.


Anna: Olaf! You’re melting!

Olaf: Some people are worth melting for.

[begins to melt, grabs his face to stay up]

Olaf: Just… maybe not right this second.


Olaf: All right! Let’s go kiss Hans! Who is this Hans?


BEST one that I just see Angela saying because I know she’s looked at us all doing CRAZY stuff before, and then pointing out the completely dumbass obvious point…

[as Anna continues to climb the wall]
Anna: Please tell me I’m almost there.
[we suddenly see that she’s only managed to climb a few inches up the wall]
Anna: Does the air seem a bit thin to you up here?
[Kristoff chuckles]
Kristoff: Hang on.
[as Kristoff goes to help Anna, Olaf interrupts]
Olaf: Hey, Sven? Not sure if this is gonna solve the problem, but I found a staircase that leads exactly where you want it to go.

The kids and I went over and brought burgers and chicken… I brought flowers and wine… they had salad, fruit, and cheese… and we had an awesome time. I need one of those home theaters.

Better than that, it was fun to go over and relax with old friends. Such wonderful people and the kids had a ball. We don’t do it enough.

I’ve been trying to write here more but you will notice the pages are blank most days. It’s a process. One I need to work on.

Our weekend is filled up already and I’m looking forward to celebrating our Mother’s on Sunday with a special brunch at our home. I’ve been planning it for weeks and can’t wait to test out some new goodies in the kitchen.


I’ve been sick most of the week. Really weird thing with my throat swelling up and no sinus issues. (Much, anyway)

Except I’ve been snoring at night. So all Wednesday night the husband kept nudging me, and waking me up, and telling me to stop snoring. So annoying. I’m SICK.

I mean, if he was the one snoring, I would probably be freaking out about it and kicking him too. :) But shhh, let’s not tell him that.

It’s Friday. Yesterday felt like Friday. So did Wednesday. The kids went to Legoland with Grandparents today. Super lazy day and now I’m going to get my hairs did at 5:30pm. Feels super strange to be wandering out at 5:30 doing something for myself.


How to Make an Easy Duck Costume for a Non-Crafter

Are you like me who ruins every craft she starts? I may make a few crafts but it’s usually the 3rd or 4th time when I perfect them. If there is a wrong turn, a fold, regular glue instead of hot… those are the mistakes I will always make right off the bat. I am not logical with crafts. It takes me forever!

Easy to Make Duck Costume for Kids - Kristibug

That’s why when I heard we had to get costumes for our 2nd grade musical for my elementary child, I started looking for what costume to BUY. Then a friend started sending me what she was making (a pig) and harassing me to make my own. It’s cheaper although it does take more time! I did a little searching on Google and found a ton of options but then found the best one for me. My girl wanted white duck with an orange bill. There were bright orange and yellow ones that we found but those looked more like chickens. We started with the easy looking Duck featured on Spoonful. I went online and to Hobby Lobby and dutifully purchased all the items before my friend started asking me why I was hunting for new shoes and thick orange socks.

What? I like to follow directions!

Out of everything I purchased, here is what I ended up needing.

– White Hat – Purchase from Amazon or Hobby Lobby ($2-$4)
- Large White Pom Poms – We used 2″ but these from Amazon would work too.
- 1 Square Black felt to cut nose & eyes on the bill – Hobby Lobby
– Orange felt – about 1/2 yard – Hobby Lobby or Joanne’s
– Orange Construction paper to make the ‘feet’ sturdy
– Double Sided tape to stick the feet to her shoes
– Polyfil batting to stuff the shirt – Hobby Lobby or Amazon
– White long sleeve shirt (Target for $2.40 on clearance, score!)
– Orange Leggings – From Amazon or we actually got them from Fleece Farm (quick shipping!)
– White feather boa – From craft store or Amazon.

I was buying for another Duck in her class so we were able to share the cost of some of this… but I also bought all the white felt that was recommended by Spoonful when the feather boa was easier and cuter. But I’m sure YOU could get away with spending much less.

Total cost? Maybe $25.

Time spent? Priceless! (Not!)

Okay, I spent about an an hour freaking out about how to make it and shopping, maybe more (my friend picked me up orange felt when there wasn’t any at Hobby Lobby) and it took almost 2 hours to make. Really not that bad.

We started with the hat. We traced out the bill on the orange felt. We made TWO versions, one on the top and one on the bottom and hot glued them to the white hat. The one on top has a little V at the top to help the nose show up. Carefully cut out two small circles of black felt for the nose and hot glued those to the orange felt on top.

Take two big fluffy pom poms and hot glue them to the white part of the hat for the eyes. Cut out two larger pieces of black felt and hot glue those to the pom poms. You may have to do this twice. The way the black felt ‘falls’ on the pom poms really makes a difference for the eyes.  S’s friend was ‘Silly Duck’ while S was ‘Dazzling Duck’ in their play. So they used some silly felt for their eyes. You can also see here that I put sequins on S’s hat to ‘dazzle’.

Making Easy Ducks Eyes for a Costume - Kristibug

My girl’s bill looks a little badly constructed here, haha. I made mine first and then I made her friends so I passed the nicer one over to her. She is on the left, it’s smoother. (See, 2nd try was much better than the first!)

The next part were the feet! Take a look at how Spoonful did it, you basically want to cut out an oversized ‘foot’ so trace a shoe but leave a big healthy inch left over on the side and then make webbed feet at the end. After you cut it out, fold it length-wise and make 3 cuts into the fabric to make an asterisk shape into the back of the foot. This is where they will slip their foot INTO and the foot will basically rest on their ankle and flop over their shoes.

Use the orange construction paper to cut out a smaller foot shape to hot glue to the bottom of the felt. We didn’t cut out a spot under the ‘webbed’ portion because we wanted it to be more ‘floppy’. However you want to work it though. This morning Sam slipped on the foot, put her shoes on, and the foot flopped everywhere, so I had some double sided tape handy and taped the end of the foot to the end of her shoe.

Creating a Duck Costume for Kids - Kristibug

You can see above where the middle part is cut out for her feet to slip into.

Orange leggings, check!

Long sleeved white shirt, check! Get that boa and take a needle and white thread and sew up the arms. Mine ended up bunching up, which actually looked rather good. We shared a boa and we had a little left so we sewed the rest to the front.

Her tummy is pudgy because I stuck the batting in. I got bored this morning (plus I am sick) so I just did a little. We took an old tshirt and I doubled sided taped it to the shirt and stuffed it in between the regular shirt and the cut up old one. I knew if it was right next to S’s skin she would complain and it would probably fall out. Her friend did it much better!

Stuffing for a Duck Costume for Kids - Kristibug

So that’s how my girl went to school in her homemade Duck costume!

Weekend Wrap-up

Every Monday I wander into the store, or UFC, or into a friend and the question of the day is always “What did you do over the weekend? Did you have fun?”. Every time I get asked that, my mind goes completely blank and I have to think REALLY HARD about what in the world I did the previous day. My brain… it’s getting old!

Saturday, I took a shower early and got dressed (minor miracle) and went to Costco, Kohl’s, and Sprouts. Came home and we all jumped into the car to go to the really really long Taekwondo ceremony. The kids already did their board breaking a week earlier but they had to test on their kicks and poomsaes. It went very well but we did this one another time last year and it took hours. HOURS. And I brought no snacks. I think I blanked out that day from my mind and when we came jogging in from the rain and sat down, it sort of came back to me. Five hours long! Never ending sappy music!

It wasn’t as bad as I’m making it out to be. It was a really long event though but I totally have a crush on Master Kim so I will forgive him. When they moved into the ceremony portion of the event, someone turned on the sappy music (cue: Bette Midler & Mariah Carey) and my Mom and I started swaying with our hands in the air. Luckily we were in the back of the room but we were able to get two other parents to dance with us. A few minutes later, we noticed Master Kim on the stage… alllll the way up in front and he waved to us and then put his hands up and started swaying back and forth, making fun of us. haha – Nice one, Master Kim!

So it was long but it’s done. The kids advanced to a green belt and senior brown belt. GG even got a huge trophy which only 5 were given out for Best Poomsae out of 100 kids or so. We were very proud of him. He is very dedicated, does well in school (brings in his papers), and always pays attention in class and is quiet and listening so I think Master Kim has a soft spot for the guy!

Here is the five hours, drilled down into 11 minutes. There are some cool performances after you get done watching my kids. Then it goes back to my kids again, so you can stop watching after that! I won’t mind, promise.

Sunday, I went to the store and got food for our Oscar party. Sammie (actually Sharon, my MIL) thought it would be fun to dress up and walk the red carpet at home. It was fun, and a great idea. I spent a few hours cooking some recipes that I had wanted to try…

SCD Cheese crackers – I need to do it again, they were a little oniony

Pork, covered in garlic, marjoram, honey, with orange juice in the bottom – Pretty good, I want to try in the crock pot

Coconut Vanilla cookies – Yum, a little dry but everything with coconut flour seems a little dry. I couldn’t make almond flour chocolate chip cookies because I would have scarfed them down and that would have been bad!

Brussel Sprouts with bacon. Enough said.

Roasted veggies. A salad. Fruit.

It was all good. MIL brought over yummy appetizers too.

Oscars 2014 - Homecoming

Here I am in my Homecoming dress, circa 1997, and then yesterday (on the right, obvs) and with the picture a little blurry (thanks Sam) and I actually really like how I look. I got ready in five minutes, threw my hair up in a clip and put two bobby pins in it to pretend it looked fancy and put on some eye-liner. My glasses were still on (I took them off for this picture) because my eyes have been killing me lately if I keep my contacts in. I promptly put an apron over my dress and relaxed since it’s all about the picture (proof) that it happened, haha.

My family looked nicer. They are adorable. Sam was wearing an older dress of mine too, pinned.


The husband (not pictured) got 21 correct Oscar guesses out of 24 categories. I was at 12/24, I think. No one else fared much better. He subscribes to Entertainment magazine so I blame that.

I thought Pink was amazing. I need to get a copy of her song. It was beautiful.

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend! What did you do?

True Detective

We were behind three episodes of True Detective so we put one on last night. I was a bit leery as I have fallen asleep at EVERY single episode so far. I love the actors, they are brilliant, the story seems neat…

But is it me, or do they whisper most of their lines? It puts me right to sleep. I have completely given up on this show. Everyone loves it but I just can’t do it anymore.

On the bright side, I ended my book drought on a beta read for Lauren Christopher’s book coming out next year and ohhhh, my goodness it was even better than her first book (which comes out in July!). More later when it gets closer to publication date.

Addicted to TV

I did this last year around this time too. I completely stopped reading books in favor of binging on some crazy TV shows. I can’t help myself though!

I just finished Downton Abbey which the last ending episode was amazing. The outfits, the presentation to the queen, and then the sweet ending with Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes. They are perfect together! Maybe a romance… maybe just friendship. I was catching up on some recaps and someone threw out that they feel like Edith is Lady Rosamund’s daughter. Holy heck, does that make sense?? When Edith throws that Rosamund didn’t have any children and she just looks at her. Violet and Isobel have come so far. Isobel was wonderful to have nursed Violet through her illness.

I spent the last two months going through five seasons of Sons of Anarchy. Oh my. I’m pissed because I like to read the recaps and when looking for a Season 2 recap, Google pulled up Season 6 recap lines for the finale. Um, thanks Google. But it’s still a great show.

Sherlock Holmes on PBS as well… Finally catching up on the Benedict Cumberbatch attraction. He is wonderful! I feel like Sherlock takes too much attention so I really need to NOT be multi-tasking when I watch though. I’m only on the first season.

House of Cards. My FAVORITE. I need more Washington politics scandals to watch. (Scandal is back this week, woot!!)

True Detective. I feel asleep the last few episodes. It seems good but it’s boring me to death for some reason. I love the actors though.

Girls. We have 5 episodes to catch up on… Not thrilling me.

Walking Dead. The first two episodes were SO slow. SO. SLOW. The third, I just came back from a girls weekend so the husband turned it on and I promptly fell asleep. I think he deleted it too. Ugh. Reading the recap.

The Blacklist. Another favorite. Enough said. I’ve never been a huge James Spader fan but I can’t get enough. So happy it’s returning tonight!

I’m sure there are a few others I’m missing. What are you watching?