Malware and Security Issues on your Hobby Blog

by Kristi on November 24, 2018

This poor blog. Who has time to write? Not me. But I still miss it.

Last month I got a notification through Google Webmaster that someone else is an owner over my website. That isn’t good, I thought! But what did I do? Nothing. I didn’t have much time. But finally a few weeks later I was checking something and my entire account was suspended. That included this site, my personal site where I have my babies birth stories. Ugh. I spent about an hour on the phone with the host and going through and deleting folders that I didn’t need.

I had SO many silly old domain/folders in my account. There was the site I was helping my uncle with for stomping grapes a few years ago, the murder mystery site my brother-in-law had going, my bestie’s pet sitting business… All which were no longer active anyway (the domains never removed) and fifteen more miscellaneous ones just like that. Delete. Delete. Delete.

The host was telling me it would be $300 per site to remove and save. Didn’t I just want to start over fresh with my backup? Uh, what backup? Whoops. I may have made one or two backups over the years but it’s not on this computer! I mulled over that fun information for a few days. Was $300 worth my super long birth stories of both kids?

Luckily my bestie came to the rescue.

“I just use Fivver for those things.”

FIVVER TO THE RESCUE. I searched out malware. I looked at reviews. I sent inquires to the first three people I liked. I had quotes from $90, $60, and $20. The $20 quote wrote great English, got back to me quickly, and had 700+ reviews. I decided just to go for it. They gave a 2 day turnaround and by the end of two days I started wondering… But an hour before midnight, he completed it and went the extra mile of contacting my host and installing a malware WordPress plugin.

Thank you theextremewp, my silly little hobby blogs are back!

Make backups of your websites, people! My birth stories are now safe. 🙂

Plus my 958 blog posts of ridiculous on here. Memories….

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