Mother’s Day – Evening

We had a very delightful day today :) I ran out and got my toes done before going to Mom’s house for a BBQ. It was YUMMY. Then, we gave Sam the Sesame Street drug (ok, it’s LIKE a drug) and I closed my eyes on the couch for awhile… *ZZzzzzzzz*

Then we went out to dinner with Sharon. Dinner took awhile but it was yummy. We went to the newish Canyon Steakhouse over here in Yorba Linda.

Here are some pictures from my Mom’s camera.

A Sneak Peek…

My day was so relaxing this morning (with the exception of Sammie being a completely whiney girl, but anyway) but once the afternoon hit…. WHOA!! It was craaazzy!

So without further ado, Drew sent me a SNEAK PEEK of three photos! They are SO CUTE! Look what a cutie we created!!!! We can’t wait to see the rest… THANKS DREW!

Sick Saturdays

Well, I feel lots better than Thursday night. It was strange how quickly that cold attacked me. Usually you know it’s coming and it takes the better part of a day. This was here in an hour, and I felt that the worst of it was over by the first 24 hours. I still feel sniffily and stuffy today though. And weak. My nose tonight is more stuffed up than it has been for the past day which is annoying.

J is sick now too. Sammie seems to have escaped, knock on wood. It was nice though we simply traded off today. I got up, he slept in. He went and got his hair ‘done’ at 9, I went at 10 while he chilled with Sammie. Sammie went down for a nap at 11, so did he. I came back at 12 and got Sammie up and chilled with her. He took her around 230 while I took my nap until 430. hehe – Naps are great things. Everyone should have a nap. I think I felt worse after my nap though but still, it was wonderful.

Have I mentioned that I stopped nursing? I don’t think I did mention it. But I did stop. *sniff* We had our last nursing time the morning of her 15 month birthday. She hasn’t missed it though. She still points to my chest when she is hungry/wants milk but we just go and make a bottle. She still likes her bottles fed to her and refuses to hold it. hehe – She likes them warm and toasty too, so I have been doing 1 less second in the microwave in the hopes of her tolerating cold milk sometime this year. We are on 42 seconds so far. Another month, I guess. I also have to wean Papa of giving her a bottle before he reads her one last bedtime story. He says it helps her go down but I used to nurse her before bathtime a few months ago and she went down fine. We will get there someday, I’m sure.

Today though, we played quite a bit outside. I ordered a cute outdoor play yard thingie. It has stairs, at tunnel, and two slides. Can’t wait for it to get here! Now I just need to convince J to order some outdoor furtniture. He has been somewhat appprehensive considering my past track record of taking care of outdoor furniture… but I continue to be seduced to the possibilities of relaxing outdoors with a glass of wine in the evening hours, or sitting and watching Sam run around the yard with kids in the neighborhood. I know, crazy dreams. The evening hours are usually reserved for my computer *ahem* and the the neighbors hate us and our barking dogs. haha :) We will get there. There are some cute ones at Target and I want to check out Home Depot. Even though I hate that place.

I’ve been a bad bad girl lately. I started to do those Crest whitstripe thingies. Well, I completely suck at them. First they dribbled off my teeth when I took a shower (I guess you can’t do that??) and then I just forget to wear them all the time. I’ve only worn them three times. I wanted my teeth to be nice and white for our pictures this week but I just couldn’t do it.

I’ll leave you with some Sammie in March photos as it’s getting late. I put the cute ones in the front of the album so you don’t have to scroll through all 100. :)


EEEEE!! Drew put the photos up of Nicole’s engagment party!!

OMG, go look:

Are they not SO FUCKING AWESOME!???

The five on her page are so cute. I love the one of me & Nicole… It makes me wish I had blue eyes cause hers look so freaking GREAT!!! Ok, my brown ones look ok, I suppose. 😉 Oh, and I think she whitened my teeth cause I don’t have that white of teeth! haha! I need to get my whitened though!

The others are great too! Be sure to click on the slideshow link in her first paragraph, it goes to more pictures!

Drew, you did a GREAT JOB!! I can’t wait to do our family pictures!

Nicole’s Engagement Party – Photos & More

Whew, busy busy busy!

Last night was Nicole’s Engagement party which was, of course, FABULOUS! The pictures are flooding in, here are a few…

My photos – I didn’t have many because Krysta was carrying around HER camera all night so I went to put my down.

Krysta’s Photos – These are super cute! She did a good job getting everyone. :)

Jenn’s Photos – Jenn put some photos up on her baby blog, check them out! Sammie was having fun with two cute boys to run around with. :)

The day started out with all the girls and kids doing a photo shoot with DrewBPhotography, a friend from high school! She is doing all of Nicole’s pictures for her wedding and engagment and we got a lot of good girlie pictures. Sam didn’t do to well as she was a little confused with all the people running around and when Mommy had Carolyn hold her while she took some photos, she went a little crazy. :) She’s a Momma girl, what can I say! The photos that Drew took (well, some of them) will be up on her Blog in the next week. I’ll definitely post when she puts them up!

After that, Papa came and rescued her and took her to Grandma Sharon’s house for dinner and bedibye time. She had a lot of fun and I got to hear all about the fun new toy that Grandma got her.

Papa came back for the party and we had a great time. Luckily the rain stayed away for more of the night and there was a nice warm heater to huddle under!

The rest of the weekend was pretty good. Except for Sam’s permanent waking time of 6am now, instead of 7am. Forget the 4am waking to nurse (she still does that) but instead of snoozing with me until a ‘slightly’ respectable time, she got up waaay to early. This morning though she got up at 415 and then stayed awake while she ate and was up at 5am! I blurrily suggested to Justin that we simply go put her in her crib and, thank god, he just got up and did that! He did her nighttime routine though (goodnight to all animals, reading some books, and then singing) and she didn’t make a peek until 745!!! At which point I got up and made her snuggle with me on the couch (so I could sleep more) while she watched Sesame Street.

Have I told you how much I love Sesame Street? It’s really my best friend…. Me and Sesame Street, we are pretty tight!

She’s crying though and we are going out to dinner…
More later!


Playing with Videos

I finally got a chance to upload two video’s taken up in Big Bear over New Year’s. Will updated my computer so I could install stuff! Hooray for Will!

The two videos are just kinda funny. :)

Sammie playing with the dogs:

Sammie playing in her fort that we made:

I got this super cool video camera from Sharon & Truck for Christmas. I’m taking it up with me to Oregon tomorrow! I’ve studied the manual although I’m not sure how some of the buttons work. It’s a super simple video camera and even I can’t figure it out! heh heh – I took some video’s today though so I know how to take them, how to upload them, and how to delete them, so I think I’m good. The videos I did take were horrible though so I will wait until I have something halfway decent.

Ahh… anyone watch American Idol on Wednesday? We just got finished watching it (DVR). Simon called the poor guy a MONKEY and then said you just voted in a GIRAFF to the tall girl. How SAD!! Making fun of things these people can’t change. It was so funny though. Wow.

Also, some recent photos of Sam in her Laker outfit.

Smiling Sam

These are just to funny. Now that she has some teeth popping in on her top gums (4, I think!) she does this funny grimace that shows them off. I was laughing at something and she started giggling along with me and then doing her funny smoosh-nose face. Ahhhh…

Here are all the photos that I took (there are only a few more).
Also, here are some photos that I took at Nicole’s Wedding Lunch for her wedding attendants. Fun times!

Fun Night

Last night we were supposed to have our family Christmas with John’s parents. Unfortuently, Smokey came down with the flu and was not able to come. Since Mom already had a yummy turkey dinner in the oven we sat down to consume the whole thing and completely stuff ourselves. :) Yum.

We came home and put Sam to bed and I went down to the Spectrum and joined Krysta, Nicole, and Brooke (and their respective others, plus Adrian) for dinner. I did NOT eat again but had a delicious apple martoonie.

We had a lot of fun!

Here are a few more pics…

More Pictures..

I just realized I never sent out these photos of Roy & Truck’s birthday. We went to Chucky Cheese and had tons of fun. :)

Here are photos from Sunday, our family Christmas party. I posted my Mom’s a few posts down.

Tonight we went to the Irvine Park’s Christmas train. I didn’t take many photos but there are some cute one’s of Brooke and her girls! The train was fun, even though it was 38 degrees out! Justin, Sammie, and I stayed on the train to make the return trip instead of visting to see Santa. I need to get Sammie some mittens apparently. 😉

Tomorrow is Disneyland! We are going without Daddy, which he is VERY sad about, but Sammie won’t remember. Plus she really can’t go on any rides, I think… So we will be back soon!