The Day After

by Kristi on November 9, 2016 · 0 comments

I still feel numb this morning. We have to move forward in peace for the next four years and I sincerely hope we can do that. I know we can try. We will get through this and we will be fine. But only if we work with each other.
This just reaffirms my need to speak up for things that I believe in. It’s not enough to be quietly for something. I can be outspoken but I feel I didn’t do enough. Speak up, not just on Facebook, have meaningful conversations, encourage more people to vote, give money, give your time, and go make a difference.
In the next four years, I want to try and do more.
If there is a time when my friends or my children’s friends families are threatened, I will speak up more.
If my children’s healthcare gets removed and we have issues with pre-existing conditions, I want to be calling people and having conversations.
When global warming signs are ignored, I want to be out educating.
If Roe vs Wade is threatened to be turned over, I want to be out marching.
When the next election comes up, I will be encouraging more of my family and friends to vote on these issues I care about, and get to the polls rather than accepting their listlessness with the voting process. I want to be calling on a phone bank this time, rather than just assuming other people would do it.
What can you do to make your city a better place? Think about it and make some promises to yourself on what you can do to help. Then keep those promises. I have a Girl Scout meeting on Sunday so I look forward to starting there.

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