Playing with Videos

I finally got a chance to upload two video’s taken up in Big Bear over New Year’s. Will updated my computer so I could install stuff! Hooray for Will!

The two videos are just kinda funny. :)

Sammie playing with the dogs:

Sammie playing in her fort that we made:

I got this super cool video camera from Sharon & Truck for Christmas. I’m taking it up with me to Oregon tomorrow! I’ve studied the manual although I’m not sure how some of the buttons work. It’s a super simple video camera and even I can’t figure it out! heh heh – I took some video’s today though so I know how to take them, how to upload them, and how to delete them, so I think I’m good. The videos I did take were horrible though so I will wait until I have something halfway decent.

Ahh… anyone watch American Idol on Wednesday? We just got finished watching it (DVR). Simon called the poor guy a MONKEY and then said you just voted in a GIRAFF to the tall girl. How SAD!! Making fun of things these people can’t change. It was so funny though. Wow.

Also, some recent photos of Sam in her Laker outfit.

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  1. hahahahaha AI was so funny, yes, it was sad when he went a little too far with his insults, but oh man that guy at the end had me cracking up! big red! i am so mean, aren’t i? lol have a safe trip tomorrow!!

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