It’s as Easy as Riding a Bike

by Kristi on May 19, 2014 · 0 comments

No one who is reading this blog will be surprised to know I googled ‘Learn how to ride a bike’ and watched a few videos with the kids.

What? It was HELPFUL.

So we did this on Saturday and these videos were taken at the end of the day. It was about 45 minutes in the morning and a half hour in the evening. In between all that we watched a movie, did errands, went swimming… lol. Oh, I’m irritated at myself that I shot this in portrait and not landscape. Doh!

It’s the ‘gliding’ version of learning. You take the pedals off (we didn’t do that – I made her suffer with having the pedals hit her shins) and they learn how to glide. Obviously works best on a slightly downhill incline. After awhile she started peddling while she was gliding and voila! Seriously beats holding the bike while they pedal.

I DID do a lot of that but since Sam is so old I didn’t have to bend down that much so it didn’t hurt. She is really independent though and wanted to try gliding all on her own to get it.

I’m hoping GG is just as easy. His new bike is too tall for him right now (it’s perfect if he knew how to ride but not for touching the ground and learning how to glide) so I need to get the tools and modify his old bike. And pump air in the tires!

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